Inside Story of Martial Arts: 14 years later, we are still disappointed

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A few days ago, it was the 14th anniversary of the opening of "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan". I revisited a few episodes and still made me happy. Wu Lin seemed to have not changed for so many years, and suddenly felt very much. It turned out that it has been so many years.It hasn't changed, but everyone has changed.


At the beginning of the new year, a "non-mainstream" martial arts drama was broadcast on eight sets of CCTV prime time.

The ratings were bleak on the first day, and many people will immediately turn around after watching it.

The dialect is uncomfortable to hear, the plot is too spoof, full of slots ... reasons.

The hot channel, the hot time, but such achievements, really let the crew squeeze a sweat.

It's called "Wulin Wai Chuan".

No one expected that after this absurd martial arts drama ratings began to rise, with the trend of almost dominating the screen, set off a wave of martial arts.

To what extent is the fire?

No matter where you go, you can always see it on the TV, and this station will switch to the next station and watch it.

Frequently, I have looked at it several times, and I still don't tire.

Streets and alleys, you say a word to me, aftertaste the laughter.

The children did not agree with each other when they met: "paishanhai", "sunflower point acupoint", "zi once said" ...

Even if New Year's Eve is happening every other year, "the end of the first eighty times" slowly appears on the TV, people will still go back to review and wait for the last eighty times.

This one is 14 years. Disappointingly, I still can't wait.

It's just the winter and summer vacations, the title song "Long Time No See" will still sound on TV :

Hey brother! We haven't seen you for a long time.

It's been a long time since I saw Bruce Lee-Martial Arts TV Series Soundtrack

Remembered then, it floated.

wake up in the martial arts dream in 14 years, we have grown up from a handsome boy to an adult, and the crew who had brought laughter is already a human being.

In the past, I only thought that Wu Lin was funny in the play. Now it seems that it has changed a group of people and affected a generation.

Wu Lin outside the play is mixed with joy, struggle, precipitation, and relief for a long time. It is more wonderful than Wu Lin in the play.


In 1993, Shang Jing was dissatisfied.

The director of this future "Wulin Gaiden" just became a producer and went to Sichuan to shoot a TV series, but nothing left.

In contrast, Ning Caishen on the other side, the future editor-in-chief has experienced roller coaster-like years.

19-year-old, working as a futures broker, earned more than 100,000 in the first month, and the prospects are bright.

I never thought that after that, the trading seat lost 70 million, and 3 million was lost due to the Zhengzhou mung bean incident. From the peak to the bottom.

The depressed two stood at different crossroads in life and chose a road that would meet in the future.

Picture | Ning Caishen left and Shang Jing right

Shang Jing participated in the CCTV Essay Contest, because of the fate, he was recruited into the Air Force Political Department Drama Troupe and began to precipitate his comedy.

After Ning Caishen opened a design company, in order to win the favor of his girlfriend at the time, he turned to write a magazine tailored for him.

It's strange to say, he failed the elementary school composition and wrote the article like a fish.

So, he mixed up various major websites to publish his works, and was sought after by countless people. It really has been on the Internet for a while. After that, he tried to open an advertising company and operate a literary website. He was not interested in it.Screenwriter.

Destiny thus laid a foreshadowing until the millennium began to surface.

Ning Caishen wrote a script "Urban Men and Women", which hit the spot with Shang Jing, and then they collaborated on "Healthy Express". But in the era when the melodrama flooded, both dramas had the same ending: tepid.

But Ning Caishen didn't give up. He wanted to be a special sitcom and wrote hard, and the 30-episode "Wulin Gaiden" became.

A new style of melodrama, mixed with a variety of online vocabulary, variety shows, songs, contrary to traditional martial arts dramas, no one is optimistic, I have searched people, and no one wants to invest.

Ning Caishen, who touched his gray nose, took the script, and found the old partner Shang Jing who just finished filming the story of the cooking class. Once he made a decision, he decided to shoot it.

