Being able to save money is the top self-discipline for adults

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We don't save money, we resist the risk.


In Zhihu, there is such a hot topic: "How much money do you have after the 90s?"

In the comment area, you can see all kinds of post-90s who save money and save money.

Different from the buy and buy that the outside world advertises, they are fancy saving money every day :

Someone earns 3,000 yuan a month and can save 1,500 yuan a month;

Someone graduated for 5 years and saved 300,000;

There are still people who have saved the first one million ...

In the comment area, there is a special word of mind :

"It is also the post-90s, some people already have hundreds of thousands of assets, but some people have hundreds of thousands of liabilities. This gap is not a little bit!"

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How did these gaps come about? But they came out one by one.

I particularly admire those who can persist in saving money.

In an era of unlimited and convenient consumption, we are alluring us to buy and buy, our desire is magnified infinitely, and our desire to buy has reached unprecedented heights.

A person who can resist the temptation and persist in saving money is more true self-discipline than a person who exercises every day and goes to bed early and gets up early.

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Many years ago, Dou Wentao told such a story in a series of "Three Men and Women" :

In the past, his attitude towards money was very willful. As long as he thought that ads that would damage his image would not be picked up, and he did not think about how much money to make.

Even, he would call those money "shameful money."

But something happened later that completely changed Dou Wentao's thinking.

At that time, my mother was admitted to the intensive care unit because of a stroke.

Every day's expenses are like running water, and thousands of dollars are gone.

In order to make his mother's illness better, he started thinking about how to make more money.

Even, I started to be willing to pull my face down to earn that "humiliating money."

Tutors for commercials, guest movies, draft shows, and even moderators at weddings.

"Being able to deposit more is the life of my mother for a few more days."

Gracefully acknowledges the importance of money and is not embarrassed at all.

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No one in this world needs money, and most of the adult's confidence is given by money.

We can dislike the smell of money and copper, but for a heavy adult, only enough savings can help him keep the whole family stable and happy.

Have seen such a news before :

Because the mother has a sudden leukemia, the operation cost is 800,000 yuan.

As the eldest son in the family, looking at the weak mother, the old father, and the younger brother, Wang Hao couldn't make up his mother's life-saving money.

Finally, while his father went to the hospital, Wang Hao jumped off the building and committed suicide.

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A penny stumped the hero, this is not an exaggeration at all.

Only when there is a shortage of money, can a person deeply feel what is called isolation and helplessness. On the one hand, there is helplessness forced to the end, and on the other hand, there is sadness without help.

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In the documentary report "Poor Woman", there is such a particularly disturbing story :

Youmei has a happy family, her husband is a company executive, she is a housewife, and 4 cute and lovely children.

But who can think of it, because of her husband's sudden death, the family that had no need to worry about food and clothing returned to poverty overnight.

The top beam is down, the four children are still young, and everywhere they need to spend money.

Unable to helplessly, Youmei can only go out to work.

But she has been a housewife for more than ten years. What can she do?

I don't have the information and technology necessary for labor, but also keep up with the times. Just readjusting takes a long time.

Finally, Youmei only works as a telephone operator, working very hard, but earning very little.

Without much savings and stable income, she is almost 50 years old, she can only force herself to run around for a little salary ...

A major blow hits the house.

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There are many things around us like this :

When there is a lot of income, don't hurry and hurry, as a result, the income will start to fall severely one day;

When there is not much income, do n’t stop buying and buying, as a result, the numbers on the bills accumulate more and more;

Yueyue makes money and moonlight, does not give a chance to make a mistake in the future, and as soon as an error is made, it is swept away.

This reminds me of a paragraph :

"The biggest advantage of the rich is that their fault tolerance is high, and they can make up for any mistakes they make.

Unlike ordinary life, the fault tolerance rate is too low, there is a slight error in the next month's rent and mortgage, I don't know where to come from. "

As most ordinary people, all we can do is to increase the fault tolerance rate of life to a certain extent.

Only in this way, will not be caused by any wind and grass, and any imperfect appearance will make yourself easily collapsed and helpless.

The risks in the future are unpredictable, and the probability of occurrence may only be 1%, but once the destruction occurs, it will be 100%.

