The brain circuits of bosses are always so curious about the prizes of the annual meeting

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Life requires a sense of ceremony, as does work.

At the beginning of the new year, in order to get started, as long as it is a company, it is necessary to have an annual meeting.

Speaking of the annual meeting, the main event that has to be mentioned is the lottery. I dare to pack tickets. Most people attend the annual meeting by waiting for the lottery to last.

I thought it was enough for Uncle Face to send the iPhone until I saw this.

Image source: Free Fish

I have to admit, I'm really sore.

Not every boss knows the minds of employees so well. There are always bosses who like to get some prizes for shā, diāo, tǔ, and wèi.

The most common way of sand carving is to forcibly add various meanings to the prize. A netizen exposed her year-end award on Douban: 18 steamed buns.

Image source: Douban

I do n’t know if I can make a fortune with the boss ’s wallet. The body is expected to make a fortune. Some people have also won such mysterious prizes.

It looks like a Taiwan electric fan. Although the packaging is a bit ugly, it is a household appliance and it can be used in summer. It just feels a bit strange to pick up the prize, but it doesn't matter, it is better than nothing.

After unpacking ... what the hell is this!

Some bosses have specially sent a husband and wife life harmony board for the family harmony of employees.

Every year, there are a lot of people who are frustrated by the wonderful prizes at the annual conference. They put their painful lottery experience on the Internet and rely on others to expose more wonderful prizes to comfort their injured hearts.

There are various prizes worth thousands of dollars, but they are not useful. The boss bought them distressed and the employees did not like them.

To change the thinking, the bosses can give the employees the money to buy these prizes directly. Why is it so simple that they can't think of it?

It is precisely because of these messy prizes that every year in January and February is a large "ten move fish" scene, every time there are a large number of people waiting for others to sell the prizes of cabbage prices.

It ’s not bad to be able to sell these unused prizes, at least it means that the brain circuit of his boss is normal. I am afraid that the boss will have a whimsy someday, and I always look forward to giving everyone a big surprise at the annual meeting.

Just like the boss arranges the women's clothing for employees every year, they also prepare various humorous and actually awkward prizes.

"Apple products" are deeply loved by the bosses, don't get me wrong, they are not the kind of electronic products you can buy. The bosses are keen to make their own.

An apple plus a notebook is equal to an Apple notebook. This is the formula that every boss must remember before the annual meeting.

In 2017, an employee exposed the "Apple 7" from the boss on the Internet. Not only was it unopened, but it also packed several layers of film, which can be described as good intentions.

I just do n’t know if any employees received “Apple 11” carefully prepared by the boss this year.

Although these "Apple products" which are made by hand are full of profound meaning, they will inevitably have problems such as rough workmanship. At this time, the smart boss chose online shopping. The finished products purchased from the Internet are not only well-made, but sometimes they can be faked.

For example, this Apple vanity mirror, how excited it is when seeing the packaging, how disappointed when it is opened. But the employee must show an embarrassing yet polite smile and pat the boss's fart with conscience.

I believe the boss must be afraid that when I went downstairs to Starbucks, there was nothing to pretend, so I gave me this Apple brand vanity mirror.

Once the boss sand sculptures, the annual raffle draw is like a miserable convention. Many people have never hoped that their luck will be as bad as they did at the annual meeting.

Other companies will send Tesla at the annual meeting.

Our company annual meeting, you send me a Tesla leather seat cushion.

I'm afraid this pad was not grabbed by someone else's prize car.

At the end of this second brother is worth more than the master, there are always thoughtful bosses who worry that employees ca n’t eat meat, so it ’s hard to hold an annual meeting, so let ’s have a piece of pork belly.

Friendly reminder, the guys who have received pork belly must ask the boss for a mouthful again, but they will get sick if they eat raw pork.

Some bosses are ingenious and use red lottery instead of red envelopes. If they win, it is 5 million. If they fail, they can only say that the employees have bad lives. But the boss paid you 2 yuan. Do n’t talk about the boss giving nothing.what.

Some people got a lock at the annual meeting. Send the lock and send the lock. The boss doesn't give the key yet. This is the rhythm of getting walnuts only when you get it back.

OS in the boss's heart: The pile of tatters that nobody wants is finally sent out, happy!

If it's just embarrassing, everyone laughs and passes. But the extreme embarrassment and shaking will make employees chill.

Chairman Zhou Hongxun of 360 said in the circle of friends that the special prize of the annual meeting is a coupon-free coupon, and he also specially sent a picture of the special prize.

The leader is worthy of the leader, first test the attitude of everyone with a coupon-free ticket. It is said to be a joke when sprayed, and there is no loss.

Many people have won gold medals in history, but not many can get a good end. These "big guys" obviously think of themselves as ancient emperors.

Hard work for a year, even if it is an annual meeting for labor and people to hurt money. It is also necessary to tell employees on such days that the next layoff can rely on this without being cut. The ghost knows how many times a year the boss will lay off staff!Maybe just after the annual meeting, personnel will come to chat with employees N + 1.

It is they who make the rules. On that day, the staff will still be laid off. No one can see that this is a joke, but this joke is really awkward.

No vouchers are just the boss demonstrating to employees and showing off power: it is not my word to go or stay.

In today's employment context, not being laid off is a gift, but employees don't see humor from them, only insults.

Such low-level bad taste is inevitably doubtful, is it that Zhou Hongyi thinks that Li Yanhong has attracted too much firepower, and if no one is black, he will be forgotten.

However, inferior prizes such as coupon-free coupons are loved by the bosses, and they have imitated Cardinals.

Some people are even obsessed with issuing coupons to outstanding employees and cannot extricate themselves.


No vouchers are enough to chill the employees, but there are always bosses who feel that such "reward" can not fully reflect their kindness, but also can't satisfy the pleasure of employees.

They choose to give a free overtime voucher directly to employees, available at any time, any time you want to work overtime.

Boss, now I just want to come to the stage to sing a song for our company. The song's name is "Cool".

Of course, not all bosses are so uncreative, and some bosses take a different approach and open a trough conference to let employees "scold" themselves.

When it comes to testing acting and eloquence, we must not only be able to meet the requirements of the boss, but also be able to exaggerate the boss by the way. It must not be too straightforward, and it must not expose the essence of the player in Zuan.Boasting, scolding, and making the boss very happy.

This can make these big girls and boys feel sad and bald. Scolding early will definitely be compared. If you scold late, the creative will be taken away by others. If the colleague is not happy, the colleague will be unhappy. If the curse is good, the boss will be unhappy.You have to go home and write your resignation letter accidentally.

It's reasonable to suspect that the boss is not doing enough to resign letters every day.

Seriously, the "Tucao Conference" might as well give Zhang a late ticket directly, which is specially used for some companies that deduct 500 yuan for one minute late.

However, even if it works, few people dare to be really late, everyone can be happy.

Sending these wonderful prizes to employees is like drawing cakes. It is the boss and a few seniors who need such jokes and big cakes, and the basic level employees need a down-to-earth job.

The same is true of the annual raffle draw. Don't make so many garish prizes.

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