If Jupiter's atmosphere is blown away, what will be left for Jupiter?

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Jupiter is the largest of the planets in the solar system, its diameter is one tenth that of the sun, its mass is 2.5 times the mass of other planets, and it is the veritable Big Brother of the solar system planets. Jupiter is a gaseous planetThere are many satellites. As of now, humans have found 79 Jupiter satellites, and the number of satellites is the largest in the solar system. Some students want to know how big Jupiter is. When you see the picture below,You know the horror of Jupiter.

If Jupiter's gas is blown away, what will be left for Jupiter?

To answer this question, you first need to know the structure of Jupiter. Humans have been observing Jupiter for hundreds of years, but at first they only observed it on the ground using a telescope. Although they can observe the general appearance, but what is the specific situation of Jupiter?It is clear that in the 1970s and 1980s, the United States launched multiple aircraft to detect Jupiter, but only the Galileo was aimed at Jupiter. For the first time, Jupiter was detected, and information about Jupiter's atmosphere was obtained.

The in-depth exploration of Jupiter really started. It was the Juno Jupiter probe launched on August 5, 2011. This probe costs US $ 1 billion. It is a large project to launch a full-scale detection of Jupiter.

From the data measured by Juno, people have a deep understanding of the structure of Jupiter. Jupiter's atmosphere is composed of hydrogen, basically no helium. It is very cold here, and the surface temperature is as low as -150 ° C.As the depth increases, the pressure gradually increases, and you will encounter a layer of "raindrops" containing helium, and further down, the pressure further increases. There is a liquid metal hydrogen layer rich in helium, and the temperature here is also different.On the surface, it can reach thousands of degrees Celsius. As the depth continues to increase, the metal hydrogen layer becomes denser and the temperature is higher than the temperature on the surface of the sun.

Crossed the metal hydrogen layer and came to the inner core, so what exactly is Jupiter's inner core?

At first people speculated that the core of Jupiter may be the core of rock, with a mass as large as 10-15 Earth masses. According to the gravity field data of Jupiter measured by Juno, the core of Jupiter is not as simple as we think.Although there is a solid core composed of rocks and ice, the outer core is composed of metal hydrogen rich in helium and heavy elements with a lower density.

At this point, you can list the structure of Jupiter. It should be a hydrogen-rich atmosphere at first, and then liquid hydrogen. As the depth increases, it becomes a metal hydrogen layer, followed by heavy elements and metal hydrogen.The outer core consists of a core composed of rocks and ice.

Not only that, Jupiter's rotation is also learned. Jupiter's outer atmosphere is not consistent with the internal rotation. The outer atmosphere's rotation speed is fast, and the internal rotation is slow. This dividing line is about 3500 kilometers deep, which is actuallyThe boundary between Jupiter's outer atmosphere and Jupiter's interior.

Since the title says that all Jupiter's atmosphere is blown away, it is the outer atmosphere of this Jupiter that is blown away. The size of Jupiter will not decrease much.

Jupiter has always played an important role in the evolution of the solar system. It has also changed the fate of the earth. Whether it was early or late in the formation of the earth, Jupiter has affected the earth.People believe that the gravitational influence exerted by Jupiter has made this asteroid embarked on the road towards the earth. In this way, Jupiter can be both the umbrella of the earth and the destroyer.

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