What are the reliable evidence of the existence of aliens?

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What is the evidence for the existence of aliens?

One of objective evidence: the universe is large, the other of objective evidence: there are many planets like Earth. So we can think that there must be other life forms in the universe, and it is possible to establish civilization and distribute in every corner of the universe.

Apart from these, are there any other examples with solid evidence, such as those that actually happened on Earth?

As of now, there is no reliable evidence. Dr. Carl Sagan once said that “reliable cases are not interesting and interesting cases are unreliable”. This simple sentence summarizes those cases very well. To put it plainly, in those cases,It is a bit reliable, but after the investigation, it is only a natural phenomenon, or a human aircraft, or a problem caused during the shooting process, so these are not interesting, and they do n’t overlap with the flying saucer. And the interesting cases are notReliable, all are fake, such as mentioned below :

1947, a UFO fall incident in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. After the incident, many media rushed to report the incident. There are many versions circulating on the Internet. In fact, the actual situation is this.: There is a farm 130 kilometers northwest of the town. The farmer came over early in the morning and found that there were many objects scattered around the farm. According to the farmer's dictation, he said that these objects were made of rubber bands, tin foil, some strong rods and the likeIt was made of paper-like things and scattered around the farm. Later, the official explanation was a high-altitude test balloon, similar to the description of the farmer, so this incident was just a normal test accident.

Except for the famous incident above, the rest of the UFO sighting reports are meaningless, and more unreliable. To put it plainly, they are all compiled stories.

Such stories can be endlessly counted. A book is inexhaustible, and most of the time appeared in the last century, but in the 21st century, especially now, this kind ofThe story has never happened again, and I haven't heard of any UFO sighting reports. This is very strange. What stories are there, such as: The Strange Circle of the Wheat Field, the Underwater Umbrella, the Star Gate of the Gulf of Aden, and the Gate of Space and Time in Bermuda, Stargate, and so on, as well as various types of third-level contact events. When you understand in depth, you will find that these have no meaning, no nutrition, and are all general talks. It ’s okay to look at an anecdote, reallyIf you think about it, you will find that those stories can not even reach self-consistency, completely for mystery and mystery, for mystery and mystery. This is the case that Dr. Carl Sagan said is neither reliable nor interesting.

Last word: the universe is so big, if there is only human beings, it would be a waste of space. But it is also because the universe is so big that the earth has really been visited by alien civilizations. Although it is impossible to give an accurate answerBut for the third type of contact cases that have been circulating in the last century, we have enough reasons to suspect that they are all compiled. Anyone wants to know if there is an alien civilization, but if it is just to meet everyone's tasteIt's not advisable to get traffic, and to make these nonsensical stories to lie to everyone in order to earn their own business benefits.

Because the previous cases have been clarified, people now are very reluctant to hear similar cases, and no one will continue to produce these stories without the market. The original UFO series books that were sold very hot before,Now that it has stopped publishing, to be honest, in the age of the Internet, have you ever heard of a third type of contact case?

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