Extraterrestrial civilizations have come to earth? Do you know several ways?

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The ancestors of humans and chimpanzees separated from each other 6 million years ago. Homo sapiens appeared about 200,000 years ago. Before that, humans were little pitiful trembling in the wild, and they also had a place in the middle and lower levels of the food chain.Ancestors learned to make tools and use tools, and it took just over 100,000 years to leap to the top of the food chain. In this era, humans no longer worry about wearing clothes and worry about being attacked by other beasts. At this time we startThinking more, what is the origin of human beings? What is the beginning of the universe? Where will humanity eventually go? What is the end of the universe? Is human being the only biological civilization in this universe?

Today we will discuss the last issue. In fact, most people have a consensus on the existence of extraterrestrial life, because the Milky Way is 200,000 light-years in diameter and the universe is larger by 930.Observable diameter of 100 million light years, the Milky Way alone contains hundreds of billions of stars. The number of stars in the entire universe is endless. The presence of stars means that there are planets and large satellites. There may be stable liquids on the planets in the habitable zone.Water, sunlight, and air, then there may be births of life, these are all considered statistically.

There are also many UFO events on the earth. Everyone defaults them to alien flying saucers. In fact, this is not rigorous. UFO has many explanations. The most common ones are light refraction and reflection multiple times, because psychologically.Or phantom caused by visual fatigue, or even undisclosed aircraft in some countries, etc. Of course, it may also be an intelligent aircraft of extraterrestrial civilizations. Human beings have found clues in some ancient books or murals, thinking that aliens may come in ancient times.Across the earth. Everyone looks at the mural left by this Mayan civilization below, just like an astronaut.

It has also been recorded in ancient books in China, for example, in the "Hanji-Emperor Hanwu Emperor" recorded: "April Wushen, there is day and night out", it is clear that in ancient times, there were no planes or anything, it is very likelyIt is the UFO event, of course, it may also be a supernova. The saying that hat demon and cap have also appeared in ancient times is the same as this modern UFO. Therefore, UFO events often occur in ancient times. In ancient times, UFO visited the earthnot always.

There are several hypotheses about aliens :


This kind of argument holds that aliens live on Earth, live and study with humans, and some even think that shooting with a special new radiation camera may reveal that some people may have a light blue light around their heads.Halo surround. Of course, this statement is more biased towards science fiction and has no scientific basis. Besides human beings, they are considered to exist on the back of the moon or at the bottom of the geocentric ocean.

2, Parallel World

This kind of statement is also mostly speculative, but it is closer to science. The multiverse or parallel universe has been proposed by some scientists and scholars long ago. It is believed that the universe we are in is not the only one at the beginning of the Big Bang.With multiple universes occurring at the same time, it is likely that different lives will be born in different universes, that is to say that aliens are in parallel worlds.

3, said the ancestors of humans

This kind of statement is no longer popular, because evolution theory believes that the earth's organisms have common origins, especially the development of genetic engineering in modern society. The sequencing of genes found that the similarity between humans and chimpanzees has reached more than 98%.The genetic similarity to bananas is more than 50%, which is enough to prove that the earth's organisms are homologous. However, some people believe that humans have been transformed by aliens and placed on the earth. Of course, there are more in this article.

4.Multi-dimensional space

Now the environment in which we live is four-dimensional space-time, that is, three spatial dimensions plus one time dimension. But there are also some theories that in addition to the world we live in, there is also a high-dimensional space. The string theory developed in the last century was originallyThe universe is considered to be 26-dimensional space-time, and the superstring theory is formed with the addition of supersymmetry. The universe is considered to be 10-dimensional space-time, and the latest theory is the M theory. This theory integrates the superstring theory in five different situations.It is proposed that the universe is eleven-dimensional space-time. If the space of each dimension is real, then there may be high-dimensional space creatures, then the aliens exist in high-dimensional space, and the higher-level control ability is several orders of magnitude higher.Is the so-called deity a high-dimensional space creature?

There are many speculations about extraterrestrial life and alien civilization, but there is no exact evidence so far. Although most believe that aliens must exist, there are also "Fermi paradoxes", and aliens, So where are they? No matter how with the development of human civilization, one day these will no longer be a mystery.

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