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Bai Bai in the painting, the painter is the solemn painter of the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. Photo / Wikipedia

I'm Bai Yan.

When I saw you using the title of "Failing to enter 2020" and seeing me off for the dead, a bitter smile appeared on the corner of my mouth.

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How ironic, the only time I became famous in this life was because of my death. In fact, I left you as early as 2005, but at that time, you did n’t know. Seeing you look for me on the Yangtze RiverI am busy, I want to say that you have worked very hard, thank you, but in all fairness, do I really want to enter 2020?

Although I went on a hot search, except for protecting me, fishing me and those who consume me, it is estimated that most people still don't know who I am. My name is Bai Zhi, but I am not white, butDark gray. In my territory, the Yangtze River, I am the king standing at the top of the food chain. I am the biggest fish here: I can grow to 3 meters in adulthood, and one or two hundred pounds is my standard weight.

White 鲟 .Picture / Wikipedia

In the age of dinosaurs, I was born on this earth. Your ancestors called me Wei wei fish, and later you called me a proboscis. This may be because of my long kiss, let meIt looks like an elephant in the water. I used to be everywhere in China's rivers, lakes, and seas. The Yangtze River and the Yellow River left my footprints. Later, I heard that from the 11th to the 17th century, those relatives who lived in the Yellow RiverThey are gradually disappearing. I do n’t know why. Maybe it ’s because you have over-exploited agriculture there, so that the Yellow River is getting more and more sediment, and the floods are continuous. The debts you owe are always pulled by us.

The upper reaches of the Yellow River are picturesque, but the people around the lower reaches have suffered from flooding and diversions in history. Picture / Gettyimages

Every year, I have to go back to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River to breed offspring, but all this changed in 1981. That year, a cement wall blocked in front of me, people in the past could n’t return, people belowI ca n’t go up. I saw my compatriots smashed their heads under this concrete wall. I also saw friends who gathered around the wall looking for a way out, struggling helplessly in fishing nets. Confused, sad, angry, My head burst into my heart, but my roar was drowned in the roaring water.

Gezhouba is located in Yichang, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and is the first large-scale hydropower station on the Yangtze River. On January 4, 1981, the dam of Gezhouba was completed. Figure / Picture · Creativity

Later, the environment I lived in became increasingly dirty, travelling long distances, and it was difficult to eat a full meal. There were fewer and fewer partners around me. Even a year later, I was alone. Until the end, I alsoI closed my eyes and was buried in the waters that once nurtured me. I walked very calmly. Such a life is an unbearable burden for me.

Background information: Why did the Yangtze River ban fishing for ten years?

Original content number of "National Geographic" book department, we pay attention to and share geography, travel, culture, photography, etc.

Did you know? More than 6000 kilometers of the mighty Yangtze River, in 2016, the annual output of fishing in natural waters was less than 100,000 tons! This is a shameful figure for the Yangtze River. We must know that China ’s freshwater products areThe annual output has reached more than 31 million tons.

Dense bamboo poles support the "Ecstasy", no matter how small a fish is, they cannot escape from the Luotian net. In the fish market, adults cannot be caught, and juveniles are also sold. Some juveniles are not as good as others.The nails of his little finger are long, at most, just the full moon. If the skin does not exist, and the hair will cling? The lack of food cannot support the survival of large carnivorous fish.

Before 2020, the fishing period of the Yangtze River was only three months, and the small fish that had just grown up were immediately caught. In order to save the nearly collapsed Yangtze River ecology, from January 2020, the Yangtze River willCompletely banned fishing for 10 years.

Why should we ban fishing for 10 years? Take China's four major freshwater fishes herring, grass carp, catfish, catfish as an example. Their reproduction and growth take at least 4 years, and 10 years is enough for them to reproduce 2-3Generation so that the fish can grow larger and the population will be restored.

I later learned that you broke my heart to keep me alive, but sorry, it all came too late. You didn't live up to my expectations, because I didn't live up to them.It ’s you. Your boat sails on the Yangtze River, carrying people in abundant water, mining sand in dry water, and buzzing propellers, disturbing the sonar on my "nose", making me unable to see the surrounding environment, and accidentallyWill be caught and cut.

The sand mining ship and the sand unloading wharf of the Yangtze River, the biggest threat to the ecology of the Yangtze River by sand mining is the destruction of the spawning ground of fish. Photo / Picture · Creativity

You put the violent robber into my house, I can't count enough species: tilapia, Brazilian tortoise, scavenger, snapping turtle, snapping cockroach ... these meat-eating guys, and meGrab food, and don't take it easy. Especially the scavenger, nourishment, fish eggs, eaten it completely, no residue can be left, the place it walks through is the desert of fish.

