What kind of emperor Zhu Zhanji in history? What contributions did he make to the Ming Dynasty?

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Recently, the popular drama "Daming Fenghua" has caused many viewers to have a strong interest in historical figures of the Ming Dynasty. Today we will talk about what kind of character Zhu Zhanji in "Daming Fenghua" is in history.What contributions did he make to the Ming Dynasty.

Zhu Zhanji was born in the 31st year of Hongwu, 31st year of the Ming Dynasty 1398. On the 9th day of February. According to the "History of the Ming Dynasty", the night of Zhu Zhanji's birth, his grandfather Zhu Xun dreamed that his grandfather Zhu Yuanzhang had granted symbolic imperial power.Dagui, and said: "The grandchildren of the generations will last forever." After Zhu Xi woke up, he ran to report to him that the son Zhu Gaochi had just born a big fat boy, and this son was Zhu Zhanji.

Under the hint of bizarre dreams, Zhu Xi began to devote himself to preparing for the cause of rebellion. It is also because of dreams that he particularly likes Zhu Zhanji, thinking that this boy is a special "gift" given by God.

In August 1399, King Zhu Yan of the Yan Dynasty officially launched an army against the imperial court of Jianwen under the name of "Qingjun side, Jingguo Difficulty". After three years of "Jingyun Difficulty", Zhu Xi defeated Jianwen Emperor and successfully captured the throne and became the Ming DynastyThe third emperor in history, known as Emperor Yongle in history.

After becoming emperor, Zhu Xi faced a difficult decision, that is, the question of who was to be the prince. The boss Zhu Gaochi was kind-hearted and good at handling administrative affairs; the second child Zhu Gaochi was strong and decisive and good at military strategy. Two sons eachThere are advantages that make Zhu Xi feel difficult to choose. At a critical moment, the members of the "World Son Party" Xie Xuan throws out the "good holy grandson" theory, which makes Zhu Xi Mao set off. So he announced that the canonical son Zhu Gaochi was crown prince. Yongle nine years 1411, Zhu Zhanji was named the grandson of the emperor as his grandson, and officially became the third generation of Zhu Xi's throne.

Zhu Zhanji's early career in real history was relatively stable and not as undulating as in "Bright Ming Fenghua". At that time, Zhu Gaohan and Zhao Wang Zhu Gaohan were the throne, but they did not set off any big storms. After Zhu Xi died, Zhu GaochiInheriting the throne, Zhu Zhanji became crown prince.

Zhu Gaochi was in office for only eight months. He did send Zhu Zhanji to Nanjing in the final stage of his administration. However, the purpose was not to guard against Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu, who had blatantly rebelled.It was to prepare for the relocation of the capital to Nanjing. In fact, at this stage, Zhu Gaozhen had not yet started his troops.

The first year of Hongxi 1425, May 28th, Ming Renzong Zhu Gaochi died, Zhu Zhanji inherited the throne as the crown prince, historically known as Emperor Xuande Ming Xuanzong.

In real history, Zhu Gaojiao's rebellion took place one year after Zhu Zhanji's throne. At that time, Zhu Gaojiong officially struck on the grounds that Zhu Zhanji violated the rules set by the Emperor and used improperly, and planned to re-copy the "Ji'an Battle of the Year".However, the impact of this rebellion is far less violent than that described in "The Great Ming Dynasty". In fact, the entire rebellion lasted for only twenty days. Zhu Zhanji imperially conscripted him, but the main force he led has not arrived yet.It was won by the vanguard led by veteran Xue Lu.

After calming down the Zhu Gaoyu rebellion, Zhu Zhanji again ordered the Ming Army stationed in Annan now Vietnam, ending the Ming Dynasty ’s rule over Annan. Although this move gave up the territory that it was difficult to lay down that year,However, it also unloaded a heavy burden for the Ming Dynasty. Because the people of all levels in Annan have resisted the Ming Dynasty for more than 20 years, the court has invested countless manpower, material resources and financial resources for this, but it does not see any hope of calming down the resistance.Instead of insisting on futile military operations, it is better to "cut meat" earlier to accumulate more power for the empire.

The period between Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Zhanji's reign was called "the rule of benevolence" by later generations. It was the strongest national power and the clearest political period in the 276 years of the Ming Dynasty. Although Zhu Gaochi was only eight months in his reignHowever, many of the malpractices left by the Yongle dynasty were reversed in this short period of eight months, so later generations gave very high evaluation to Emperor Hong Xi Zhu Gaochi. Emperor Xuande Zhu ZanjiOn the basis of a series of benevolent administrations, the reform was further deepened and the Daming Dynasty entered its heyday.

In terms of administration, Zhu Zhanji strengthened Yushi ’s supervision function during his administration, so that the supervision can penetrate into all areas of the Daming Dynasty, effectively rectify the discipline, and eliminated a large number of officials who had vegetarian meals. In addition, Zhu Zhanji also officiallyThe "inspector" post is institutionalized, which effectively solves the situation of inconsistencies among local level departments.

On the military side, Zhu Zhanji resolved the Zhu Gaoyu rebellion and Annan issues in the early days of his administration. Later, he re-established the roster of soldiers to determine the actual number of soldiers in each military unit and the required food and supplies.Issues such as rations of soldiers by soldiers.

In terms of economy, Zhu Zhanji reorganized finances and implemented relief measures during his administration. It greatly reduced the burden on the people and returned many people who had left their hometowns to escape the heavy tax burden in the end of Yongle.

All in all, the Daming Dynasty under Zhu Zhanji had no internal or external pressure, no party disputes between civil servant groups, and no eunuchs. The whole country is showing a politically clear and prosperous world. If you want to make aModern people crossed to the Ming Dynasty, and it was definitely a good choice to cross to Zhu Zhanji's reign.

Reference: Ming History

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