How many places in "Bright Ming Fenghua" distort the truth of history?

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Recently, the popularity of the ancient costume drama "Daming Fenghua" has caused many viewers to have a keen interest in the history of the Ming Dynasty. Some viewers think that it is easy to grow and gain insights by watching TV dramas. It's a killer for two. However, night readingToday's history book will give you a bias and tell you about the historical truths that Daming Fenghua did not tell you. Although many people think that it is not necessary to be too real with the TV series, but know more about the real historical knowledge.Benefits.

I. What is the relationship between the doctor of the Royal Government Jing Qing and Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang?

According to the characters set in "Famous Fenghua", female No. 1 Sun Ruowei and female No. 2 Hu Shanxiang are a pair of sisters, and they are the daughters of the Qing Dynasty royal history doctor Jing Qing. However, in real history, Jing Qing was assassinated by Zhu XiHis failure was tortured, his entire family was strained, and the village where the entire Jing family lived was slaughtered into ruins, and his close relatives were spared. In fact, the historical "Sun Ruowei" was Yongzhong County's chief book Sun Zhongzhi.Female, Hu Shanxiang is the daughter of the former Jinyiwei hundred households Hu Rong. One of them lived in Henan since childhood and the other lived in Shandong.

Second, Sun Ruowei deeply understands righteousness, Hu Shanxiang is insidious and cunning?

Everyone who has read "The Great Ming Fenghua" knows that the heroine Sun Ruo slightly understands righteousness, and Hu Shanxiang is insidious and cunning. But in real history, the personality of these two people seems to be reversed. Hu Shanxiang in history is loyal, kind, and naturalZhenyi is a true queen. And "Sun Ruowei" only Queen Sun in history, unknown name, although there is no black material recorded, but she can be promoted from a concubine to a queen, obviously it cannot be simply understood as the stuffing in the sky.Since ancient times, the harem palace fight has been a life-and-death contest. Hu Shanxiang, known as a virtuous man, was abolished for no reason, and it is impossible for Sun Queen to have no relationship. Moreover, Hu Shanxiang in history has been suppressed by Queen Sun for the rest of her life, until the death of Queen Sun.Her son Ming Yingzong Zhu Qizhen restored Hu Shanxiang's queen status for many years, and it can be seen that Hu Shanxiang has not let go of Hu Shanxiang in her lifetime.

III. Zhu Xi defeated in the fifth pro-contest?

Zhu Xi in "Big Ming Fenghua" suffered a fiasco because of his own use during the fifth solicitation of Mongolia. He refused to be discouraged. However, in real history, Zhu Xi solicited Mongolia five times in his life. Although the achievements of these five solicitations wereIt is exaggerated in the history books, but there is no doubt that the five expeditions ended with victory without any defeat. It is worth mentioning that Zhu Xi ’s fifth expedition led the Ming army north of Kaiping, but did notWhen encountering the main force of the enemy, some generals requested to take some of the troops into the enemy's territory. Zhu Xi was worried that going too deep would be bad for the Ming army, so he ordered the class to return to the country. Zhu Xi can be said to be one of the most capable emperors in Chinese history. How could he commit a crime?What is the next big mistake that led to the Ming Army's main force falling into despair?

4. Is Zhu Gaojiao's rebellion really so big?

In "Bright Ming Dynasty", after the death of Emperor Yongle Zhu Xi, Han King Zhu Gaoji began to rebel, and convened a huge army in Shandong, almost subverted Zhu Zhanji's court. However, Zhu Gaoji in history in YongleIn fifteen years 1417, Zhu Xi was sent to Le'an, Shandong now Shandong Huimin, and it was naturally impossible to follow Zhu Xi's expedition to Mongolia. In the first year of Xuande 1426, Zhu Gaozhen rebelled in Lean.It was intended to reproduce the "Jingnan Campaign" of that year. However, the rebellion was more like a farce. It took less than 20 days for the imperial court to send troops to the rebellion. Zhu Gaoyu's rebels only made symbolic resistance.All raised their hands and surrendered, Zhu Gaojiao was detained to Beijing and died of terrible torture.

Five, Zhu Qiyu's mother is Hu Shanxiang?

