Is it possible for Watanabe to destroy the Ming Dynasty after the "Cimubao"?

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After the demise of the Yuan dynasty, its remaining forces have retreated to the Mongolian plateau. In the decades since then, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty has repeatedly sent troops into the Mongolian plateau to pursue the remaining parts of Mongolian Yuan, and at the same time won the support of some Mongolian tribes through diplomatic means.Under the enlightenment of the Ming Dynasty, the Mongolian empire that was once invincible completely fell apart and dispersed into hostile tribes. The most important of these was the control of the two lands, namely, the control of the Western Mongolian Plateau and the control of the eastern Mongolian Plateau.Tartar.

Three years of orthodoxy in the Ming Dynasty 1438, the leader of the Waqiu, Chuluo Sihuan, led the army to defeat the 孛 Khan 孛 儿 只 金 斤 · in the Kerqin grassland, and the Mongolian ministries that had split for decades in the Waqiu peopleReunification in the hands. This is naturally a happy event for the Mongolians, but not so happy for the Ming Dynasty. Because a reunified Mongolian empire will pose a huge threat to the northern border of the Ming Dynasty, and even directlyAffects the security of the capital of the Ming Dynasty, Beijing.

However, Tu Huan died in the second year after the reunification of Mongolia. The Mongolians have always had the tradition of the strong being the king. After the death of a strong leader, it often leads to a power struggle and a fragmented situation. But thisOnce the Mongolians seemed to be blessed by "Changshengtian". Chu Huan's son Churosi also followed his father's southern expedition to the North. He had already established a high prestige in the army, so he had no first.The controversial son inherited his father's business and became the new leader of Watanabe.

Also was a very famous person in Chinese history. Although the person who led the Uyghurs to unify Mongolia was his father, it was the first who led the Uyghurs to the top.

Fourteenth year of orthodox 1449, also led the army to invade the Ming Realm. Ming Qi Zong Zhu Qizhen who had never been on the battlefield did not know what was wrong, but decided to take the 200,000 Ming Army 1Said 500,000 to personally meet the enemy. As a result, the Ming army was attacked by tile cavalry in Tumubao now Huailaidong, Hebei, and the entire army was damaged by more than half. All the high-ranking Ming generals and courtiers who had joined the army were killed on the spot. Ming Yingzong himselfHe also became a captive. The largest military defeat in the Ming dynasty is called "the change of the civil castle" in history.

At this time, the first achievement is only one step away from his idols Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan. If he can further advance his master to go straight to Beijing, then the Daming Dynasty will suffer the worst disaster, because Beijing is the most eliteThe troops have all been consumed in the "change of the civil castle", leaving only a group of panic reserve teams to guard the capital, it is impossible to resist the attack of the Watans, even if there are ten more Yu Qian in Beijing, it cannot be resolvedThis predicament. Once the capital fell and the Ming dynasty's center was burned, the Wa's army could go all the way south, completely replicating Kublai Khan's line of unifying China. Therefore, from an objective point of view, the possibility of Wa's annihilation of the Ming wasCompletely present.

However, at this moment of deciding history, he also made a fatal mistake. Unprecedented victory and unexpected capture of the Ming emperor made him mentally unprepared. As a result, he also decided to take his army andThe huge loot returns to the division, ready to digest the huge advantage before the action.

In the fourteenth year of orthodoxy 1449, in October, after a full month of correction, it also led the army of more than 100,000 Watts to approach Beijing. However, the so-called fighter aircraft fleeted, and one month ago, BeijingThe city was full of failed speeches, and everyone wanted to leave early. But one month later, Beijing City seemed to be reborn. The new soldier, Shang Qian, ordered the approximately 80,000 border guards in Xuanfu, as well as the Liaodong garrison.The reserve forces of Zhili, Shanxi, Shandong, and Henan were all mobilized to Beijing. By the time the troops arrived near Beijing, the Ming garrison had reached 220,000.

The "Beijing Defense War" was officially launched in mid-October 1449. Because the Ming Army was fully prepared for this battle, coupled with the number of people and home court advantage, the resistance was very tenacious. Although the Waji Army was on the battlefield of the civil castle,He showed his mighty power, but he did not gain any advantage in the battle against Beijing. After only 5 days of fighting, he realized that it was impossible to complete the attack on Beijing, so he ordered his withdrawal., Running dimly back to Mongolia.

The defeat of the "Beijing Defence War" plummeted Yi Xian's prestige, and many Mongolian nobles openly questioned his mistakes in dealing with military and diplomatic affairs with the Ming Dynasty. He also first solved all opponents in the traditional Mongolian way.That is to kill all these people. However, at this time, another fatal mistake was made.

At that time, it was also the actual leader of Watanabe, but the nominal Mongolian Khan was a descendant of the "golden family" called Tuotuobuhua. Tuotuobuhua was not willing to be the first one to do so, so the two sides met with each other.In the end, they won first, and took off without killing. They also thought that their authority was beyond doubt, so they declared themselves Khan. But the Mongolians respect the tradition very much, and they think that the Mongolian Khan can only come from Genghis Khan's ""Golden family" descendants, no one is allowed to make a leap, but also to stand on his own as a khan, obviously a taboo. So, shortly after he also called Khan, the internal conflicts in the Mongolian group further intensified.

In 1455, a close friend first launched a rebellion, and was also assassinated first, so the generation of heroes ended in shame.

Reference: Ming History

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