Picture | Ning Caishen left and Shang Jing right

No one would have thought that the "Wulin Gaiden", which was not favored at the moment, would be a mess in the future.

Of course, this is the end.

The main task right now is casting.


Shang Jing remembers Yan Ni, who was born in the same drama company.

When finding her with the script, Yan Ni agreed without thinking about it.

Before that, she ran too many dragon sets, and she was still not popular at the age of 33. She didn't pick anything.

Although she is from a troupe, compared with other people in the troupe, Yan Ni looks inconspicuous. Although she has participated in many plays, most of them have no lines, and there are also a few words, and she will die after speaking.

Later when I came to the crew, I was also a dragon character, and I could play several in one day.

Even though she played every part with her best efforts, she really fell into a wrinkled face when she wrestled, she still didn't appreciate it.

She did n’t have a chance, so soon after she had a baby on her front foot, she was busy looking for a role on the back foot, and she did n’t know when she was out.

A girl in Wudaokou, Beijing didn't know when her fate would be.

This girl who has graduated for two years is called Yao Chen. Because of her mouth, she has been criticized by her father and people around her because of her mouth. Since then, she has been rejected by many crews for a while.

Later, Guo Furong was also taken by the investor because he was disgusted and almost lost his role.

Pushing forward for a few years, she still works in the song and dance troupe in her hometown of Fuzhou. When she is free, she goes to KFC part-time and often takes a group of children to dance outside KFC.

But the days are really easy, and the unbearable Yao Chen has resigned from the song and dance troupe and wants to go northward. To this end, her parents make up 100,000 fines.

He has ambitions, but Beiluo Road poured her cold water in the head. She has no movie to buy, she buys food and cooks every day, and goes back to Wudaokou until it gets dark.

When thinking of switching to fashion design, Shang Jing dialed a phone number.

In the corner of Guo Furong, there is a thousand yuan in an episode. She only plays the comedy, and she feels that the comedy is out of reach. After three phases of persuasion, Yao Chen folded her waist for the five buckets.

Similarly, there is no drama to shoot, and there is also Sha Yi who dropped the saxophone and switched to acting for 8 years.

Unlike Yao Chen, Sha Yi is too handsome.

At the time, the mature drama of Chen Daoming was popular in TV dramas at the time, which was like Sha Yi.

So, he worked hard to stay up all night, tossing himself into a rough man, but unexpectedly began to popular stars with beautiful young faces.

In such an awkward situation, he took a corner of Bai Zhantang.

At that time, Yu Entai, Lu Xiucai was also in trouble.

My father is ill. He wanted to spend more time with his father, but he hasn't worked for several years.

Same classmates Lu Yi, Xue Jianing, and others who have come out at the same time have already become popular in the north and south of the river, and only he still borrows no name.

My father couldn't keep watching, so he advised him to go out and find a job.

It happened that Lu Xiucai came to the corner, and after hesitating, he picked it up.

Since then, Ni Hongjie, who was silent after the popularity of underwear ads, has appeared in Wang Shasha, a hero of "Little Soldier Zhang Ga", and Jiang Chao, Fan Ming, and Xiao Jian of "The Story of the Cooking Class".

Everyone is the same, they are borrowed without name, and even faced a career change.

But fate has gathered such a group of people into the same crew, as well as a group of people in the drama who have been embarrassed and gathered at the Tongfu Inn.

An absurd martial art is about to be staged.

All fate is about to be rewritten.


It's not easy to change your life.

Compared to the crew with billions of dollars in funding today, the crew of "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan" was shabby.

The props are cheap, the clothes are rude, the shape is single, the scene is an inn, there are only a few actors and actresses throughout the show, and they are still guest appearances. Even the screenwriter Ning Caishen has come up to make guest appearances.

However, such conditions have made them more desperate, and everything has been strived to the extreme.

