After the death of Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji, who will decide the national affairs of the Ming Dynasty?

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Recently, the popular drama “Daming Fenghua” has caused many viewers to have a keen interest in the history of the Ming Dynasty. Those who have been pursuing the show should have seen the death of Emperor Xuande Zhu Zhanji and the young emperor Zhu Qizhen ascended the throne., The heroine Sun Ruowei also changed from the queen to the queen queen, and handled the state affairs for the young emperor as the regent queen. Then the question came, whether the historical "sun ruowei" really dominated the Ming dynasty's military state in this special periodBig deal? Actually the answer is no.

In real history, it is indeed a woman who became the actual ruler of the Daming Dynasty after Zhu Zhanji's death, but not "Sun Ruowei", but her mother-in-law, Queen Mother Zhang, who is fromStep by step, the crown prince becomes the queen queen's queen.

The Ming Dynasty was a dynasty with a high concentration of imperial power, and all power was attributed to the emperor. But Zhu Zhanjiying died early, and Zhu Qizhen, who was only 8 years old, could not assume the heavy responsibility of governing the country, so the entire empire was temporarily inThe state of headless dragons. In this special period, Queen Mother Zhang played the role of leader.

Mrs. Zhang is the daughter-in-law of Emperor Yongle Zhu Xi, the wife of Emperor Hongxi Zhu Gaochi, the mother of Emperor Xunde Zhu Zhanji, and the grandmother of the orthodox emperor Zhu Qizhen. The Queen Mother has gained unquestionable status through the four dynasties.Authority, she has a respectable position both in etiquette and in fact.

In the official records, the Empress Dowager played an important role in the successful ascension of Zhu Qizhen, but there are other historical sources that the Empress Dowager had doubts about the ability of the young emperor at the beginning and wanted to establish another son, King XiangZhu Zhanxi is Emperor. But no matter what the situation, she can achieve a decisive position.

After Zhu Qizhen ascended the throne, the Empress Dowager immediately set up a regent team consisting of seven people. In addition to the Empress Dowager herself, there were three Cabinet University scholars and three eunuch eunuchs. Among them, threeUniversity bachelors are the famous "Three Yangs" in the history of the Ming Dynasty: Yang Shiqi, Yang Rong, Yang Ye. They all have rich experience, are smart and capable, and are respected by most courtiers. The three eunuchs are: Wang Jin, Fan HongAnd Jin Ying, although their reputation was far less than those of the Ming Dynasty, they were also second to none at that time. University scholars and eunuchs represented the outer and inner dynasties respectively, the number was 3 to 3, and the empress queen was inThe role of arbiter in the Regent team.

It is worth mentioning that although the Empress Dowager is in control, she still strictly abides by the ancestral teachings of the Zhu family and is not allowed to do business with foreign relatives. Her brother and nephew did not gain any special status because of her power. This situation has been in Chinese historyIt is extremely rare that the heroine is in power.

In the growth process of Zhu Qizhen, there was a person who had a great influence on him. That was Wang Zhen, the eunuch eunuch who had served as his enlightenment teacher. Wang Zhen was originally a Confucian student, and the Emperor Yongle recruited a group during his reign.Wang Zhen was one of the eunuchs who voluntarily entered the palace harem to read and literate. For this reason, Wang Zhen's power in the palace rose rapidly, and he gradually showed his ability to control politics. At that time, members of the Regent GroupThey are all too old, and Wang Zhen is in his prime. The Empress Dowager foresees the danger of Wang Zhen gaining political power, so at the end of the second year of the Orthodox 1437, he intends to ask Wang Zhen to commit suicide. Later, the young emperor and several othersUnder the courtship of the court ministers, Wang Zhen was saved from death. Facts have proved that Wang Zhen's escape was a major disaster for the Ming Dynasty.

Seventh year of Orthodox 1442, the Empress Dowager died. Since then, the political situation of the Ming Dynasty has changed drastically, Zhu Qizhen of Ming Yingzong began to pro-govern, and Wang Zhen relied on the emperor's trust to gradually seize power and became Ming history.Take the first right.

Reference: Ming History

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