Bai Yansong interviewed Zhong Nanshan, what about the situation of new coronavirus pneumonia?

Wuhan Municipal Health and Medical Commission issued a notice on the 21st. At 22 o'clock on January 19th to 24 o'clock on January 19th, one new case of new coronavirus pneumonia died in Wuhan, with no discharges and new cases. In addition, Wuhan has15 medical staff were diagnosed with pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infection, and another was suspected. Shanghai Medical and Health Commission issued a notice on the morning of 21st, and Shanghai confirmed the second case of imported new coronavirus infection pneumonia. As of 21st, July 7At 30, a total of 219 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in China 198 in Wuhan, 5 in Beijing, 14 in Guangdong, and 2 in Shanghai.

What is the route of transmission of the new coronavirus? What is the difference between it and SARS? In response to the prevention and control of the "pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection", Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, interviewed Bai Yansong and responded.Popular concerns.

1. Bai Yansong: What is the difference between new coronavirus pneumonia and SARS?

Zhong Nanshan: The new coronavirus is not the same as SARS, but also different from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It is a virus with completely different properties. The infection of the new coronavirus has just begun, and it is climbing, so it followsSARS was less infectious and less toxic at that time. I think there is a difference between the severity of the disease and the transmission.

2. Bai Yansong: On January 19, the cumulative confirmed cases in Wuhan were 198, but the cumulative deaths were 3 as of 20:00 on the 20th. Does this number mean that it is far less threatening to people than in 2003?SARS? Or because we have accumulated a lot of experience in the battle of SARS, so the number "3" does not cause everyone to worry too much?

Zhong Nanshan: There are two factors. Once there is a new type of coronavirus infection, we do accumulate a certain amount of experience. The treatment measures are much more advanced than before. On the other hand, because the disease is in an initial stage,The current case fatality rate cannot be comprehensive, and I am afraid we still have to watch the development of this disease. We should be more vigilant on this issue. The current situation does not represent the whole picture, because the disease has just begun and is in a climbing stage3. Bai Yansong: There are very many new cases in the past two days. Is it because we have used new reagents to make judgments, including whether the detection speed is faster and more accurate, or is it also related to the virus itself?

Zhong Nanshan: There are two reasons. For new diseases, the reagents in different places are different. It needs an authoritative unit to further confirm, and it takes some time. Another factor, the situation is different these days, inIn a sense, this disease is relatively fast in local development.

4. Bai Yansong: Compared with SARS, this time it is concentrated in Wuhan, and places like Shanghai and Guangdong are imported cases. Is this good news for prevention and control?

Zhong Nanshan: The emergence of any acute infectious disease is not good news! In a certain sense, from the perspective of epidemiology, it is not only concentrated in Wuhan, but also in two districts, which account for about 45%. ThisThe two districts have a feature, there is a relatively large so-called seafood market. In fact, it is not seafood, but game and wild animals. According to preliminary epidemiological analysis from various aspects, it is actually transmitted to people through wild animals. This isIt is quite possible. However, there is still a human-to-human phenomenon. This is the time when we should be more vigilant.

5. Bai Yansong: How to judge from person to person?

Zhong Nanshan: The current data show that it is definitely transmitted from someone to another. There is such positive evidence in Wuhan. Two patients in Guangdong have not been to Wuhan, but after their family members went to Wuhan, they contracted a new type of coronavirus, so nowIt is certain that there is a person-to-person transmission.

6. Bai Yansong: Because it is a new type of coronavirus, how much do we know about it? How far is it to know its pathogen?

Zhong Nanshan: I don't know enough about it now. We can only in principle, first, it is a new type of coronavirus. Some symptoms it causes are similar to previous SARS. Second, its source isWhat kind of animal is basically unclear. Just from all aspects of epidemiological investigations, it is more likely that it comes from a wild animal, such as bamboo rats and tadpoles.

7. Bai Yansong: From the perspective of medical experts, including the entire medical system, what should I do? How should ordinary people prevent it?

Zhong Nanshan: It is contagious. It is now transmitted from person to person and at the same time the medical staff is also infected. It is necessary to be vigilant. A few key points: One is prevention. Do not go to Wuhan without special circumstances. This is very important.If you are uncomfortable or have a cold, you should go to the local fever clinic to check if necessary. If you are uncomfortable, you need to wear a mask, and it is still useful. Actually, you don't have to wear N95. Because these viruses are not aloneExistence, it is often stored in droplets. Ordinary surgical masks can still block most of them, and wearing masks is still useful.

8. Bai Yansong: Anyone who has symptoms should go to the hospital for treatment. Is it a fever?

Zhong Nanshan: Because in the winter, there are more flu, fever is not enough. One is to go to Wuhan or come from Wuhan at home, this is a prerequisite. In addition, if you have a fever, you must be alert to thisYou must go to a fever clinic and have a nucleic acid test if necessary.

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