The ancient "Assassins" were a group of people, where did they come from

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Assassin has always been a mysterious and compelling group. In the history of the world, there are "Assassins" that make the whole West tremble. In Chinese history, there has been the classic of Jing Qiao and King Qin,So that there is still a representative of the snake skin in the game world-Qin Wang is around the column.

So the question is, what group of ancient assassins are they? What are their identities? Is there really a huge and weird assassin organization like the one depicted in the cartoon Qin Shimingyue? What are they like?What shocked Chinese history?

above_ Jing Jing assassinates Qin King

I. Wrath of the Emperor, Wrath of the Yongfu, Wrath of the Assassin

In the famous "Warring States Policy" there is a very classic story called "Tang Xun's Insult Mission". In the text, King Qin, also known as Qin Shihuang, said, "The wrath of the Son of Heaven, millions of corpses, bleeding thousands of miles." But sittingThe opposite Tang Yan who answered him said: "The wrath of this mediocre is also the wrath of the non-judges." Follow Tang Tang's words to shock King Qin, "If the priests will be angry, two corpses, they will bleed for five steps.Today, it is also. "Then Tang Mao stood up, Qin Shihuang looked at him, and the small country Anling was preserved. Although this story should be false based on historical research, Tang Yue's words have fully demonstrated the power of ancient assassins.

Even if he is opposite the King Hou Tianzi, he can manipulate a million male soldiers, and the world is surging in anger, but after all he is flesh and blood, and he is no match for the three-foot blue front in the hands of the assassins. The status of the assassins also shows that the ancient assassins were notThe "terrorist maker" in the eyes of Westerners is the so-called "student" who inherits the mission. However, this situation is not static, as is the origin of the assassin, which is very different from generation to generation.

above_ gatekeepers of the Warring States Period

1. Guest: The King of Food and Loyalty

In the pre-Qin era, the most important source of famous assassins was the so-called "men". That is, the men who were raised by the so-called "warring countries sons" prodigal sons of various countries, they generally have their own strengths, one of them isAssassins. This group of assassins has a very high degree of professionalism, and can be called professional killers. For example, Mr. Jing Jing is a gatekeeper to Prince Yan in a sense. The so-called confidant died, just like Zhibo ’s family members let him down., They both died for their main character, and completed the assassination operation with the danger of life.

And the trick was very common at that time, and even spread to the end of the Han Dynasty. Even Mr. Yuan Shu ’s intelligence will be. According to the records of the later Han Dynasty, Yuan Shu asked Luo Jun for food, but he was resentful. In the end, he sent an assassin to kill Luo Jun. It can be said thatThis is also considered that Yuan Shu's life is not very high light operation although it is still a bit shameful. "Han Han Shu": Hou Yuan Shu begs for Chen Erjun to reject it, he suffers from surgery, swindles and kills Jun and pets, Chen You is ruined.

But after all, the style of the gatekeepers of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods began to decline in the Western Han Dynasty, and there was basically no market in the Weijin period. Therefore, in fact, the largest group of assassins in Chinese history is not the gatekeepers, but the following seemingly nonsenseorigin of.

above_ Li Bai 701-762

2. Ranger: stubbornly support the weak, support the weak

In Chinese history, the ranger's name has always been like a thunderbolt. In fact, the most famous ranger in Chinese history may not be thought of by everyone. He is the great poet Li Bai. As Li Bai's friend Wei Hao said: "Little is a knight, and he has many people."Actually, Mr. Li Bai is a super master of Chinese swordsmanship. He can be called a generation of chivalrous men, so he can write the ancient masterpiece" Xia Ke Xing "which" kills one person in ten steps and does not stay for thousands of miles. "

At that time, the ranger was different from the heroes we commonly see in martial arts novels. In fact, the heroes in martial arts novels are always a lot of money, and when the road is uneven, there is a so-called chivalry spirit. But the ranger at the time,That is the cause of social instability. The so-called "chivalry is forbidden by martial arts," and the core is to achieve their purpose by force. This purpose may be good, such as eliminating local might, but it may also be bad, such as establishingprestige.

Many of the rangers in the Han Dynasty were able to "ride in Lvxiang, exercise power in the state, and strive for public service". But don't think that their strong influence is given by phone charges. It is estimated that they are full of darkness.Therefore, Emperor Wudi Han had to remedy the mighty and the ranger. The great ranger Guo Jie even made Sima Qiandu look at it. It can be seen that the ranger had a great influence. So many times, the ranger did not shoot by himself, butSupport assassins for assassinations. Rangers are an important source of ancient assassins. Of course, there are also so-called "swordsman rangers" that are like Li Bai's heroes who fight against the sword. But no matter which one, the rulers of the time were frightened, so RangersIt is not surprising that they are often added with the word "pirate".

pictured above_ "Hanshu", also known as "Pre-Hanshu", is China's first chronicle history

3. Juveniles: market hooligans, killing more people

Whether in the Han Dynasty or the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Shijing youth has always been a powerful force that cannot be ignored. The youth groups in Beijing throughout the dynasties are very powerful potential forces, such as "Hanshu" recorded :

In Changan, there are many treacherous and sly, the young people in the cabinet kill the officials, and they take revenge. The one who wins the red pills prays to the martial arts, the one who wins the black prays to the clerics, and the white ones take charge of the funeral., Ticket Hijackers.

