Can I avoid Wuhan during Spring Festival travel?

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Recently, the first cases of new coronavirus infections found in Wuhan have spread in major cities across the country with population movements, and even new cases have been confirmed around the world.

The speed of virus transmission is unexpected. In this special period, medical workers in various cities are doing their best to treat patients and save people. We should also follow the instructions of the official media and try to avoid entering and leaving Wuhan as far as possible under special circumstances.

6 cases have died @ loveland doctor Dr. ▼

That being said, the "Spring Festival" is a special case.

Wuhan is a thoroughfare among the nine provinces, not only occupying the advantageous location of the central area of ​​China, but its developed road network system also makes it a top priority in the national transportation network. Even if their hometown is not in Wuhan, many people go north or south.Have to go through it.

Wuhan Powerful Road Grid Bureau

Wuhan, a city of thousands of lakes as a land terminal, relied on geographical location and the spirit of "Dare to Be the First" since ancient times.

In modern times, the completion of the famous Beijing-Hanzhou Railway and the Yue-Han Railway jointly established the city's status as a railway transportation hub. Later, with the completion of the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan has become one of the railway transportationCenter.

To the south of the Great Wall, Wuhan is too centered

Water transport, highway, and railway are all hubs. It is still difficult to bypass them ▼

Since then, the Changjing Railway, Xiangyu Railway, Handan Railway, Wuhan-Kowloon Railway, Mawu Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Jiaoliu Railway, etc. have been completed and opened to traffic. Although some of these lines do not pass through Wuhan, Wuhan's external connectionsThe passage needs to rely on them. These lines together weave the pattern of Wuhan's super-strong railway hub. Today, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is located here.

The above railway lines indicate, equivalent to—

three north-south channels + one east-west channel + multiple communication lines

Wuhan's railway hub status has considerable advantages in the ordinary railway era

Beijing-Guangzhou, Changjing, Xiangyu, Handan, Wujiu, Mawu, Beijing-Kowloon, Jiaoliu Railway ▼

Wuhan has already been so powerful in the era of the ordinary railway. There are two passages in the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed rail network, namely the Beijing-Harbin-Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao channel and the river channel.

Similar to the first railway built in the ordinary railway era, Wuhan's first high-speed railway was the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, which is the main artery of North-South transportation in China, and it is the core component of the Beijing-Harbin-Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao corridor.

Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail is equivalent to an upgraded version of the Beijing-Guangzhou line

Wuhan's position is so good, it became the first batch of winners

Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway indicates that Hengshan should be Hengyang East ▼

Along the Yangtze River Channel, along the Yangtze River, there are two lines passing through Wuhan, consisting of Hefei-Wuhan-Chongqing on the main line and Jiujiang-Wuhan-Yichang on the auxiliary channel.

Schematic of the South Beijing Canton Channel and the Yangtze River Channel

and several important cities around, usually railway hubs ▼

The two major channels in "eight horizontals and eight verticals" are obviously not enough for the status of a transportation hub in a city such as Wuhan. In addition to this, Wuhan currently has another "meter" -shaped high-speed rail hub layout..

"M" -shaped high-speed rail pattern usually refers to eight directions, but due to the complex nature of the road network in the southeast region, the actual corresponding to a total of about ten directions.

These ten directions in the Wuhan high-speed railway network plan include almost all the main directions involving Hubei, in order to enter and exit Wuhan, and even the important corridor of Hubei.

To the north, it is the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail to Zhengzhou-Shijiazhuang-Beijing; to the northeast to Xuzhou-Qingdao or Jinan not fully opened, there are corresponding ordinary railway lines; to the east, the He-Wuhan Expressway on the Shanghai-Hanrong routeTo Hefei-Nanjing-Shanghai, the Hewu high-speed railway will also be built along the line; to the south and east, to Anqing-Hangzhou-Ningbo not fully opened; to the southeast, Wujiu passenger special line to Jiujiang-Nanchang-Fuzhou; toWest-southeast to Ji'an-Ganzhou-Shenzhen not fully opened;

The main lines of the Wuhan high-speed rail network to the east

It seems that four hours can cover major cities in the eastern region

The figure below is only for illustration, including the lines that have been opened, under construction, and planning. The gray dotted line is the reference planning route has not been found ▼

To the south, it is still the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail to Changsha-Guangzhou, where at Changsha and Hengyang, it goes to Kunming and Nanning via the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail and Hengliu express railway respectively; to the southwest, to Huaihua-Guilin not fully opened,This line will solve the current situation of Wuhan going to Kunming and Nanning to bypass Changsha and Hengyang;

To the west, the Han-Yi high-speed train on the Shanghai-Han-Rong Expressway to Yichang-Enshi-Chongqing-Chengdu, the Wuhan-Chongqing high-speed train will also be built along the line; to the northwest, the Han-Xi high-speed railway to Xiangyang-Shiyan-Xi'an-Lanzhou or YinchuanNot fully open.

Wuhan high-speed rail network indicates the main lines to the west

The three lines to the west continue to the west to Lanzhou, Chengdu and Kunming

The figure below is only for illustration, including the lines that have been opened, under construction, and planning. The gray dotted line is the reference planning route has not been found ▼

It can be seen that less than half of the ten directions have been opened across the entire line. But after all, Wuhan is the main meeting point of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway and the Shanghai-Hanrong Expressway, and its nature is like the Jingguang-Longhai of ZhengzhouFair or the Beijing-Guangzhou-Shanghai-Kunming Fair in Changsha. Even if many lines are not open, these two important trunk lines can be used to reach some important cities across the country with a little distance.

