What is the circle of friends who must not send during the Spring Festival?

The Spring Festival is also the peak of various "shows, dazzling, and sunbathing" in the circle of friends.

But do you know? Some behaviors may reveal personal information. If they are seen and used by someone with ulterior motives, it will cause theft of home or personal property and even endanger the safety of yourself and your family.

So, what are the taboos of playing mobile phones and taking photos?

Be careful about leaking privacy and causing disaster

1. Don't take train tickets, air tickets, boarding passes. Many people travel, travel and like to take train tickets, boarding passes, etc., and send them to the circle of friends. Some people with a strong sense of self-protection willThe name is obfuscated, but the content on the ticket has not been noticed. It should be specially reminded that the barcode or QR code of air tickets and train tickets contains personal information of passengers, including ID numbers, etc., and some people have used high technology to steal personal information.It ’s possible. Therefore, for your safety, boarding pass can neither be tanned nor lost at will. The most appropriate way to deal with it is to tear it off! ◆ Do not pat passports, house keys, and license plates. Photos containing this information will reveal your location at a particular timeCertain locations will also reveal the scope of your life circle. ◆ Do not expose the location Most people will return to their hometown during the Spring Festival. If pictures with location information are posted in the circle of friends, very real personal information will be exposed, making bad people ’sThe success rate of crimes has skyrocketed. ◆ Don't take pictures of children and their names. In reality, many scammers do not know the victims.The name is called? Can there be photos of two people? The reason lies in the "People nearby" setting in WeChat. Parents who love to take pictures of their children may wish to limit the scope of sharing and share them with their relatives in groups.. ◆ Don't take photos of old people at home. Taking photos of old people at home will make bad people have a higher chance of recognizing them. If someone suddenly tells the old man the name of his grandson and adds any lie, the old man can easily get itSave for half a lifetime.

Be vigilant in daily behavior

2 Try not to disclose schedules, whereabouts and other information when you go out to prevent thieves from borrowing when there is no one in your home. ◆ For holidays, if you encounter crowds, crowded roads, traffic accidents, etc.Do not distribute or forward blindly. ◆ It is advisable to reduce “sun” for women ’s valuable jewelry and brand bags to prevent others from thinking about it. ◆ Also, less information about emotional grievances related to emotional issues should be sent easily.The attention of well-intentioned people also harms relationships.

Please master the mobile phone use tips

3. "People nearby" please turn off the function of "People nearby" on WeChat to locate your location. You can click "Settings-General-Discovery page management-Nearby people" in turn and select "Close the discovery page"Entrance ". 4." Allow search "Please turn off In WeChat" Privacy ", turn off" Search me through QQ number "and" Search me through mobile number ". ◆" Allow viewing "please turn off on WeChat"The "Privacy" option is turned off, "Allow strangers to view ten circles of friends." ◆ Lost the mobile phone and call the operator China Telecom 10000, China Mobile 10086, China Unicom 10010 to report the loss of the mobile phone number; call the bank to freeze the mobile Internet banking; lift Alipay 95188; Dismiss Wechat 110.qq.com. Here are some personal information security tips

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