In "Bright Ming Fenghua", the two sisters Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang each gave birth to a son, Zhu Qizhen and Zhu Qiyu, which opened the plot of the second half of the two sisters turning their faces. However, in real history, Hu Shanxiang was abolishedThe main reason was that Zhu Zhanji was not given a son. The writer of "Bright Ming Fenghua" forced Hu Shanxiang to give a son and gave Zhu Zhanji a green hat to explain why Zhu Zhanji was abolished. This is serious.The truth of history is distorted. In fact, Zhu Qiyu ’s biological mother is Zhu Xianji ’s other concubine, Wu Xianfei, and has nothing to do with Hu Shanxiang.

Six, Sun Ruowei regent as empress?

In "Bright Ming Fenghua", after the death of Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji, Sun Ruowei changed from the queen to the empress queen, and handled the state affairs for the young emperor as the regent queen. But in real history, the existence of "Sun Ruowei" is veryLow, who really played the role of the actual leader of the Ming Dynasty in this special period was Queen Mother Zhu Zhanji's mother, Queen Mother Zhang. In the "Bright Ming Fenghua", the Queen Mother Zhang became more and more insane as she went to the later stage, it was like a bad wifeBut in the history, the Empress Dowager Zhang played a very important role after Zhu Zhanji ’s death. In short, interchange the character settings of Sun Ruowei and The Empress Dowager in "Bright Ming Fenghua", thenBasically in line with the real historical situation.

Seven, Wang Zhen and Zhu Qizhen are the same age?

Wang Zhen in "Bright Ming Fenghua" is about the same age as Emperor Zhu Qizhen. This is another place that makes people laugh and cry. Wang Zhen in history was originally a Confucian student. During the reign of Emperor Yongle, he recruited a group of Confucian teachersWang Zhen is one of the eunuchs who voluntarily purged into the harem to teach and read. For this reason, Wang Zhen's power in the palace rose rapidly and gradually showed his ability to control politics. As a child,Wang Zhen was a teacher of his enlightenment, so Zhu Qizhen trusted him very much. On the eve of the "Mumu Fortress Change" expedition, Wang Zhen had passed the unbelievable year, and was twenty years older than the young boy Zhu Qizhen.

VIII. Is Yu Qian so bullish in history?

A very important character in "Bright Ming Dynasty" is Yu Qian who was born in the Yongle Period but was assigned to the army to nourish his horse. In "Bright Ming Dynasty", Yu Qian has a lot of drama, and with the depth of the plot, hisThe role is also becoming more and more obvious. So is there any such awesome Yu Qian in real history? The answer is that he is so awesome, but there is a lot of discrepancy with "Bright Ming Fenghua". Yu Qian in history is Yongle 19 years 1421 XinThe Ugly Jinshi is ranked 92nd in the top three, and there is still a long way to go before being a champion. Yu Qian's career really started during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji. He first served as the emperor of history the first seven products, and laterHe was promoted to the right minister of the Ministry of War Zheng Sanpin, and Zhu Qizhen of Ming Yingzong was promoted to the left minister of the Ministry of War in the early days of administration. However, before the "change of the civil castle", Yu Qian was not eye-catching in the Ming Dynasty politics, unlikeAs in "I can discuss national affairs with cabinet scholars all day long. In fact, it was the" change of the civil castle "and the later" Beijing Defence War "that really changed Yu Qian ’s historical place.And destiny in life.

In addition to the above-mentioned hard injuries, there are also many cases of "borrowing souls into souls" in "Bright Ming Fenghua". For example, Zhu Xi ’s fifth pro-conquest was a Mongolian coalition consisting of Mahamu and Tuotuohua.In real history, Mahmud died many years during Zhu Xi ’s fifth expedition, and Tuotuo was not only 2 years old at the time. There are three cabinet scholars Yang Shiqi, Yang Rong, and Yang Ye in the "Civil Castle"The "change" period is still planning, Queen Mother Zhang is still "becoming a demon," but in this period of real history, these people have died for many years. Similar situations can be said to be endless.

Although "Bright Ming Fenghua" is only an entertainment-oriented TV series, but since the play is based on history, then there should not be so many flaws in some basic historical common sense, let alone the characters need to be upside down for the plotBlack and white, confusing audio-visual. No wonder many people decisively chose to abandon the show after the drama has been pursued halfway, and disrespect for history may be the biggest failure of "Bright Minghua".

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