Central Railway Top Three: Zhengzhou / Wuhan / Changsha ▼

For example, Wuhan to Shenzhen, although the direct line through Ji'an is not yet open, but you can still use the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail + Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail, as far as the actual distance and time is also more efficient than passing through Ji'an.

Through these ten channels, other provinces can also quickly connect with other provinces through Wuhan. Bigger and stronger Wuhan hubs have an important role in weaving the layout of the national high-speed rail network.

Today, Wuhan, an important hub city, has become an important transit point and a distribution center for people from south to north. If there is no Wuhan, it will be the people across the country.

If you do n’t have Wuhan, it will be very troublesome. It does n’t matter how many contact lines are built ▼

However, the recent outbreak of new pneumonia in Wuhan, "avoid Wuhan" has become a "life-saving" solution sought by many people who rushed to the Spring Festival. So, how to avoid Wuhan?

outside the province?

Theoretically, the earth is not covered, there are countless ways to bypass Wuhan in space, but railway resources are relatively limited, and high-speed rail resources are even more scarce. So how to avoid Wuhan with the shortest path?

First of all is the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway. If you go from Beijing to Guangzhou and south, Wuhan is a must. Bypass, you have to make a big circle.

There are no routes to bypass Wuhan between Zhengzhou-Wuhan and Wuhan-Changsha. Starting from Zhengzhou, you can detour from Hefei through the Zhenghe High-speed Railway just opened at the end of last year, then transfer to Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway via Hefu High-speed Railway and return via NanchangTo Changsha, Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail. Conversely, the same applies to those going north from Guangzhou.

It's really a big circle

On the premise that you do not sit on high-speed rail ▼

Second is another main road—the Hu-Han-Rong Expressway. But if it goes from Shanghai to Chengdu to the west, Wuhan is also one of the necessary places. Detouring this circle is a bit large.

There are no routes to bypass Wuhan between Hefei-Wuhan and Wuhan-Chongqing. Starting from Hefei, the Zhenghe high-speed railway is transferred to the Xulan high-speed railway and then west to the high-speed railway or the Lan-Chong railway, and it can reach Chengdu or Chengdu via Zhengzhou, Xi'an and GuangyuanChongqing. Conversely, the same applies to those who travel east from Chengdu.

This winding is too terrible ▼

While the main structure of the “Ten” shape in Wuhan has been bypassed, how can the other directions in the “M” channel be bypassed?

At present, in addition to the “ten” skeleton already built in Wuhan ’s “M” network, the remaining blood vessels are only open in one direction and the other directions are not fully opened, and the remaining unopened directions are stillNeed to detour back to these five directions.

In addition to the two alternative schemes to bypass Jiujiang or Chongqing, a "high-speed rail loop" to circumvent Wuhan was born.

There may be a “Wuhan Force Field” ▼

At the same time, from these detour routes, it can also be seen that most of the routes passed were the main routes of the era of "four vertical and four horizontal" before the "eight vertical and eight horizontal". These lines are even more mainstream today.Main line.

In this case, from the side, the high-speed rail network in Wuhan has been proved to be absolutely important in the national railway layout. Without Wuhan, the national high-speed rail network will be paralyzed.

In the province?

These lines are only the situation when other provinces are interconnected and passing through Wuhan. How can other brother cities in Hubei Province avoid Wuhan?

Besides many high-speed railways connecting Hubei Province, there are also many intercity railways in the province, such as Wuxian Intercity and Wugang Intercity.

At the same time, the overall layout of high-speed railways in Hubei Province has basically achieved direct access between the provincial capital Wuhan and ordinary cities, and there are fewer high-speed railway lines between ordinary cities. The connection between ordinary cities and provinces outside the province, except in the national trunk lineOutside the city on the high-speed rail line, Shiyan and Xiangyang can be directly connected to Zhengzhou. The reason is that the high-speed rail line between the provincial capital and ordinary cities has few branch lines.

Among all EMU lines, there are also several fish that have missed the net, that is, Laifeng and Xianfeng, which belong to Enshi Prefecture, which opened the Guizhou-Zhangchang Railway at the end of last year. There is no direct passage between them and Wuhan.Instead, it is more closely linked to Changsha.

Honestly, this accessibility is comparable to Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou-centered rice-shaped pattern map is not shown ▼

For cities whose destination is before Wuhan, this issue does not need to be considered, because after all, they do not pass through Wuhan. For example: from Beijing to Shiyan, Xiangyang, Suizhou except Xiaogan; from Chengdu to Enshi, Yichang, Jingzhou, Qianjiang, Tianmen, Xiantao; the same applies to Xianning and Huangshi in the southeast, except in Ezhou, Huanggang needs to be reversed.

But for cities after Wuhan, due to the distribution of lines, there is basically no solution for railway transportation. If it is implemented, it is the way to bypass the provinces before turning back to the province.Inside, a larger circle was born.

In this case, instead of going to the neighboring cities first, take a bus back.

As for the detour of the highway, it is much simpler than that of the railway. The highway network and ordinary highway network in Hubei Province have become densely packed with capillaries. Route planning for public transportation such as buses, etc. is reasonable.You can easily make a detour. For a private car, even if you do n’t make a detour, you can drive quickly through it.

Of course, the most convenient way is by plane.

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