If the spacecraft is stuck on Mars, what do you think when you see the earth in the night sky

2020-01-12 | Science Dock original |

What can I do? I'm also desperate!

It may be at this time that you can feel the deep feeling of being alone in a different country as a stranger. After all, at this time, your hometown is far away from 55 million to 400 million kilometers. Why is the distance an interval?It's very simple, because they are all orbiting around the sun, but the orbit and speed are different, so there is a maximum value and a minimum value in distance. On average, close contact comes every 15 years.

Look at it, such a long distance will take half a year for one way. If you stay in the spacecraft and look into the sky through the porthole, what will the earth look like?

Like this picture, the earth, a small spot suspended on the sky dome, is next to its partner-the moon, on that earth, has its own loved ones. There are nearly 10 billion people living there,Mountains and water.

I think about it, my family may be having breakfast. I do n’t know the news that I am trapped in Mars. I would be sad if I knew it. The streets and streets in my hometown are busy again.That bun shop must be full of people. At this time, I would usually sit here, order a bowl of spicy soup, come to a basket of buns, and go to work after eating beautifully. But ...... I'm in such a distant place now, I'm alone here.

Loneliness, fear, helplessness, complex emotions intertwined, and sadness sprang up.

Can't help but think of the famous picture-dim blue dots. On February 14, 1990, Voyager One completed its mission. At the repeated request of Dr. Carl Sagan, NASA sent Voyager One.Instructions, Voyager One looks back at Earth for the last time :

"Everyone you know, everyone who has ever lived their lives on it ..."

Humans have high self-esteem and high self-esteem. When they see this photo, they will fall into contemplation. We are really just a grain of sand!

Thinking of it, I'm relieved again.

The next time, I want to consider how to grow potatoes in the spacecraft, enough to eat more than half a year of potatoes, eh, this is really a challenge!

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