What is Dyson Ball? It's not as simple as we think

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Sometimes I see messages similar to this in various articles: the brightness of a certain star suddenly dimmed, and the star suddenly disappeared, so some people gave a guess that the star wasDyson ball of advanced alien civilization. So what is Dyson ball and how was it proposed?

What is Dyson Ball?

Dyson Sphere is a bold scientific fantasy. It is a device for obtaining energy, but it is relatively large. Its structure is so large that it can surround a star. Of course, such a device is currently scared of human beings.It ’s not easy to develop human civilization to this day. In order to develop in a higher direction, there must be enough energy to support it. Every year, many natural resources are used on the earth, and the total population is increasing with each passing day.With the further development of civilization, the energy required for development is not supported by the natural resources on the earth. Looking at the universe, only the stars are constantly generating energy. With the long life of stars, for a civilization,It's like an infinite energy source.

So, in 1959, physicist and astronomer Freeman Dyson conceived a structure and published a two-page paper in which he stated that a high-level civilization he envisioned wasHow to use the radiant energy of a star. A solar collector surrounds a star. The word “surrounding” is easily ambiguous and may make people think that it is all surrounding. Actually, it is not based on its own ability.Such a piece of solar collector can be a space city or a space factory. The purpose is to directly use the radiant energy of the sun. The radiant energy of the sun is continuous, and it can ensure the development of a civilization.

We should not understand the Dyson sphere as a sphere shell structure that completely surrounds the star. In fact, such a structure cannot be manufactured. The Dyson sphere structure envisioned by astronomers should be more vividly called "Dyson Cloud""Every solar collector surrounds the sun's different orbits like clouds. Such a structure can be successfully constructed.

1964, Soviet scientist Kaldashov proposed a standard to classify all forms of civilization that may exist in the universe into a hierarchy :

Class Ⅰ civilization can grasp planetary energy;

Class II civilization can master stellar energy;

Class III civilization can grasp galaxy level energy.

According to this standard, the civilization capable of building Dyson balls belongs to the second-level civilization in the Kaldashev index. This civilization can grasp the energy of the stellar level, use the star as the need for the development of civilization, and meet the increasingly advanced energy needs of civilization..

Some classmates are curious. How many civilizations does human civilization belong to? 0.7 civilization, even level Ⅰ civilization has not yet been reached. As for the natural resources on earth, human civilization is not enough to fully grasp, so it has not yet reached level Ⅰ civilization.Not to mention the need to build a Dyson ball immediately. However, there is another awkward place in a structure like the Dyson ball, which means that a civilization that can build the Dyson ball does not need the Dyson ball. Why do you say that? You can imagine,A civilization that can build such a huge structure, how high will it be? At least the energy structure of this civilization has undergone drastic changes. They may have developed a structure that saves time and effort than Dyson balls. Why go there again?How about building Dyson balls?

And the phenomenon of star dimming and star disappearing mentioned at the beginning of the article is not necessarily a Dyson ball built by an alien civilization, but a temporary change caused by the interstellar dust around the star or its own planet blocking a part.Dark, as for the disappearance of the star, it may be that the supernova broke out at the end of the evolution of the star itself.

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