Why can pterosaurs fly without escaping that biological extinction event?

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Why did pterosaurs have wings that could fly in the sky without escaping that mass extinction event?

In fact, even without the biological extinction event, pterosaurs are still extinct. 65 million years ago, the pterosaurs' group has reached the end of its dead end, and the asteroid impact only crushed its last straw.

First, let ’s talk about the reason of pterosaurs. Pterosaurs. When you hear this name, everyone may think that it is a dinosaur. In fact, pterosaurs are not classified as dinosaurs. Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs. They are a kind ofFlying reptiles, pterosaurs have the largest body size, with a wingspan of over 15 meters, just like a modern airplane. It stands to reason that such a large animal should weigh very much, but Fengshen pterosaurThe average weight is only about 250 kilograms. How can you describe it? It is as skinny as skinny.

Pterosaur's skeleton is very light and hollow, so if the large wings flutter like a bird, it will easily break, so the pterosaur does not flutter, but instead glides and flies, so large.Coupled with the fact that they can only glide, this greatly limits their survival. Imagine that you have to make a lot of mistakes when you make a turn in the air. In fact, the pterosaurs were very small in Jurassic and before.But the bigger you go, the more you evolve, the more you are out of nature, and there is no good fruit to eat.

Pterosaur is a wonderful animal. Take the larger Aeolus pterosaur as an example. It has no teeth, plus it is so large, and it is so light. It can only glide and fly.Planets collide, pterosaurs are about to go extinct, but they can only survive for a while.

Except for the pterosaur's own reasons, the drastic changes in the external environment are the main reasons. The disaster was global. From the evidence in the late Cretaceous strata, forest fires broke out globally in the late Cretaceous.Wrong this time the forest fire has burned all over the world.

The asteroid impact site is located near the Yucatan Peninsula in present-day Mexico. The original stratum in the impact site was rich in sulfur. During the impact, a large amount of sulfur dioxide was released into the atmosphere, which brought long-lasting acid rain to a large area..

The volcanic ash erupted by the volcanic eruption, the dust produced by the asteroid impacts has enveloped the world, and the general doomsday scene of "nuclear winter" has enveloped the world for eight months.I can't carry such a blow. The food is gone. How can those animals live?

The first animals to suffer are large animals, because they are large in size, consume high energy, and eat a lot. However, in the face of this situation, where to find enough food to go, in the months after the impact, the land is full ofThe carcasses of animals are like hell.

Did only the pterosaurs in the air be extinct during that extinction event?

No, in that biological extinction, the well-mixed anti-birds were also extinct. The anti-birds and today's birds had common ancestors in the Jurassic period. In that disaster, the anti-birdsThe species is extinct, and only today's birds have survived and evolved into today's many species of birds. It can also be seen that, apart from its own morphological characteristics and the reason for the asteroid impact, the competition for survival between species has changed from anotherOn the one hand, it also led to the extinction of a living being.

That mass extinction caused 75% of the species on the planet to disappear. The culprit is the asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers. How did this asteroid come from? Scientists speculate that it may have been 65 million years ago.A celestial collision event occurred near the asteroid belt. A piece of debris was stepped into the direction of Earth by the gravity of Jupiter.

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