What kind of story is behind "Giving Wang Lun"?

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To talk about the things that most annoyed everyone in your student days, endorsements should be able to rank among the top three. After the end of the student days, we may not remember what news the app has pushed us today, let alone one month.Before, which star went on Weibo hot search again. But those words that were forced to recite as a child always made people feel so familiar and kind.

Holding textbooks or cards with pinyin, we remembered "Quiet Nights", "Goose", "Homecoming Puppet Book", and of course the popular "Gift to Wang Lun". It was selected as the enlightenment textbookJust because it is very simple, and it speaks loudly: "Li Bai is going to go on a boat, and suddenly hears the sound of stepping on the shore. The Taohuatan water is thousands of feet deeper than Wang Lun sent me." At that time, we only knew that Wang Lun was one of Li Bai.Friends, but I do n’t understand. Behind this is a "superfan" star chasing story.

"Star chasing" seems to be a word dedicated to young people, and the "carrying bully" of the star chasing world is the "rice circle girl". The rice circle girls show their pursuit of their love beansThe enthusiasm of people has caused people to lament the power of idols, and it has also caused a lot of controversy. In all fairness, in the process of growth, everyone will or have chased and worshiped some people, and they are our idols. It can be said that almost everyIndividuals have chased stars, except that different eras have different fields and objects for chasing stars.

In the middle Tang Dynasty, when poetry culture was flourishing, Li Bai, a tall, handsome and talented romantic poet, was undoubtedly a national idol sought after by many people. Wang Lun was one of Li Bai's avid fans.

In the Kaiyuan years, Wang Lun was a county magistrate in Yi County. One day, he heard that Li Bai was visiting at the uncle's house in Nanling. Nanling and Yi County are located in the southeast of present-day Anhui Province, not far away.In ancient times, this was undoubtedly the closest Wang Lun had to his idol. He was excited and wanted to take this opportunity to have a close contact with Li Bai.

However, Mr. Wang Lun is also a county magistrate. How can one parent official leave the post without permission? Besides, even if Wang Lun visits the door, Li Bai's character may not be willing to meet him. So he thought, since he ca n’t find himLi Bai, then had to let Li Bai take the initiative to find himself. He immediately wrote a letter and sent his servants to the place where Li Bai stayed, and named Li Bai personally. The senders felt inexplicable-why do you think?Li Bai will take care of you, and they do n’t know you. After Li Bai did n’t read the letter, he did n’t have the shelf that “Heaven ca n’t come on board”, so he came to him right away. In fact, Wang Lun wrote twoSaying: "Jun Hao You Hu? There are ten miles of Taolin here. Jun Hao Yu He? There are 10,000 hotels here." Li Bai was unrestrained throughout his life. He only loved two things, one was drinking, and the other was exploring the beauty.. Wang Lun saw these two points, and did his best to attract Li Bai to She County.

After Li Bai came, Wang Lun was entertaining him in a tavern. What did Li Bai see, what about the ten-mile peach tree forest? Wang Lun pointed at the two peach trees in front of the door and said, "Look at the two peach trees as peach trees.Lin is also looking at peach trees, so why bother to stay away? "Li Bai asked again, what about the good Wanjia Hotel? Wang Lun said solemnly," The hotel we are in now is the Wanjia Hotel. "When Li Bai heard it, he dared to love youThe kid is playing with me. But he is not too angry, but thinks that Wang Lun is very interesting. So he really played in Shexian for a few days. During this time, Wang Lun was entertaining, and he was still at the side of Taohuatan in the early morning when Li Bai was leaving.After the song was sent, the story of "Peach Blossom Lake is thousands of feet deeper than Wang Lun sent me" was left. After that, Li Bai also passed through Shexian County many times, and each time Wang Lun was invited as a tour guide and playmate. They really became good friends..

Wang Lun started this relationship with the worship of Li Bai, but this unequal relationship became more and more harmonious later. It is often said that when dealing with people, they mustMore sincere, less routines and means. And Wang Lun has adopted some means, but this means is not annoying. In the process of communication, the proper "routine" can be understood asA kind of communication skill. It does not make people repulsive, but makes you moved by his intentions. This kind of intention can surpass the beauty of Shili Taolin, the prosperity of ten thousand hotels, and the ageAnd the gap between fame and status. Let the idols that seem to be high in the mountains become their best friends. This is also a model of chasing the stars.

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