Can't catch the train, 41-year-old passenger blocked the entrance: how terrible a Chinese-style giant baby is

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The biggest difference between humans and other animals is that they can learn and "grow" instead of being "babies" all their lives.

Not long ago, a strange scene happened at Dashiqiao Railway Station, Yingkou, Liaoning. A 41-year-old female passenger He Mou, due to being late, rushed to the pit entrance when the train had left for nearly a minute. Facing the block, He Mou spattered on the spot, pointingAn incoming passenger shouted, "Why can he come in, I will not give it in!" The staff told her that the passenger who entered the station was not the same train as her. He Mou immediately asked for a refund. The staff continued to be patientExplanation: "According to the regulations, no refund can be made after the train leaves, only the other trains on the day can be changed."

Hearing this, He Mou got angry and blocked the entrance with luggage to prevent other passengers from entering. He also yelled madly at people. The policeman at the station police station rushed to the scene to persuade He Mou.Arrogant, saying that if he did not refund the ticket, he would continue to block the entrance. Seeing that He could not communicate, the police had to try to pull her away from the scene. Who knew that He was more emotional. Shouting: "I have a heart attack!"The police bit a bite. In the end, several police officers came forward together before bringing He back under control to the police station.

When I saw such news, I was a little bit angry and cried. As a normal person, I should know that in order to ensure punctual and safe departure of large public transports such as trains, each process has strict rules. 5 in advanceIt ’s common sense and rule to stop checking tickets in -10 minutes. Not to mention that the car has already driven away, so spattering and biting the police, it ’s almost lawless. Psychologist Wu Zhihong once wrote in The Giant Baby Kingdom:

"Some Chinese people have a psychological age of not more than 1 year old, and they are still staying in the mouth."

In reality, how many adults are mature and physically mature, but their minds are still in their infancy. They are extremely selfish and absolutely self-centered. They believe that all people must turn around themselves, let out their emotions, and affect the lives of others, Even public order. Like a piece of rat feces, which confuses society's pot of soup. △ Picture | SuperMan_LEE-Photo


Chinese-style giant babies are all assigned according to "noisy"

The most typical characteristic of babies is that they are easy to cry. The same is true of Chinese-style giant babies. They especially like "noisy". From "medical trouble", "school trouble" to "room trouble", there is no place that can't be troubled, and noThings that can't be troubled.

Someone is sitting on a sand table worth tens of thousands because of a dispute over a house purchase;

Some people set up Lingtang in a hospital because their family members were seriously ill;

Some people carried the coffin directly to the school.

A variety of unreasonable troubles have become a common social phenomenon. In order to make things smaller, many parties will choose to compromise. Someone teased that "distribute according to trouble" has become a new type of distribution. This has led to "everything is troubled.""There are more and more giant babies. △ Picture | Azhu-Photo June 2019

In Chenyaohu Central School, Zongyang County, Anhui Province, two students, one male and one female, scuffled together. Teacher Zhou Anyuan, the teacher in charge, saw the situation and hurried forward to stop it. But when he tried to pull them away, the boy who had trained in Taekwondo suddenly gave it to him.Zhou An member punched. Zhou An member tried hard to control him and left a trace on the boy. When he returned home at night, the parents of the boy saw the bruise on his son's hand and immediately exploded. Regardless of the facts, he ran to the school many times and made a lot of noise.The quarrel caused a fierce physical clash with the Zhou An member. He even threatened the Zhou An member to "be careful". The school couldn't stand the trouble and hoped to resolve it as soon as possible. So he did ideological work with the Zhou An member to see if he could be private. At the same time, Zhou An's mother-in-lawI didn't want to continue to be entangled in this matter. I paid parents 930 yuan for the inspection fee in private. But since then, Zhou An's mood has been very low. He takes the festival seriously, and complained to people around him more than once:"I'm about to collapse." After a few days, Zhou An couldn't resist the inner struggle. He jumped from the Tongling Yangtze River Bridge and ended his life. △ Picture | LOUISPhoto by IOIS-

Just because of preventing students from fighting, the 19-year-old teacher was “lived out” in this way, but the parents involved had no guilt. In the eyes of these giant babies, it seems that everyone belongs to them.In the face of what I want to do, I will never give up. Even if it breaks the rules, violates morality, and may even endanger life, he will not hesitate. They all say "the child who can cry has milk". In my opinion, The gigantic giant baby, not only has milk, but also sucks blood! △ Picture | bearsce-photo


pet-style domestication, "clone" giant baby

The parents of the giant baby who forced Mr. Zhou to death are terrible. But what is even more terrible is to put this set of behavior patterns on educating children. It can also be seen from the random beating of female classmates by their sons that it is exactly the same. I believe what he accepts dailyIt is parents who randomly assign actions based on their current mood, without any communication and exchange. This process is like training and punishing a pet, and does not treat the child as an equal and independent person at all. In the long run, it is only time to clone the giant babyProblem. Not long ago, a courier storage site in Wuzhong District, Suzhou was found to have lost packages many times. The person who stole the courier turned out to be a 9-year-old boy. The police saw a middle-agedA woman often rides a battery car near a courier storage point. Then a boy gets off, picks up the package, and quickly returns to the car to leave.

According to the surveillance and tracking, the police quickly found the temporary residence of the two. In the rental room, there are many courier packages, cosmetics, clothes, bedding, etc., which are consistent with the stolen items of the owners.

In the face of a lot of evidence, the woman admitted that she taught her son to steal the express delivery. She said that the reason for this is that the child is still small and the adult may not be responsible if he steals. The police have scolded this concept of women."You ask the child to do this kind of thing. When he grows up to do something illegal, it will make you cry without tears!"