If you pay attention, you will find that the play is a dialect smorgasbord. Xi Xiangyu speaks Shaanxi dialect, Bai Zhantang is Northeast dialect, Guo Furong is Southern Fujian dialect, Lu Xiucai Putonghua plus Shanghai dialect and English ...There is no sense of disobedience.

In order to conform to the role of the person, Sha Yi, who plays Bai Zhantang, loses weight, and Jiang Chao, who plays Li Dazui, needs to gain weight.

Therefore, such a scene often appears on the set. Fatty Jiang Chao played all kinds of life and eats haisai, and Sha Yi had to endure the temptation of food. He was hungry and carried weight to lose weight.

Both are uncomfortable, but both insist on holding their heads.

Yu Entai read a lot of ancient books in order to play a good show. Before the filming, the director told him that he could not read anything before, and then he felt like he was pregnant.

The pressure on the screenwriter Ning Caishen is not too small. Originally, there was only 30 episodes of the script. He had to write while writing. Later, due to the pressure of the mortgage loan, he urgently needed the money, and wrote the script to 80 episodes stiffly.

It looks like there are only 80 episodes. In fact, there are only one story in half an episode, and there are 160 stories in total.

Overseas shooting "Friends", more than two hundred episodes, many screenwriters have worked together for ten years, and "Wulin Gaiden", only he is writing alone, each episode does not repeat everything, during this period almost squeezed him outAll inspiration.

There was a time when I could n’t write it completely, so that the whole crew waited for his play on holiday, the pressure was evident.

The hardest part is Yan Ni. Just after divorcing her husband, she took on a comedy role like Yun Xiangyu. During the day, she smiled and greeted others, and at night she felt like a knife cut. She did not dare let others find herself sad.

It was really difficult at that time, and they didn't know if the show would be accepted in the future, but they were all dead in the face of the unfavorable vision of the outside world.

Fortunately, kung fu does not bear hard work.

The ratings have risen after the downturn at the beginning, and men, women, and children are almost obsessed with "Wulin Gaiden".

So much so that the New Year's Eve premiered on the New Year's Eve, many people chose to abandon the Spring Festival Gala and watch the finale on TV.

The actors also became popular.

I realized this, Yao Chen was buying a magazine in a newsstand, and I turned to a magazine in the selection. It turned out to be a picture of herself and her own residence. She suddenly reacted and she was really angry.

Sha Yi was walking on the road and was always surrounded by a group of people to take a group photo for signature. Yan Ni was also stopped by female fans and insisted on singing a song for her.

Everything is coming, everyone seems to be on the rocket.

Many film crews broke through the threshold and sought cooperation, and they changed from no film to film to a state of overwhelming script.

Yan Ni has been paid several times. After filming "The Legend of Three Shots", she was praised by Zhang Yimou as "you should be on fire."Female characters.

Yao Chen met the corner of Cuiping in "The Lurking", and became popular again. Then she met the newly popular Weibo, sent dog food on it, responded to fan comments one by one, and turned into a "Weibo Queen.".

Ning Caishen set foot on the Sincerity Do Not Disturb and became a guest, Shang Dao completely opened the tide of Shang's comedy.

Everyone has the same scenery for a while, and the future is brilliant.

Everyone thinks it's time to rush to the skies.


All gifts of destiny come with their own price.

Zweig wrote this sentence in the book many years ago, but I didn't expect it to be a word today.

The crew of "Wu Lin Wai Chuan" caught up with the trend, but also quickly encountered bumps.

One day a few months after the broadcast, Yu Entai, who was busy working, received a bad news: his father died.

At first, he became Lu Xiucai because of his father's persuasion, but now he also lost his time with his father because of this role, and it is self-evident.

At that time, Sha Yi was struggling with the fame brought by "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan."

How to catch and catch up with this sudden fame, he doesn't know, just afraid that one day he will be swallowed by fame.

