Why do some people always change WeChat avatar?

Why do some people always change WeChat avatars

The way people communicate on the Internet today is mostly WeChat, and the WeChat avatar is like our facade. Some people have always used a WeChat avatar, and some people like to change WeChat avatars in two days.

Some people say that the circle of friends is a social network, and your WeChat avatar is your face. Every time you change your WeChat avatar, you change your makeup again; others say that the intentional replacement of the WeChat avatar is a kind of heart.Confirmation, the replacement of each avatar may seem unintentional, but in fact it is intentional; others have said that their WeChat avatar always changes with every job change, every move, every holiday.

Why is the WeChat avatar an old and often new question? Let us hear what psychologists say.

The psychological secret behind frequent face changes

We often say that the social circle of the circle of friends is a kind of self-presentation, and the WeChat avatar even more shows the change of the core self state. From the perspective of self-change, people who change WeChat avatars can often be divided into three categories :

1.Higher self-flexibility

Flexibility of the self refers to a characteristic of being good at changing the way of self-behavior in a timely manner according to changes in objective actual conditions, and generating new self-behaviors in order to respond to the external world.

In social networks, WeChat avatars are shown to others. People with high flexibility can “change their faces” as the environment changes, constantly adjust their external image in the changing circle of friends, and use other aspects of themselves to gain others.Approval.

For this group of people, the change of WeChat avatar is actually just a process of social adaptation. Just like wearing different clothes in different social occasions, you can also manage the impression of others on yourself through the change of avatar.

2. Insufficient self-stability

Self-stability is how in a relationship a person can keep his ego's ability not to collapse. It is self-resilience in the face of external setbacks, and his core concentration when facing various high stress states.

People with poor self-stability usually have a sensitive heart, pursue stability, and love certainty more than uncertainty, just because certainty will ensure that their "glass heart" will not be broken.

In some people's opinion, external frustrations may be solved with only one meal, but for people with poor self-stability, they may face a reorganization of their personality, and multiple blows may cause them to reorganizeMany times.

If there are such friends around him, his WeChat avatar has changed, he must take good care of it. Because people with poor self-stability, frequently change WeChat avatars, it seems that the cloud is light and light, but it is inevitable to hide you behind itI don't know the inner monologue. A person with poor self-stability once said, "Changing a WeChat headshot seems to exhaust the power of Sansei III."

However, this type of people also has a benefit: unstable hearts will give them a stronger sense of intuition and insight. People with self-stability will always have a genius glory. Legendary Canadian singer and poet LeonardDe Cohen once said: "Everything has a crack, and that's where the light comes in."

3. Stress events in life

Stress events refer psychologically to any environmental change that requires adaptive changes, such as changing the place of residence, enrollment or graduation, changing jobs or being unemployed, parting, birth, or death of important family members.

The internal shock caused by external stress events will cause a temporary change in the person's psychological state. When presented to others from the inside out, it will be frequent changes in WeChat avatars. In fact, this is also the way people in the changeContinuously trying to change self-positioning, another attempt to adapt to the external environment.

How to determine which category those in the circle of friends belong to

As a "face" in our social network, the WeChat avatar does have its own psychological meaning. If someone around us frequently changes the WeChat avatar, how do you determine which category he belongs to?

If the person he usually gives to people is "drama", it shows that he has high self-flexibility. The change of this WeChat avatar can only show that he is performing habitually, it may not mean that his inner state is very big.Change. However, it is not ruled out that he is actively adapting to the interpersonal relationship of WeChat friends or real friends in this way.

If he usually gives the impression that he is sensitive and careful, pursues stability, and the WeChat avatar does not change often, then this wave of WeChat avatar changes may mean that his inner adaptability has temporarily been unable to keep up with external frustrations and changes.Reconcile. At this time, take the initiative to greet him. For him, it should be a kind of charcoal in the snow, so that he can regain confidence in the broken, quickly recover and grow.

If it is not the first two cases, the change in WeChat avatar may indicate a change in the external environment. He may be facing some stressful events, ready to end a period, or ready to start a new lifestyle.

The beginning and the end both need a sense of ritual, and the change of WeChat's avatar is a small sense of ritual. In a circle of friends, I will tell you in a more playful way: "I'm ready, and talk to my past selfLittle one! "

As a social expression, WeChat avatars have profound psychological motivations behind each social behavior. After understanding, we must be compliant, empathetic, understand, and respectful.

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Author: Tang Yicheng

Source: "Wenyuan · Sense"

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