Southerners ca n’t live without wax flavor? What is the flavor of wax flavor?

Busy to welcome the new year, the New Year prelude has been played

Cleaning the window and sweeping the stove, the taste is getting stronger and stronger

And when it comes to Nianweier,

Except for the laughter of a family reunion

Heavy fireworks,

For Chinese, the savory taste is even more memorable! As the so-called: "No savory taste, no new year taste" every year, when the lunar month comes, people in many parts of our country start to prepare cured bacon to welcome the Chinese New Year. Some people doDescribe # 南人 不 拉 味 就不 了 年 # Then how did the Chinese soul's nightmare taste come into being? Today, let's explore it from the perspective of chemistry.

Where does the scent of bacon come from?

The traditional method of bacon is a meat product made by marinating fresh meat with salt, koji, spices and other auxiliary materials, and then baking or sun exposure, smoking, etc .. Bacon has a unique flavor, rich fragrant, and a shelf life.Longer. So what exactly happened when drying the bacon? Why did the original watery and soft bacon change so much? When making bacon, marinating, smoking and baking can make the bacon have an attractive flavor and appearance.Baking or sun exposure and adding a lot of salt can reduce the water activity of bacon. Most bacteria and yeasts cannot grow under this water activity, and they will not be damaged if they are dried outside. Moreover, baking and heating will alsoThe Maillard reaction and fat degradation between amino acids and reducing sugars in meat produce a large amount of aromatic volatile substances. This is why bacon is delicious.

How did the smell of bacon come from?

Smoke is also an important link. During the smoke, the wood will separate out fragrant substances such as phenols, acids, alcohols, aldehydes, etc. Acids can reduce the pH of meat and increase the inhibitory effect of salt on microorganisms.Accelerate the nitrite reaction and enhance the effect of curing.

In addition, contact with volatile odorous substances from wood can also increase the flavor of bacon. On the one hand, the smoke carries a part of the heat to decompose the flavour of the meat itself to produce a flavor. On the other hand, the volatile components in the smoke are diffused and penetrated., Adsorption will also enter the meat, making the meat produce a smoky flavor.

The phenols in the smoke gas also have a strong antioxidant capacity, which can prevent the oxidation of fat and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, making bacon easier to store.

We know that the traditional smoking method is to use wood smoke, but it is very inconvenient to use in actual production, and it will consume a lot of wood, causing environmental pollution and other problems. Now there is a method of soaking with liquid smoke agent, So that the meat has a smoky taste. Fumigants are non-toxic liquids made from non-polluting wood by distillation, filtration, and concentration. It has the flavor and color of wood smoke and is more environmentally friendly.

Of course, bacon is not limited to pork. Various bacon, sausages, and ducks are also the indispensable finishing touch for Chinese flavor. However, from the perspective of modern nutrition, although bacon products are delicious, they eat too much.It is not good for health. We should grasp the principle of eating less and matching properly, and eat it properly.

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