Why is it wrong to say that memory is worse as you get older?

My parents often come to the living room suddenly, and then stand in place and meditate: Hey ~ What am I here for? Some friends around me, including myself, often fall into the fear of short-term memory loss, secretlySigh: Oh, old, old ... But we are only twenty or thirty.

Picture | A stalk from the movie "Charlotte's Trouble", which contains a dialogue between the protagonist Charlotte and Grandpa, which was later used to tease poor memory Source: "Charlotte's Trouble"

Everyone thinks that the memory function of the brain will deteriorate with age. But in fact, age and memory are not directly related. We have been forgetting it since we remembered it. Daniel J. Levitin, a transboundary neuroscientistRecently, the doctor published an article "Everyone Knows Memory Fails as You Age. But Everyone Is Wrong." "Everyone Knows Memory Fails as You Age. But Everyone Is Wrong."People in their 20s also forget the simplest things.

Daniel J. Levitin, American-Canadian, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at McGill University, Distinguished Faculty Member of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and a cognitive psychologist, neurologist, and writer, Musicians and record producers.

62-year-old Professor Daniel believes that short-term memory is easy to be disturbed or destroyed, which has nothing to do with age. The so-called short-term memory refers to the thought at the moment and the things you want to do in the next few seconds, such as the next sentenceWhat to say, or what I want to get when I walk to the living room. You can think about these things in your heart, or repeat them in your mouth. But any distraction, such as someone inserting a sentence or coming to a phone,May destroy short-term memory.

Picture | Daniel J. Levitin, Canadian-American, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at McGill University Source: Wikipedia

In his career as a teacher, Daniel often finds that 20-year-olds will go to the wrong classroom, forget to bring 2B pencils, and ca n’t remember what the professor said two minutes ago ... These things are usually thought to be 70-year-olds.What happened.

So he believes that short-term memory disturbance has nothing to do with age, but rather how we describe these things and our attitudes. 20-year-old students do not feel that they have Alzheimer's disease, they just think that something in their brain is tooMore, or need to supplement sleep. And 70-year-olds will worry whether there is a brain problem. Although memory disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia are real, this does not indicate every short-term memoryOf forgetting are caused by biological disorders.

Mark Twain once said: "When a young man loses his hat, he will say 'My hat is lost', and when an old man loses his hat, he says 'I am crazy'."

Figure | Although memory disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia are real, this does not indicate that every short-term memory forgetting is caused by a biological disorder source: splash

Professors at the University of Pittsburgh have conducted a study and found that even in the absence of brain disease, even elderly people aged 85 or even 90 years have almost no cognitive or memory loss.

On the contrary, as long as we continue to use and develop the left and right hemispheres, and use memory skills to continuously improve ourselves, memory will not only weaken with age, but will improve. The increase in age will lead to the accumulation of experience, whichIt can enhance the memory function in a certain aspect. Because with the growth of experience, people will abstract the regular features. This is why the training of computer vision needs to show the machine tens of thousands of pictures.

This is also why people like to use "old Chinese medicine" to refer to doctors who are skilled in medicine. A netizen from Los Angeles said: "I once went into the emergency room and told the young doctor that I have intestinal obstruction, but this oneThe doctor misunderstood the CT results and wanted to take me home. When the old doctor came in, he pointed out the problems of the young doctor and asked me to perform the operation. I am now 76 years old, but every time I find a doctor older than me. "

Similarly, because the brain of the elderly is packed with too many memories, the overall phenomenon of cognitive slowdown is shown. Research scholars such as Ramscar M of the University of Dubingen in Germany have done an elderly cognitive testExperimental research and published a paper in MEDLINE, the results reflect that the increase in memory search demand affects the response time, which is not a decline in cognitive ability.

Picture | Constantly experience new things Source: splash

So, for young people in the 1980s, 1990s, etc., the best way to keep their minds young and aura is to enhance the ability to classify information and constantly experience new things.

An elderly psychologist in Southern California commented after Daniel's article: Thank you, Dr. Levitin, you have not only challenged the notion of coexistence with age and cognitive impairment, but also emphasized the value of experience. Today, this kind ofPositive reviews of older people over 70 years of age are rare because people are emphasizing the horrors of aging and dementia. As a geriatric psychologist, I have seen many young psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians notWould like to specialize in geriatrics, which is the bad consequence of age discrimination.

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