So he started to transform himself and practiced himself. He didn't want to repeat his comedy role. He went to many dramas to run the dragon set and tried to get rid of the original comedy role, but stumbled.

The so-called Cheng Ye Bai Zhan Tang, the defeat Ye Bai Zhan Tang.

This character has been carved into a three-pointer by Sha Yi. Later, no matter what he plays, he plays more serious, the audience will still unconsciously enter the corner of Bai Zhantang, so that he forgets the original plot, only feel funny.

Yao Chen also encountered the same dilemma.

The seven-year marriage with Ling Xiaosu ended in dissatisfaction, and each opened a new life.

After that, Yao Chen gave birth to two babies, but it was also because of her fertility that she missed the golden years of the actor.

When she returned to the workplace, everything changed, and there were very few dramas suitable for her age, and because of some public opinion turmoil, her reputation suddenly swelled, and she was again in a dilemma.

How to go ahead, she is confused.

It is worth mentioning that shortly after Yao Chen's divorce, Ning Caishen sighed on the Internet, "Hey, divorced again." As soon as this word came out, everyone speculated and finally pointed to Yan Ni.

She was divorced before taking the corner of Xiangxiang Yu. In order not to affect the filming, she chose to keep silent, and laughed and filmed during the day, crying at night.

However, netizens who still don't know why are still standing on the moral high ground and rebuking: "When they are red, they kick off the pillow person."

Yan Ni is helpless, leaving a paper statement, after briefly speaking about the situation, she did not dispute anything.

Later she took a picture of a divorced woman with a child in the TV series "Apocalypse of Life", which is her true portrayal. No, it can be said that it is worse in reality.

Because of her indulgence, she began to get rich and become ugly, and once again faces a stage where there is nothing to shoot.

What's worse is that when Tianning God of Wealth met her, she blurted out "Yan Ni, why do you seem to be ten years old."

At that time, Ning Caishen looked at the miserable situation of others, feeling very much, but he never imagined that fate would give him a disappointment.

That day, Ning Caishen's drug use appeared on major media sections, and Yao Chen sent angrily a message to him asshole! Waiting for you to come out and hit you with two feet! "Everyone thought the same as Yao Chen.

It's just that those feet are still intact after all, because everyone is struggling and there is no time to take care of others.

Ni Hongjie, who plays Zhu Wushuang, Jiang Chao, who plays Li Dazui, Xiao Jian, who plays Yan Xiaoliu, etc., have not been able to expand the drama, and are still in a tepid state.

Time seems to be folded at this moment, cold and unpreventable, middle-aged strikes, a group of people who once had infinite scenery eventually fell down to the altar, sleepy and confused became the Yin of everyone's heart.

How to break the game has become the most urgent proposition in front of me.


Vanity Fair is ups and downs, some people rise up, some people collapse, and the collapsed building can also rise to a new building.

Wumeng Meng wakes up in ten years, and the big dream wakes up. Yan Ni realizes that she can't go on like this. She still wants to act.

So, she was desperate to lose weight and shape her body, and no one knew how much pain she had experienced.

I only know that when she reappeared in the public view again, a dance, a red dress, and a reborn body astonished everyone.

Then in the Spring Festival Gala "The Story of the Office" last year again made everyone doubt, "Is this really Yan Ni? How can it be maintained so well?"

48 years old, she seems to live again, and live more seriously.

Sha Yi, who also lost weight, was not so lucky. He was blessed in middle age. Every day, he shouted on Weibo to lose weight, all ended in failure.

But he knew Hu Ke, and there were two cute little boys who took the child to "Where's Dad?" And went on to major variety shows one after another, which is always enjoyable.

Last year, because of "Xiao Huan Xi", once again, he finally reconciled with Bai Zhantang, and all the pressure was relieved.

This life can have a role to remember, how many people can't do things.

Everything is the best arrangement for fate.

Facing the same fateful arrangement, Yao Chen also started to accept it.