At that time, the Chang'an teenagers were in groups of three or five. They held sharp blades, dared to rob in broad daylight, and the motive was very simple—money. As long as they had an interest, they could kill them and kill more goods, and their wealth would be fatal.An evil force in the society may be mainly because there were no Internet cafes at the time, otherwise it would be better for them to become Internet addiction teenagers. So how to deal with this group of people has always been a headache, and this group of people often become victimsObject of use.

above_ Sima Shi 208-March 23, 255, Ziyuan

For example, when the Sima division trained 3,000 dead men for the transformation of Gao Pingling, and usurped the Cao Wei regime in one fell swoop, the probability of the 3,000 dead men here was the "juveniles" of Luoyang at that time. Otherwise, the 3,000 troops were hidden in Luoyang.In the city, Cao Shuang can be found even if he is estimated to be retarded. Another example is the "Changlin Bing" trained by Li Jiancheng that year.

Old Tang Book · Jianzhuan Biography: "It was a private call to Quartet Xiaoyong, and recruited more than 2,000 evil young men in Chang'an. The animal was a palace armor, divided into the left and right Changlinmen, and the name was Changlin Bing."

And later the Tang Dynasty had a tradition of using Chang'an children as soldiers, such as the well-known Shencai Army, that is, the Central Army in the late Tang Dynasty was mainly established with Changan children, and its core was the so-called "evil less."All evils flee the famous Northern Army, Ling borrows the crown, and flees the army when guilty, and dare not arrest. "At the same time, they are all important sources of assassins. Once summoned by the interests, they can attack at any time, making people invincible.

above_ Liu Gongquan's "Secretary's Monument"

Second, how can these assassins shake Chinese history since they are so powerful?

In Chinese history, assassins shocked the history of abounding cases. For example, Jing Jing and Qin Qin failed, but they accelerated the destruction of the kingdom of Yan reaction. For example, when the emperor Bai Digong Sun occupied Sichuan and facedGeneral Liu Xiu, Cen Peng's step by step, there was no way to assassinate Cen Peng to survive. In the Three Kingdoms period, Dong Zhuo and Li Xun were assassinated by Fan Chou's troops, and they were able to gain an advantage in Dong Zhuo's ministry.They assassinated important people, but they did not change the results. King Qin still dominated the world, Gongsun Shu still overthrew the country, and Li Kui eventually fell. It can be said that it did not seem to be of much use.

But these assassinations cannot explain that the assassins are really useless. On the contrary, due to the existence of assassins, the impact on Chinese history is actually quite large. One of the people who want to thank the assassins most may be shocked. They are-Tang Dynasty eunuchs..

above_ Li Zhi ? -198

In fact, many people have an incomprehensible question. Why is the eunuch in the Tang Dynasty so powerful that he can manipulate the selection of emperors, control the army, and even launch a change in the nectar, killing the prime minister and sweeping Chang'an. The core is not only in the control of the eunuch in the Tang Dynasty.The central troops of the Tang Dynasty Central Army are more important than the personal guards around the eunuchs of the Tang Dynasty and the large number of assassins they support.

The confidant guards and assassins around the eunuchs of the Tang Dynasty allowed them to achieve many goals that the court officials could not achieve. Because the eunuchs of the Tang dynasty had a magical army, they selected and trained their relatives as guards and assassins. For example, the Tang DynastyThe eunuch Yu Chaoen has a capable personal guard "every time he enters the hall, he will make Zhou Hao a hundred people to defend himself." Mr. Yu Chaoen will be the boss, and whoever refuses to do so will have "Ten Xu people come out for nothing."

So that when the Emperor Tang Zong finally killed Yu Chaoen, the emperor had to bribe his close relatives in order to execute him secretly. After killing Yu Chaoen, he immediately bought out the soldiers of his army, and said very unkindly: "The generals of the northern army are all linked to the minions, and they should still be. Lianjin pro-forbidden brigade, do not worry. "Then, you can see the arrogance of eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty. But what is funny is that this is the second time that the Zong of the Tang Dynasty used assassins.The eunuch has been killed. The first eunuch Li Fuguo was killed. The Tang Dynasty Zong operation is also familiar.

above_ Fish Chaoen 722-770

Also, these eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty not only trained the guards but were also proficient in assassins. For example, Qiu Shiliang just looked at the opponent's performance during the change of manna and knew whether the opponent was going to assassinate himself. This is not an operation that ordinary people can have.The prime minister Wu Yuanheng Pei Du and others have been assassinated. It can be said that this is inextricably linked to eunuch forces.

Even the emperor was included in the target of the eunuch's assassination. Tang Xianzong and Tang Jingzong all died in the hands of the eunuch, and Tang Zhaozong was also included in the eunuch's death list.With the help of assassins, the eunuchs of the Tang Dynasty can manipulate the world and control the power, as Wang Fu said: "Eunuchs of the Tang Dynasty are ten times more powerful than the Han and Song." Sincerity is not a fable.

text: a wonderful hand of blue words

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