Brazilian tortoise, also known as red-eared tortoise, is native to the Mississippi River Basin in North America. It is a common domestic pet in China. Red-eared tortoises are often abandoned as adults. It has been subordinated to the IUCNOf the Invasive Species Expert Group ISSG is listed as one of the 100 most dangerous invasive species in the world. Map / Carl Bodmer

You discharge sewage into the Yangtze River and throw litter. Do n’t support me, but I have read your report. Within a year, you dumped 40 billion tons of sewage into my house! 40 billion tons, which is almost equivalent toThe annual amount of water in the Yellow River! Yellow River runoff is 58 billion cubic meters per year. In a dirty and poisonous environment, my body is getting weaker and weaker, and I have suffered from infertility. The fish I eatShrimp, heavy metal content is over the standard, but it is not easy to eat enough, how dare I choose?

Wulong River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, is polluted by a large amount of garbage. Picture / Picture · Creativity

You use the household net, and the big fish and the small fish are exhausted. You don't think this is fast enough. You even used electricity and explosives to prey on me and let me spend my whole life in hunger. Even you all said that the small fishNope, it would be a miracle if a big fish like Baiji still exists.

The fishing "Ecstasy" supported by fishermen on the Yangtze River. Picture / Picture · Creativity

The dam you built not only blocked my way back to my hometown, but also made me unable to take refuge upstream when food was scarce and pollution was serious. Above the dam, the water was deep, I felt cold, below the dam, the water was shallow,I feel hot, you're cold and you're wearing cotton clothes, and you're warming up to turn on the air conditioner, and I can only bear it. In this case, you still expect me to live, I ... I have nothing to say. I knowYou have a strong ability to protect animals. There were only 7 wild crested ibis left by you, and you have been raised to more than 1,500. I used to think: will I become the crested ibis in the water? But when you think of meIt's too late. Although I was listed as a first-class protected animal in the 1980s, this did not stop you from fishing. It was not until 2005 that your country set up a nature reserve in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and will protect me.As one of the important goals, the Three Gorges Group subsequently invested tens of millions of yuan to carry out artificial breeding for me and to continue the population. Unfortunately, at that time, you could no longer see me.

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White pheasant specimen in the Museum of Hydrobiology, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan. Photo / Alneth / CC BY-SA 4.0

Actually, even if you find me, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in the cement pond, breeding offspring, can you call that life? I want to live in a big house, and I want to freely ride in such a long Yangtze river, But I do n’t want to be hungry, I do n’t want to be threatened from time to time, I do n’t want to be alone, in this world, I do n’t know where I can go without my home.

Background information:

Jiehu nets are fishing nets with very small meshes. Small fish and shrimps cannot escape in front of it, so they are called Juewang nets. These fishnets have a mesh size as small as 3 or 4 millimeters, even a peanut.Midus cannot pass.

In 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture issued related policies to ban the use of 13 types of exhausted fishing tools, including the net of the households, but by the end of 2018, the spread of the use of illegal fishing gear across the country has only been initially curbed.

Background information: The last white cricket

In 1992, two white magpies were found in the Chongqing section 1.2 kg weight, 47 cm tail length; 1.3 kg weight, 50 cm tail length.

In 2002, a white salamander with a body length of 330 cm and a weight of 117 kg was captured in the Nanjing section of the Yangtze River. Although people tried their best to help, it only survived for 30 days.

January 24, 2003: The last live white pheasant seen by humans was found and released after ultrasound marking, and the signal was lost 12 hours later.

Before I left, I had a hard time seeing my friends. In 2002, I finally met the white dolphin, and the hungry girl greeted me weakly. She told me that the lake she used to go to beforeA dam and sluice were built at the entrance to keep her out. The dirty environment and long-term hunger have reduced her ability to conceive and have children. My God, you know, she is different from me.I can lay at least 200,000 eggs at a time, and she only has one born per child. In her current state, it is estimated that it is not far from farewell.

Romanian whitefin dolphin stamp. Photo / Wikimedia

Although the Yangtze finless porpoise has been there all the time, but the number of times she has met her is also less and less, and she is not living as well. In fact, although my partners and I have their own difficulties, in summary, nothing more than eatingInsufficient food, pollution, living space being eaten away, navigation influences, etc. I can do nothing about these problems, and I have to be a bell person to solve the bell.

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