Why do humans only eat the meat of herbivores and not the meat of predators?

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Schrodinger wrote a book "What is Life", which contains a sentence "Life lives on negative entropy". Let's use this sentence to talk about why humans generally only eat herbivorous meat, not carnivores.Meat.

Second Law of Thermodynamics

"Entropy" is a physical term that represents the degree of confusion. Generally speaking, when it comes to "entropy", we will talk about the principle of the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy increase principle, which tells a ghost story: the entropy of an isolated system will not decrease.Small, the level of confusion will only increase.

From a physical point of view: an isolated system always changes from order to disorder, and it will only become more and more chaotic. It is like dropping a drop of ink into a glass of water. If ink and water are considered as an isolated systemAt first, the boundaries are clear, then gradually mixed, and finally we can no longer separate the ink and water, this is a process of increasing entropy.

From the perspective of thermodynamics: the available energy in an isolated system will gradually decrease, or the value of energy will decrease, just like an apple slowly rots from the inside, and its energy value is getting lower and lower.

Why a ghost story? Because if the universe is regarded as an isolated system, the final outcome is complete chaos. Even if it is a roadside stone, the atoms and molecules will tend to become disordered over time, and then the stone will completely weather.

Order of life

Think of life. In our body, countless cells perform their duties. Like a complex and precise machine, a highly orderly division of labor and cooperation can make our lives function properly. If this law holds, then humans are notIt should exist. The reason why people can live, because people are not isolated systems, people have been relying on foreign objects to resist their own chaos and disorder, that is, life depends on negative entropy.

Life depends on negative entropy

The process of apple rot we mentioned above is the process of increasing entropy, which is the process of increasing the energy value. An apple does not want to rot is to use negative entropy to resist the increase of entropy, which is to continuously input valuable energy.The same is true of people. As the saying goes, people are iron, and rice is steel. Do n’t be hungry for a meal. The energy source of people is food, and energy is the fundamental driving force of life. It can also be said that life depends on negative entropy for life.

negative entropy

Live by relying on continuous input of food with low entropy, and then excretion of higher entropy. During the process from low to high entropy, the negative entropy captured is used to counteract the increase of entropy and stabilize its own orderliness.. It is often said that life is against the second law of thermodynamics. If one day you do not fight against it, it is not far from the end of life.


Life not only refers to human beings, including all animals and plants, but also to the source of energy. All life is maintained by grabbing food with less entropy than itself. Everyone follows this rule, from herbivoresTo omnivores to predators, the food chain in nature.

single flow of energy

According to the principle of entropy increase, we know that energy flows in a single item. The bottom layer of the food chain is plants, and plants rely on the sun to resist entropy increases. Above that we can be divided into consumers of different levels. We all know that humans are standingConsumers at the top of the food chain, but predators such as lions, tigers, and wolves are also the top consumers.

Energy Conversion

In the food chain, the two-stage energy conversion efficiency is not 100%. Just like plants cannot do nothing and wait to receive 100% of solar energy. The process of animals capturing prey will also consume energy, and humans digest food.Cell work is needed.

Some people may ask, why do humans not rely on the sun or graze to obtain the most direct energy? In fact, the reason is very simple. The way that plants obtain energy is photosynthesis. This skill humans do not.

Humans also eat grass. Vegetables and rice are considered grass, but some grass fibers are too thick, humans don't digest well, and it is not easy to absorb. And some plants are poisonous and taste bad. Adult pandas need to eat more than 10 kilograms a dayBamboo can satisfy metabolism.

The starch that stores energy is also easily absorbed by humans, so humans also eat plants with high starch content. For example, rice and wheat have high transformation energy efficiency, and they are more likely to gain weight if they eat too much.

Can humans eat predators at the same level as humans?

According to the principle of entropy increase, we need to eat food with less entropy than ourselves. Carnivores have a higher consumption level, and the energy value is not as high as that of herbivores. That is to say, the efficiency of carnivore energy conversion is not as high as that of herbivores.

Human survival depends on energy. The direction of human development is to continuously improve efficiency and obtain energy. Therefore, we only eat herbivores and not carnivores.

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