Why is it that "isolationism" was not serious before the United States announced its participation in World War II?

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Following the source and keeping up with scientific research What efforts did the Chinese make in order to eat sugar? Because life is like eating fruit, You never know what the next one is like.



Follow the author First, don't be afraid of pain. If someone comes to demolish your house, don't you resist? Bee, too Picking honey must run the risk of being attacked by swarm bees. Second, don't be afraid of heights. There are two main types of wild honey : Cliff honey, on the cliff; Wood honey, on the top of the tree, Honey pickers must climb to the cliff or tree top with their bare hands to pick the hive, Only one safety rope is used, or hemp rope twisted by hand.


No weight loss in March,

The most positive thing is that the various officials are noble, They started to cultivate fruit trees consciously, Let the appearance rate of fruits become higher and higher In the Book of Songs alone, 19 fruits are mentioned. but, They surrounded the fruit trees ...

May partner didn't,

How many people lose weight now and dare not touch sweets? But for the ancients,

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were looking for sweets everywhere.

in contrast,

The main reason is that bees have their own flying skills. Do not listen to the command at all, If you ca n’t catch it, do n’t say it, it ’s easy to be stabbed.

Luo Yuan in the Southern Song Dynasty first recorded the trick of controlling bees : Capturing the thief first, As long as you control the queen bee, you can control the entire swarm. After mastering beekeeping skills, the yield of honey will be much higher. Hexi Corridor, Qinling Mountains, Sichuan Basin both major honey producing areas. Honey sold by Chang'an Already can reach the quality of "white as gelatin".

At this time, I know the daily hot articles

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丨 If life is too bitter, add some sugar 丨

Honey collectors

Third, not afraid of death,

After collecting and breeding, after many hardships,


Ordinary people can't even see it,


* Note: 柘, sound zhè, pass "cane".

It is even more difficult to breed bees.


The finished product is xíng.

Well, the milk name of sugar,

So they started to let millet intentionally sprout,

Sorghum sorghum in Shandong is the "living fossil" of this sugar making method.

Which is more popular? must be selected by the court All the students who go to the sugar industry are public students. Things have to start with Tang Taizong. Tang Taizong is known as "Tian Khan" I often meet foreign missions, Collect tributes by the way. One day, India's Mission to the State of Mojeda, Beijing A carefully prepared gift,

The answer must be honey.

During the reign of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, asked foreigners to ask him what was this? Yun: Fried with sugar cane juice.

Sorghum Taste Q Bomb, one of the earliest fudges in the world

The Chinese at the time mainly lived in the Yellow River Basin,

Three conditions must be met to eat honey :

even better than Indians.

Tang Taizong sent envoys to the country of Mojietuo and took the method of boiling sugar. That is, the canes on Yangzhou were simmered, and as the agent was, the color taste became more western. —— "New Tang Dynasty · Western Regions · Mojie Tuo" "

A new question is before the Chinese : However, stone honey is very inconvenient to eat, must be smashed first

The Chinese who have been hanging all the way to eat this thing have discovered another magical plant-sugar cane. The source of sugar cane varies, some say it is imported, and some say it is native.Without import marks such as Hu, Yang, and Fan, there is a high probability that they are native.

Go straight to the sugarcane producing area,

Domestic sugarcane first grew only in Lingnan area

Plug in bamboo branches,

for better preservation of cane pulp


Do it yourself, get plenty of food

In the Tang Dynasty, sugar-making technology rose to one :

03 known as "broken and exquisite in teeth" . Sugar cane successfully ranks among the top brands in the sugar industry .

Sichuan, Guangdong and Guangxi, which had the most sugarcane plantations at that time It's still "the sugar industry big man." Not white enough. Su Gong wrote the sugar in "Tang Bencao" :

There is another way,

A broken house gave sugarmakers a big gift. Jiajing years A hole is leaking in the roof of a sugarsmith, Sugarsmith suddenly found out purple syrup Drained to white by muddy water,

Tang Dynasty? Sugar Dynasty! Exposed the properties of yellow mud water adsorbent. Good things go thousands of miles,

The yellow mud water leaching method soon became popular in the country. Decolorized sugar, It turns into a real "silly white sweet", So far, Chinese talents finally eat white sugar!

Master of Jiangsu has made Su Shi Fudge, Master Beijing made Saqima ... Later, with the continuous progress of sugar making, Sugar is also made of luxury goods,

The sugar was probably like that at the time, but the color was deeper

It's just sugar! It sounds easy, it's hard to make

Stone honey from Moraget,

Tang Taizong made up his mind,


Probably the 8th century AD, Chinese people continued to hang out. There is a monk Zou Monk in Suining, Sichuan

Large-scale industrial production,

Crystal crystal sugar has successfully attracted the attention of local tyrants,

The unreachable is always commotion, Favorites are fearless, You look like arsenic today.

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