If the defense ability is strong enough, you may be able to escape a disaster; otherwise, it will become a mess after the tornado.

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Many people around me are disdain to save money, and even spend ahead of time, every time they laugh at their own deposits as negative.

The reason for this is that they think they will become more and more rich in the future.

"I will definitely be richer in the future, what are you afraid of?"

In such an environment, everyone buys it with peace of mind and owes it to them.

This is like a frog soaked in warm water. When the water temperature rises a little, they not only escape, but also enjoy the thrill of warm water.

I think I am very comfortable, and the actual crisis is heavy. In the end, I can only be cooked in happiness.

I once saw a real story on the column "East Miscellaneous".

Kurihara Sang, a Japanese, graduated from a prestigious university and entered one of Japan's top electrical appliance manufacturing companies after graduation. With the increase in working age, he gradually rises, thinking that he can eat delicious and spicy food in this life.

As a result, the bubble economy burst, and the company was diverted to the subsidiary, and then the subsidiary closed down, and the age was old, and high-end jobs could not be found. Other people at the low-end jobs thought he had too high education and did not want him. Finally, unemployment insurance,Became his biggest source of finance.

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More terrible is that he also owes a butt debt because of pre-consumption.

No way, I can only dismantle the east wall and make up the west wall. From the black and white financial company, I owe 12 million debts. Every day someone calls to urge debts.

In the end, I could only sell my house to pay off my debts, and live at my brother-in-law's house.

Finally, one day, after he said "I'm going out", he never came back.

He became a homeless man in the Meiji Park area of ​​Tokyo, sleeping on the street, living by picking up old magazines and books, and never contacting his family.

When you are overly optimistic about the future, overstretch the future, and lose the ability to fight financial risks, then when that cruel future really comes, you will always be photographed in the abyss and must not stand up.

Looking ahead, right there.

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Although I don't want to admit it, I have to say that people who don't know how to save money are typical poor people thinking.

Have seen such an investigation news :

A researcher is undercover in a slum and wants to explore why the poor are so poor.

After years of dealing with the poor, he found an interesting phenomenon. Many poor people have no planning for money.

For a very simple example, anyone in the slum can go to the government for relief.

Although there is not much money, if you plan and use it reasonably, eating and drinking for a month will not be a problem.

But after receiving the relief money, these poor people who were so hungry before their backs a few days ago became even more generous.

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There is an old grandfather who went directly to the supermarket and bought a big lobster. After eating it, he spent most of his relief money.

Then, in the following days, he will continue to wait for hunger and starvation and wait for the relief payment next month.

Actually, this is not an example.

Some time ago, the experts who won the Nobel Prize in Economics talked about this phenomenon in their work "The Nature of Poverty: Why We Can't Get Rid of Poverty".

They will only focus on the present and have no plans for the future.

So, they always use the surplus money to "waste", buy things that are useless, participate in some celebrations, etc., almost no one of them will think about saving for investment.

So, this has created a vicious circle. It is clear that fertilizers can increase yields and profits. Because there is not enough money to buy fertilizers, it can only reduce production to make money.

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I once watched a video and interviewed passers-by randomly on the street and asked them: "When do you feel safe?"

Many people answered: "When there is a deposit on the bank card."

In the era of market economy, money is the best source of security.

Without money and savings, you dare not get sick, do not dare to take leave, do not dare to resign, if you are old and young, you may not dare to die. You are too tired to live.

So, if you want to live comfortably and improve your ability to resist risks, you have to save money.

I used to know that when I saw such a warning, it meant that young people should understand that they are different from others early.

Maybe, your colleagues and you are holding a monthly salary of 8000.

But you ca n’t watch colleagues buy, buy, buy, buy, buy yourself.

Because everyone has different things on their backs, maybe his girlfriend doesn't need him to buy a house; his parents have a pension and don't need him to support them ...

And your girlfriend, not only the garage, but also a lot of money for gifts; your parents, after a few years, lost their labor, can only rely on you to support.

What a person fears most is not the heavy burden, but the inability to recognize himself and follow blindly, but he is overwhelmed by the burden.

Finally, I wish you all more and more money in the new year, and more and more bank card deposits.

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