Ome boiled wine, what kind of plum are you cooking?

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The story of "The Ome Brew on Heroes" comes from the 21st round of the four famous books of the Kingdom of Three Kingdoms :

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the prime minister, Cao Cao, "stabbed the emperor to order the princes", was ambitious and always tried to usurp the throne. Liu Bei tried to rescue the emperor.Get together and get ready to test.

At that time in May, the green plum was flourishing. Cao Cao called people to throw green plums into the wine bottles, cook them until the green plums were slightly discolored, and then chatted with Liu Bei while drinking and talking about the current heroes. Liu Bei listed heroes like Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao, and Sun CeGet out of his own, but did not expect Cao Cao to say that in this world, only he and he can be called heroes.

Liu Bei was shocked when he heard it, and Cao Cao guessed that Liu Bei had a bad heart and decided to harm Liu Bei. As a result, the wise Liu Bei was frightened by the thunder and was able to retreat.

Why do you have to boil plums in the wine? Many friends will say that this is a symbol of elegance, but I have never seen anyone use Maotai and Wuliangye to make plum wine. Although we can't rule out extreme examples of rich and willful, but at leastThis is obvious. But Chinese plums were not originally used as fruit, but rather more like condiments. At that time, plums usually appeared as the role of seasoning and chewing gum. According to Qi Min Yao Shu,The plums are usually mashed and mixed with various meat sauces 醢 and mixed seasonings Hachimiso to add flavor to the dishes; or they are contained in the mouth to provide a fresh breath. The processing of plums at that time has been compared with modern times.There is almost no difference. In addition to the honey made of plums that retain the flavor of the plums as much as possible, there are also smoked plums that add unique flavors. Interestingly, there are some good fresh food types in the fruit plum category. They areApricot plum, this kind of fruit tree carrying the double bloodlines of plum and apricot, not only provides plumper flowers than ordinary plum blossoms, but also provides a fruit with a taste and taste between plum and apricotIn fact, it can be described as an excellent plum blossom representative.

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The fruit produced by ornamental plums is edible. Although the plum tree used for viewing flowers is not good at producing delicious fruits, it can be imported after all. But the fruit of wax plum is not so friendly.The wax plum fruit contains pelmenine, which is a toxic substance that can paralyze the heart of animals, so curious children should not think about these fruits.

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