78-year-old famous host Zhao Zhongxiang died, how to find clues about cancer early?

January 16, 2020, according to media reports, Zhao Zhongxiang's son Zhao Fang confirmed that Zhao Zhongxiang died of illness at 7:30 in the morning on the 16th at the age of 78; Zhao Zhongxiang sought medical treatment at the end of last year and found that the cancer had spread.

It's cancer, it's advanced, and it died in a short time. It stands to reason that no matter from the level, from the economy, from the treatment, or from the medical conditions, Mr. Zhao can enjoy the mostGood treatment, but why did you die so soon? Why didn't you find it early?

We know that cancer is a worldwide problem. There is currently no way to overcome it in medicine. The treatment effect of cancer is restricted by many factors, but the condition of the disease is often a decisive factor. Many medical experts emphasize the early detection of cancer.Early diagnosis and early treatment, but most of them are found in the middle and late stages. Why?

Why is cancer as soon as it is discovered?

The author believes that, in addition to the location and nature of the tumor, there are three main reasons :

1 Limitations of existing medical conditions; the development of current medical detection methods cannot detect all tumors early; despite the emergence of PET-CT, PET positron emission computed tomography and CT X-ray computed tomography A combination of two imaging technologies. Tumors can be diagnosed at the molecular level, but due to the high price, ionizing radiation to the human body, and not all early tumors can be diagnosed. At present, the industry does not advocate using them for health examinations.

2 Ignoring physical examinations: Nowadays people attach great importance to physical examinations, but people often attach importance to instrumental examinations and neglect the most basic physical examinations; the medical examinations of doctors often go through the field, on the one hand, the doctors rely on equipment, and on the other hand, to take care of the medical examinationEmotions of patients and patients are unwilling to undergo physical examinations. The combination of these two factors causes physical examinations to be superficial. There are many lessons in this regard.

3 Medical examiners are unwilling to undergo invasive or privacy-related examinations: In the physical examination, digital anal examination is the simplest physical examination method, but many people are not willing to accept it, and some units are not willing to be listed as a physical examination item. In fact, thisIt is the best and easiest way to find rectal cancer. About 70 ~ 80% of rectal cancer can be found by digital anal examination.

A few years ago, the author participated in a physical examination of more than 500 people. The project he undertaken was digital anal examination, but less than 50% of the people underwent examination, which fully shows that everyone rejects this examination.

Many countries advocate colonoscopy as a routine physical examination program for people over 50 years of age. High-risk groups patients with immediate family members who have colon cancer or a history of polyposis and inflammatory bowel disease need to advance to the age of 40. Every 5Repeated every 10 years, but in our country, people usually do not have any problems.

Does the medical examination work?

Therefore, people have suggested that the medical examination tube does not work? Is it necessary to have a physical examination? Our opinion is that the medical examination is useful, and the question is how to do it? Did we do it seriously instead of going through the field or fearing pain? As long as we regulate itIt is possible to achieve early detection and early treatment. Hopefully, as soon as the discovery is that late events can occur a little less, the tumor treatment effect will be better.

What are the clinical manifestations of the three common cancers?

The common clinical manifestations of cancer are: mass, pain, bleeding, ulcers, and obstructions, as well as weight loss, loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, and fatigue. Of course, these manifestations are not necessarily cancer, but most cancer patients haveThese manifestations.

What physical performance should be taken seriously?

Any kind of cancer, no matter where it is hidden, there will be some clues :

1 An abnormal mass in the superficial part of the body;

2 moles and warts on the surface of the body will deepen or increase rapidly in a short time;

3 Abnormal sensation of eating, choking, pain, etc .;

4Permanent ulcers on the skin or mucous membranes;

5 persistent indigestion and loss of appetite;

6 changes in stool habits and traits, or blood in the stool;

7 persistent hoarseness, dry cough, blood in sputum;

8 Hearing abnormalities, nosebleeds, and headaches;

9 abnormal vaginal bleeding, especially contact bleeding;

10 painless hematuria, poor urination;

11 Unexplained fever, fatigue, and progressive weight loss.

Therefore, when the body has the following manifestations, you should be alert to the occurrence of cancer, and you should go to the hospital in time.

Which tests need to be done regularly? Because the performance of each cancer is different, some cancers may not be detected by routine medical examinations, so regular medical examinations are very necessary. At present, internationally, breast cancer, cervical cancerThere are clear screening guidelines for four types of cancers, including lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer. Ultrasound and molybdenum targets are recommended for breast cancer. Cervical smears Pap smears and HPV can be used for cervical cancer.Screening with low- and medium-dose spiral CT; faecal occult blood tests and colonoscopy for colorectal cancer. Therefore, those at high risk for these cancers should be checked regularly. Except for colonoscopy, which can be checked every 5 years, other tests can be performed annuallyIt can be checked once for high-risk groups. It can even be checked once every six months. In addition, tumor markers can be checked regularly and routinely. In summary, the occurrence and development of cancer have its own rules. As long as we are alert, we must pay attention to what the body sends out.Signals and regular physical examinations can increase the rate of early detection. As long as the early detection, the treatment effect is better, Also improves the treatment effect of cancer patients and prolongs the survival time.

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