Is Zhu Qizhen's experience really the same as "Da Ming Feng Hua" in history?

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Recently, the hit of the costume drama "Daming Fenghua" has caused many viewers to have a keen interest in historical figures of the Ming Dynasty. Today, let's talk about an important figure who appeared in the late stage of this TV show-Ming Yingzong Zhu Qizhen. SeeSee what kind of character Zhu Qizhen is in history, and what is the difference between him and "Bright Ming Dynasty".

In the tenth year of Xuande 1435, the first month of Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji died, and the eighth-year-old crown prince Zhu Qizhen inherited the throne, known as Ming Yingzong in the history, and changed the Yuan to "orthodox" the next year.Ji's eldest son, his biological mother is Emperor Xiaogong, who is the prototype of Sun Ruowei in "The Great Ming Dynasty."

Zhu Qizhen was ascended to the throne and was young, and it was impossible for him to take on the heavy responsibility of governing the country. Therefore, in this special period, the national affairs of the Ming Dynasty were all under the responsibility of his grandmother, the Empress Dowager Zhang.There is a big discrepancy in Fenghua, because in the TV series, the status of Sun Ruowei is infinitely elevated and the role of Empress Zhang is degraded. However, the real sense of "Sun Ruowei" in reality is very low.

In the early years of the Orthodox, the national strength of the Ming Dynasty continued to rise, and the entire empire showed a thriving scene. The main credit for this is naturally attributed to the Empress Dowager and her regent team members include Yang Shiqi, Yang Rong, Yang Ye, andThree eunuchs and eunuchs.

Seventh year of Orthodox 1442, the Empress Dowager died. Zhu Qizhen began pro-government, and the Ming Dynasty officially entered the Ming Yingzong era. It is worth mentioning that in the "Bright Ming Dynasty" until the fourteenth year of orthodox 1449, The Empress Dowager and "San Yang" are still alive and kicking, but in real history, these people have passed away for many years.

Zhu Qizhen had an ambitious ambition to set up the country in the early days of his administration. He was diligent in government affairs and worked hard to manage the situation. These conditions are completely different from the weak and incompetent Zhu Qizhen in Da Ming Feng Hua. But during this periodZhu Qizhen re-used the eunuch Wang Zhen, the eunuch's chief, and this became a major stain in the early part of his ruling career.

Fourteen years of orthodoxy 1449, the Mongolian Wasabi invaded. Under the encouragement of Wang Zhen, Zhu Qizhen decided to lead a 200,000 army say 500,000 to imperial conspiracy. At the same time, he appointed his half-brother.Brother, Qi Wang Zhu Qiyu served as the supervising country, managing the affairs of the DPRK during his expedition.

Zhu Qizhen's original idea was to bring the main force of the Ming army to a battle against the Wahren people and succeed in one battle. However, this division that claimed to bring together the elite of the Ming Dynasty was met with a wad in Tumubao now Huailaidong, Hebei.The raid of the cavalry unit was more than half damaged. All the high-ranking generals and courtiers of the Ming Dynasty were killed on the spot, and Zhu Qizhen himself became a captive of Watanabe. In history, this is the largest military tragedy of the Ming Dynasty."Civil Change".

After Zhu Qizhen was captured, the Daming Dynasty had no heads and encountered the biggest crisis since the founding of the country. At that time, many courtiers suggested moving the capital to Nanjing to avoid the swordsman, which meant to give up the entire northern China. At a critical moment,Zuo Lang, the soldier of the Ministry of Defense, came forward to fight the main battle. Because the country cannot be ruled without a day, so under the support of Qian and others, Zhu Qiyu announced his ascension to the throne and changed Yuan Jingtai. Zhu Qizhen only learned of himself in the Wajing military campBecame the Emperor.

In "Bright Ming Dynasty", Zhu Qizhen became a captivating look after the captive, it is very annoying, but in the history of Zhu Qizhen is not the case. Although he became a prisoner, Zhu Qizhen did notAfter losing the demeanor of the big man, his opponent also first respected Zhu Qizhen, such as Boyan Timur and others. Therefore, although he was in the enemy camp, Zhu Qizhen was still regarded as a guest, not likeLife in Daming Fenghua was like a cricket ant. However, to the Walings, the former big brother became a "hot potato". The newly-appointed emperor Zhu Qiyu obviously did not want Zhu Qizhen to go back, so he refused.All the redemption conditions proposed by Wah. However, leaving Zhu Qizhen in Wah is useless and has to bear diplomatic risks at all times, which is really a loss-making sale.

In the first year of Jingtai 1450, in August, a Ming Dynasty minister named Yang Shan took the opportunity to envoy Watanabe and sold all his property as a ransom, and finally redeemed the Emperor Zhu Qizhen from the Vayan people..

Zhu Qizhen's return to the DPRK made Jingtai Emperor Zhu Qiyu very unhappy, but he could not refuse, so he had to arrange Zhu Qizhen to the Nangong Hongqing Palace and send someone to monitor it closely to prevent restoration.For the entire seven years, Zhu Qizhen was unable to take a step from the Nangong. It seemed like a prisoner without a shackle. The difficult situation can be imagined.

In the eighth year of Jingtai 1457, the first month of Jingtai Emperor Zhu Qiyu was seriously ill. Zhu Qizhen ’s close relatives Shi Heng, Xu Youzhen, Cao Jixiang and others saw the opportunity and went to Nangong where they would be placed under house arrest for seven years.Zhu Qizhen picked it up and set up Zhu Qizhen to regain the throne of the emperor. Historically, this event is called "the change of seizing the door."

Zhu Qiyu died shortly after the restoration of Zhu Qizhen. Many people in the later generations speculated that Zhu Qiyu was murdered by Zhu Qizhen, but reading history books at night believed that this possibility was not high. Zhu Qizhen had committed many great crimes throughout his life.Wrong, such as believing in Wang Zhen and killing Yu Qian. But there is no doubt that it is that he is a kind person, not the kind of emperor who must report. Moreover, at that time Zhu Qiyu himself was dying, and there was not much time. Zhu Qizhen was nothing.It is necessary to let him carry the stigma of murdering his brother. In addition, after Zhu Qizhen ascended the throne, he changed his year number to "Tian Shun" instead of his original year number "Orthodox", which also meant that he admitted to a certain extent that Zhu Qiyu was inBit of fact.

In the next few years, Zhu Qizhen appointed Li Xian, Wang Yan and other ministers, and calmed down the "Cao Shizhi" to stabilize the political situation. He also ordered the release of the "Jiangsu people" who had been imprisoned since the Yongle Dynasty."Jian Wendi's young son Zhu Wengui, and restored Hu Shanxiang's queen status that was abolished by his father Zhu Zhanji Hu Shanxiang in history is a queen, by no means insidious and cunning as in" Bright Ming Dynasty ".

The first year of Tianshun eight years 1464, Zhu Qizhen came to the end of his life. Before he died, he decided to abolish the concubine funeral system that had been implemented since the great ancestor Zhu Yuanzhang, which was praised in Ming History."Things can be done by future generations."

Zhu Qizhen is not an excellent emperor, but it is not as unbearable as in "Bright Ming Fenghua". Most of his historical evaluations are negative, mainly because the mistakes he made are too serious.No matter how hard you try later, you can't hide these mistakes. In addition, Zhu Qizhen's personal conduct can be ranked among the top three among all emperors of the Ming Dynasty. In short, he is a good man, but not a good emperor.

Reference: Ming History

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