Why can diamonds emit dazzling light but glass can't?

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What's the hardest and what do you like the most?

Of course it's a diamond!

People love diamonds, not only because of its rarity, but also because it has characteristics that many other things do not have. For example, it is the hardest elemental substance known in nature, the highest refractive index transparent substance, and the most stable chemical substance.One of the most expensive luxury products.

Diamonds always emit an incredible light, which makes many people fascinated. Why do diamonds shine, and can the same transparent glass do it?

  • Diamond itself cannot shine

In a dark room, you can't see the diamond, which shows that the light is not generated from the inside of the diamond. The reason why the diamond shines is mainly due to its unique refraction, reflection and scattering properties of light.

Natural diamonds are mostly mined from diamond mines in Africa, Russia, or some other places. They are produced hundreds of kilometers deep underground and are brought to the surface through crustal movement or volcanic eruption. These found diamonds are verySimplicity, like pieces of broken glass, nothing special.

But after the diamond cutting workshop workers carefully cut, process and polish it, some of the precious qualities contained in the diamond have been brought into full play and turned into precious things that people love.

What magic did the artisans apply to the diamond to make it reborn? In the final analysis, it is two words: angle.

  • cut

When the designer of a gem gets a rough diamond, the first thing he needs to do is to carefully check it to see what impurities and cracks are inside the diamond. These impurities and cracks are generated during the formation of the diamond.Yes, it will interfere with the direction of light inside the diamond, so you need to be careful to avoid them. Sometimes because of some of these flaws, the designer has to make up his mind to divide a large diamond into several small diamonds in order to get the bestEffect and highest value.

After cutting the original diamond, the designer needs to design according to the shape to cut and polish the largest diamond, and use the corners as much as possible.

  • Polished

Maybe you have noticed that the typical diamonds are conical polyhedrons with large and small cones, and the upper part is a polyhedral table. All the designs are only for one purpose.Refraction occurs between the various cuts in the diamond and eventually reflects off the upper surface.

All the cut angles of the diamond are accurately calculated and carefully polished to ensure that the light passes along the correct path. As long as there is a small difference, a satisfactory result cannot be achieved.

A diamond-coated abrasive wheel is used to cut and polish diamonds. Workers are well trained and careful to operate, and they are always aware of the grinding situation. Therefore, diamond processing is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, not at all easy..

  • Is glass OK?

Let's go back to the original question: Can the same transparent glass be used to imitate a diamond to achieve the same effect as a diamond?

The answer is: No.

Although glass is as transparent and hard as diamond, glass is an amorphous some people call it glassy substance, and diamond is a crystal composed of carbon atoms. The difference between the two is not only in hardness, but itsThe refractive index of light also varies greatly.

Usually, the refractive index of diamond to light is as high as 2.42, while the refractive index of ordinary glass is only about 1.5. Crystal is a crystal composed of silicon dioxide, and its refractive index is only about 1.55, which is a little higher than glass..

From this we can see that a diamond imitated by glass or crystal cannot achieve the same refractive effect. Of course, if you carefully design the angle of polishing, it is not difficult to fool the layman.

At this point, you may think that all credit goes to the light, which is actually wrong. In order for a diamond to shine, in addition to light, there must be a blackbird.

Smart, you must have found this pattern: almost all shocking diamond pictures, the background must be black or dark. Just like red flowers must be set against green leaves, the dark background around the diamond will also be some of them.The cut surface reflects that these dark areas reflect the refraction of light, highlighting the colorfulness and charm of light.

  • Now let's make a summary :

The reason why diamonds are radiant depends on their own excellent refractive index ability to manipulate light, but also on the superb skills of designers and craftsmen in the design and processing of diamonds.

Through careful analysis, careful design and precise processing of the raw material of a diamond, each cut of the diamond can accurately reflect the incoming light, so that we can observe the colorful light at the required angle.

Due to the inherent difference in refractive index, it is difficult for glass to achieve the same effect as diamond. But it can still be done by fools.

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