Before human civilization, did prehistoric civilizations exist on the earth?

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Do you often see such sayings: "Human beings are XX generation civilizations" and "prehistoric civilizations", I believe you have all seen similar articles, so we make a simple discussion on this issue, in the end this kind of statementIs there any real scientific basis.

The reason why this kind of statement can spread is mainly these "foundations": legends and myths, rumors fabricated by some people. With these help, some people have such ideas, they think that the history of the earth is soFor a long time, human civilization, if counted from the beginning of written records, is only six or seven thousand years, so there must be civilizations before humanity, they may be advanced.

From the legend and myth :

It is said that there was once a great Western continent on the earth. Great Western Continent is not any place we have heard of now. It is a legendary place. It is also called Atlantis. Atlantis isA mysterious country was first recorded in Plato's two dialogues, just a legend. Later, different versions appeared, and a relatively more popular version is that Atlantis is a prehistoric high-tech civilization with advanced technology. LaterDisappeared as the entire continent sank into the sea.

In addition to the Atlantis civilization, there is also a legendary record of such a civilization, called the mainland of Mum, yes, this is another continent that is different from Daxizhou. It is said that the culture of the Mum mainland is very advanced and may be better than todayIt was also advanced, located on the Pacific Ocean, and later disappeared for some strange reason.

The descriptions of these civilizations have great similarities. The civilizations are highly advanced but they have disappeared in the end and there are no traces left. In addition to these two, there are Gendaya civilization and Lemurian civilization. YouHave you ever heard of it? Like the two civilizations mentioned above, they have something in common. The Gendaya civilization is on the Gendaya continent, as is the Lemurian civilization. They later disappeared and disappeared.The reason is exactly the same, they sunk the continent into the ocean floor and drowned all traces of civilization.

Atlantis, Continental, Gendaya, Lemuria, I believe that these four legendary civilizations have evoked your thoughts. You are dreaming that billions of years ago, these civilizations wereWhat it looks like and how their people live, you are fascinated by it.

From the rumors fabricated :

What you know: prehistoric nuclear reactors, prehistoric computers, pharaoh helicopters, crystal skulls, South African grooved metal balls, prehistoric screws, etc .. Have you ever believed these? Now here I will tell you all of the above, what you haveThe magic stories you hear about them are made up.

Should we believe the rumors of the existence of prehistoric civilization?

Of course I ca n’t believe that science can explain these problems today. From the perspective of biological evolution, there is no possibility for those civilizations, because science can already paint a complete picture of the evolution of life on Earth.There are really no extra places to house those advanced civilizations. From the perspective of archeological excavations and geological studies, even if they are all sunk into the sea, since they are all advanced civilizations, why haven't left any traces on the earth,Even if it is a typical broken crock pot, and there are rumors that some civilizations are more advanced than today's human beings, then where did the advanced go, why didn't they find their aircraft in space and on the moon?

Myths are unbelievable. Prehistoric nuclear reactors, pharaoh helicopters, and prehistoric metal balls are even more unreliable. How do you believe these civilizations exist?

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