What is Li Bi's most important contribution to the Tang Dynasty?

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"Anshi Rebellion" is the turning point of the Tang Dynasty from prosperity to decline. After eight years of war, the Tang Dynasty finally calmed down the rebellion, but the former Tang Dynasty prosperity scene has long ceased to exist.The Emperor of the Tang Dynasty also tried to achieve ZTE through efforts, but the ending was often not satisfactory.

During the reign of Tang Dezong, the haze of the Anshi Rebellion finally faded from people's minds. Tang Dezong believed that the time was ripe for the ZTE Empire, so he waged a war against those towns that refused to take orders from the imperial court. However, due to insufficient preparation in advanceSufficient, as a result, the Fanfan War turned into a disaster, and the Tang Dynasty almost collapsed in the hands of Tang Dezong.

Afterwards, after the negotiations, the central government of the Tang Dynasty finally reached a compromise with several belligerent fan towns. The central government acknowledged the semi-independent status of the belligerent fan towns, while the fan towns obeyed the central government in nominal terms, and both sides went on strike.

After the defeat of the Fanfan War, Tang Dezong began to become depressed, not because he had no ambitions, but because the situation of the Tang Dynasty was really disappointing: in Hebei, Shandong and other places, it was powerful enoughThe various towns of the vassal who resisted the ceremony in the Central Chamber; the north was the elusive Nomadic Uighurs called "Hui" after 788; the west was the Tubo who scorned the Tang Dynasty; and the southwest was the unreliable Tubo vassal state of the South.In a difficult situation surrounded by strong enemies.

Three years of Zhenyuan 787, the newly appointed prime minister Li Bi proposed a significant overall strategy. Li Bi believes that although the current situation of the Tang Dynasty is very difficult, as long as the strategic steps are adjusted to achieve the imperial ZTE'sThe dream is not impossible. Li Bi pointed out that under the circumstances, although the fan towns in Hebei, Shandong and other places were arrogant, their attempts were only to maintain a semi-independent status, so they were not in a hurry to resolve them; the Uighur cavalry was strong and should try their bestBecome an ally; the Tubo and Tang dynasties already have deep hatred, and the Tubo people are capricious, so they are the current primary enemies. Although Nanzhao is a Tubo vassal state, but has been suppressed by the Tubo for a long time, it has been miserable.

The strategic concept proposed by Li Bi is to form an alliance with Uighur, Nanzhao, Black Food Abbasid Dynasty, and Tianzhu India to achieve encirclement of Tubo. In this way, the national power of Tubo can be gradually consumedIn order to make it self-defeating, this idea of ​​winning strategic alliances with external allies against the enemy country was also unique at the time.

Tang Dezong was insulted by the Hui people in his early years, so he instinctively wanted to refuse the alliance with the Hui people. However, in this strategy, the alliance with the Hui people was the most important link. In the end, Li Bi insisted and resigned.In the case of embarrassment, Tang Dezong finally let his son down and promised to form an alliance.

788, under the auspices of Li Bi, the Tang Dynasty signed a major cooperation pact with Uighur, known historically as the "Zhengyuan Alliance". The pact states: Uighur Khan is the son and the Tang emperor is the father. In return for the Tang DynastyThe silk-for-horse trade is allowed with Uighur. In addition, Tang Dezong's daughter, Princess Xian'an, married Uighur Khan.

In 794, Nanzhao also declared the Tang Dynasty as the suzerain state and jointly attacked Tubo with the Tang army. The strategic concept proposed by Li Bi at that time also included the joint black food and Tianzhu, but the alliance plan with these two countries has never beenIt was put into practice. But the alliance with Uighur and Nanzhao alone has made Tubo feel "stressful." In the end, the Tubos gave up the war with the Tang Dynasty and focused on the country.

805, Tang Xianzong ascended the throne as the emperor. Due to the stability of the external environment and the accumulation of a lot of wealth in the later period of Tang Dezong's administration, the Tang Dynasty is facing the best situation since the end of the "Anshi Rebellion."While reviving the dynasty, Tang Xianzong calmed down the vassals and created the famous "Yuanhe ZTE" situation for the Datang Empire. "Predecessors planted trees and descendants enjoyed the cool" are as small as a family and as large as a country.This makes sense.

References: "Old Tang Book", "New Tang Book"

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