She did something she didn't dare to do before: piercing. She dyed her hair and waited for a favorite movie, "Find You," and then leaned back to play as a mother of a kid who was abducted.

A scene of turning over the trash can, she went madly, scratched her body a lot, was so tired that the whole person was paralyzed, and her emotions fell into the role. It was this investment that made her successful again..

Afterwards, she stood on the stage of "Starry Speech" and finally spoke frankly about the confusion of middle-aged women in the workplace and tried to reconcile with herself.

I opened the company and made many attempts. Last year, with the corner of "It's OK", Su Mingyu exploded again. After that, he got rid of the dilemma step by step.

Yu Entai, who was once indulged in grief, is different from everyone else. His father's death made him understand what life he wanted.

Unexpectedly, he has left the field and is going to study.

Whether he is popular or not, he refuses to pay tens of millions of dollars, and plunges into the books, studying for a PhD, and is a dual-degree doctor.

In the play, the three-year-old would have a thousand words, read Tang poems at the age of five, read the four books and five classics at the age of seven, and Lü Qinghou, who was proficient in poetry and song at the age of eight, finally became his true portrait.

Later, he exported a chapter in "Chinese Good Poems" to surprise many people, and in "Sound Immerse", the most difficult part of the monologue in English was full of excitement.

"Roughly wrapped in a big cloth, with poetry and self-confidence in his belly" is vividly displayed on him.

Later, he starred in the glasses in "Hot Pot Heroes" and Zhang Yi in "The Aspect of the Great Qin Empire", which made people applaud.

However, he still doesn't like fame and fortune, travels around, writes and writes poems, and lives with his wife Shi Linzi in a leisurely cloud and wild crane. He has no citizenship, and he just wants to follow his heart and be happy.

Also like Lu Xiucai's line that year, "Compared to inner happiness and fulfillment, what is the fame and fortune?"

What about other people? According to different trajectories of life, marriage and children, not many vigorous, but most of them have struggled and found their way out.

Several years of precipitation, most people are wide.

The same martial arts script, after finally fissioning out many different martial arts, went the same path full of hope.


I remember 14 years ago, the first episode of "Wu Lin Wai Chuan" was aired. In the play, Xiang Xiangyu Qiang left Guo Furong to work and said, "Twenty years have been very fast, just a few flicks."

It seems so now.

Time is really like the white horse crossing the gap. With 14 years with Wu Lin Wai Zhuan, we have already become human beings.

People once looked like a teenager, now they have grown up like adults, they used to be carefree, and now many stresses are gathered, and before they have time to feel emotion, everything is old.

Looking back at the 14 years of the entire crew, I always feel a lot :

Everyone's life will not be the same, but the same thing will encounter a lot of bumps;

The trough of a person's life, naturally there are peaks;

Yu Entai's living method tells us that success is more than one;

After all, people should reconcile with themselves;


No matter what kind of feeling, finally point to one point: love the life now.

This should be the 40th episode of the finale is such a story :

Mid-Autumn Festival full moon, everyone in the play complained about their current life, and dreamed of going to another life. Then they all dreamed and dreamed that they were as expected.

But in the end, they all regretted it, and thought about living the first life.

Wake up in a dream, cherish the moment.

In the past, I just thought it was absurd, but now it seems that the portraits in the play are all of us.

Want to think about it, "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan" is actually our martial arts, so-called bumpy, there are in the play, there are outside the film crew, we as viewers.

Whether it's the people in the show or the crew outside the show, no matter how difficult life is, there is bound to be a way to break the situation, and they finally come out.

So I also hope that no matter what you are going through right now, look down and hurry.

As the ending song sings :

There may be too many unsatisfactory things in this world, but your life goes on and on despite the bumps.

Write this, I finally relieved the disappointment that I have accumulated for 14 years.

It turned out that the 80 times after "Wulin Gaiden" that we have been waiting for is a different life for the starring actors, but also our own life.

I would like to believe that it is still wonderful and still hot.

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