Obviously, this sad mother could not listen to the police at all. In her eyes, she did not consider her child at all, and did not consider whether these behaviors affected him. Instead, he regarded him as an accessory., Domesticated like pets, to achieve their own purpose. So that after the child "grown up", continue to use distorted pet psychology and behavior habits to deal with and require others. Instead of normal, rational,Equal communication. Even anti-aging parents, squeezing all of them, without any distress. On the streets of Shanghai, this scene has appeared. An elderly aunt walking on the street, a man suddenly rushed behindCome and pick her up and slam in the air. The old aunt tried to struggle, while the man stepped up and forced her to the ground.

The skinny old aunt was shaken to a stand, she fell to the ground. She was tired and helpless sitting on the steps, but the man became more vigorous. Take off her coat and beat her head vigorously., Even throwing clothes on his face.

Later, there were some security guards around. Everyone tried to stop the man's crazy behavior. Who knew that instead of converging, the man became even more mad, and took someone's broom, and came to beat the old aunt. After investigation, I learned that this nameThe old aunt was the man's mother. On the same day, the man asked his mother for 20,000 yuan to repay the bank loan, but the mother said that he had no money. The man asked her to borrow from a relative. The mother didn't agree, and he started directly.His mother was dragging and beating. Such a scene is shocking and bitter. It is not difficult to imagine that this is a finished product of a giant baby under pet-style domestication. When the child was not allowed to be himself, selfThe kernel cannot be established, nor is it guided by the correct three perspectives. Naturally, it is impossible to psychologically step out of the "symbiotic period" and form a "real self", thinking that the world must turn around itself. Therefore, a new generation of giant babies was born.△ Photo | Union-Photo


The essence of giant babies is less reading

Generally speaking, even if parents are not properly educated. With age, children ’s cognition of the world will gradually increase, and their wrong attitudes and ideas will gradually be revised. But why do giant babies often not change anything? After all, this and ChinaThe per capita education level is relatively backward. Or, less reading. The most direct consequence is that a person has a simple mind, no logic, and extreme thinking. For example, common medical incidents. Let ’s look at two scenarios :

Doctor: "You have just had a major surgery, and you need to take a good rest after you leave the hospital. Do not take medicine indiscriminately."

The patient died three days later.

Family: "You quack doctor, people are fine after being discharged, why is it gone!"

Doctor: "What did you eat after you discharged?"

Family: "I just took some ancestral nourishing formula. It has been passed down for hundreds of years. Can you do something?"

Doctor: "Check-up tomorrow, don't eat anything after 8pm today, don't eat in the morning, don't drink water."

The next morning, after drinking coffee, the liver and kidneys of the upper abdomen were not checked.

Patient: "Why not do it? Why don't I drink some coffee? I don't know if you don't know, do you still do the same?"

A typical giant baby patient. △ Picture | sagayang-photo

The doctor's order is not followed, and the diagnosis and treatment recommendations are not listened to. I would rather believe in the strange prescriptions than the regular doctors who have received more than ten years of medical education and decades of clinical experience. There are even people who take the doctor's diagnosis and check the information online.Make a comparison. Question whether you want to prescribe medicines and collect more money. I would like to ask, why are these patients so powerful, why go to the hospital? Can't they cure at home? But it is even more ridiculous.Case: In the emergency department of Guangxi Nationalities Hospital, a man broke into the rescue room with a pet dog and yelled at the doctor to help his dog. At that time, it was the peak period when the wounded were admitted to the hospital for rescue, and many critically ill patients were waiting for further treatment.The doctor on duty immediately stopped the man's noisy behavior. He explained to him that this is not a pet hospital, and non-professionals cannot handle injured pets. Who knew that the man was suddenly emotional, grabbed the doctor's clothes, and took out his mobile phone to start recording.Threatening that the doctor will be responsible if the dog dies. The doctor continues to discourage him from going to the rescue room, repeatedly explaining that there are patients in need of first aid. But the man alsoHe didn't give up, and suddenly kneeled and cried loudly. Later, the hospital security rushed to pull the man out of the rescue room and shut the door. The man actually rammed and kicked the door of the rescue room and threatenedThe emergency doctor was killed. Finally, the man finally left the hospital after being forcibly evicted by the security guard. The incident lasted about 20 minutes from the incident to the end. The man not only seriously affected the normal rescue of the emergency patient, but also threatened the doctor.It is a serious illness of giant baby. This reminds me of the strange plot of Du Fei's troubled hospital in "Deep in Love and Deep Rain" asking doctors to treat pets. It is said that ignorant people are fearless, but anyone who has a little common sense will not lose his temper.Well, this stupid thing will not be done. Therefore, less reading is the original sin. To a certain extent, the quality of many Chinese people is still low. This results in disrespect for knowledge and distrust of professional authority. Without knowledge and culture,How could a giant baby grow up. △ Picture | _ 肉 腾腾 -Photo


Only respecting knowledge and culture can change the "IQ". In fact, each of us lives with a baby. But the true growth of a person lies in being mature enough, strong enough, and independent enough to overcome the personality of the baby in his heart.Don't let him get out of control. Before the giant baby grows up, kill him in the cradle. The foundation of all this is the timely use of knowledge and culture. As a parent, you must acknowledge your ignorance. In the process of educating children,Don't instill too much unproven experience and theory. Focus on cultivating children's own personality, allowing them to fully study, explore, break through the ceiling of family cognition, and then realize themselves. △ Picture | Hidden Worm-Photo

As a child, no matter how old you are, you must read more and learn more. Prevent yourself from becoming biased and become an unknowing giant baby. You must know that knowledge does not necessarily change fate, but it must change IQ. Humans and other animals are the biggestThe difference is that they can learn and "grow". They are not "babies" all their lives. △ Picture | 刘 同 -Photo Information

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