Why can't we eat game?

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Recently, the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan infected by the new coronavirus has spread to many provinces.

Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: "Comprehensive information from all aspects, preliminary analysis from the perspective of epidemiology, the possibility of the virus transmitted to people through wildlife is relatively high.

This wild animal is what we usually call "game"; the source of this epidemic is mainly the local seafood market near Hankou Railway Station-but most of the products are not seafood, but "game".Specifically, this new type of coronavirus is likely to come from bamboo rats, tadpoles, etc. in "game".

The bamboo rat did not promise you to eat, you have to eat ...

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Actually, you don't have to blame on game, after all, the wild animals are doing well there. The ones who really blame them are the ones who eat them.

Braised Bamboo Rat

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Why game?

Why eat game? The "herd mentality" in consumer psychology is a big factor, for showing off riches and comparisons, etc. Go deeper and go back to the old mistake of thinking that "medicine is not as good as food".read.

In the old days, there were many scientific writings that seemed more rigorous at the time, which recorded the "tonic".

For example, the 1st edition of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Dictionary of June 1986 contains tiger meat, fox meat, dog meat, wolf meat, leopard meat, mandarin meat, raccoon meat, snake meat, camel meat, dolphins, puffer fish, and fur seals, Seals, yellow sheep, chamois, monitor lizards, spiders, shad meat, shad meat, shad meat and other poultry and wild animal resources, and in accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the ingredients, sexual taste, and classics, Functions and indications, usage and dosage, doctor's discussion, etc. have been explained in more detail.

in the eyes of many people, it is estimated that everything can be used as medicine

and with all kinds of subjective imaginations and comparisons of what to eat and make up

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Modern society is still inheriting this view of food supplement, but the asymmetry between information exchanges and the intentional or unintentional misreading of various businesses have led to a long-standing misunderstanding of what to eat and what to supplement.

Many people not only think that wild animals are a rare and delicious dish, but also strongly believe that they have important nourishing functions to the human body, and they are trapped in a state of confusion and self-confidence.

Tips are not aphrodisiac

Everyone who eats is embarrassed to say that it has no effect

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At the same time, there are still some people who interpret the words "wildlife" maliciously. When they see the words "wildlife", they think of "natural" and openly declare that "games are natural green foods, non-toxic and harmless."Everything cures every disease."

But what exactly is green food? Bacheng does n’t even know the definition of “green food”.

Pure natural, pollution-free?

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According to the definition, green food refers to the sustainable promotion of ecological environment and economic development, no pollution, no pollution, in accordance with the relevant national standards for green food production and operation standards, inspection and approval by relevant functional agencies, and issued green food use label food.

Green food logo is divided into two levels

Class A logo is white on green background, Class AA logo is green on white background

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Therefore, the Ministry of Health once pointed out seriously: "Wild animals are not green food." At the same time, in the process of survival and reproduction of wild animals in the natural environment, there are also old and dead, and they will be infected with various diseases, and these diseases,Humans may not be immune to it.

Anyway, the micro world is invisible

Many people really don't exist if they don't see it

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

Yes, it's also coronavirus, maybe camel came

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Who is promoting game eating?

Driven by the consciousness, the market, and the huge profits, crazy poachers and hunters will also be fearless before the law and take risks.

Take the "Spring Thunder" operation in Yunnan Province in April 2003 as an example. This operation detected 1137 wild animal cases, cleared 10,935 restaurants, restaurants, and restaurants, and confiscated 9001 wild animals, of which national-level protected animals wereThe number reached 240, and 4,325 kg of wild animal products and 635 pieces of wild animal skins were seized.

It is a place where dirt and dirt are hidden beside the high-speed intersection on the edge of the city. On April 10th of that year, King Cobra was seized at the "Yunchun Game Restaurant" next to Yanjiashan gas station in Kunqu Expressway now Hangrui Expressway in Qujing.8, 8 civet cats, 2 Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys, etc.

In Yunnan, most of the measurements are in metric units. According to the price at that time, the average price of pangolins was 800 yuan per kilogram, 500 yuan for suede, 1,200 yuan for white-bellied golden pheasant, and 50,000 yuan for Tibetan antelope.

If a hunter sees them, the estimate they see is a bunch of money

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The situation of the golden snub-nosed monkey is even more special. It only sells brains but not meat, a small spoon of 3,000 yuan. The brain of an adult golden snub-nosed monkey is about 30 to 40 small spoons. You can earn more than 100,000 yuan by selling brains alone., At the time it could be considered sky-high.

People who want to supplement their brains with animal brains

I really need to fill my brain

It's better to eat melatonin, at least not to harm animals

In addition, high-end hotels around the world also give these game products a variety of fantasy names, of course, the price is not cheap, such as "onion-burning white peacock" 2700 yuan per serving, "white jade pearl flying dragon soup" 1800 per servingyuan.

Some people may like "Fiddler Boiled Crane" most

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At the same time, the behavior of poachers has also caused serious damage to the local livestock production, which is equivalent to the damage caused by the cultivation of opium to agricultural production.

Because poachers can capture the income of at least two big pigs by selling a small pangolin, and in terms of time cost, it takes about half a year to raise a pig, while pangolin takes half a day. In this way, localThe people do not engage in production, but only know that catching wild game destroys both the local sustainable industry and the natural environment.

Pangolins already listed as an endangered species

does not have all kinds of magic effects in the legend

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What harm will game meat have?

Actually, eating game is not only not a great supplement, but also a potential health hazard to the body.

Research shows that many animal species include highly toxic components in the body, glands, and blood of these animals. If these wild animals are not washed and eaten into the stomach and enter the human body, the toxic components contained in them are harmful to the human body.Considerable harm.

For example, in the common puffer fish, there is the famous tetrodotoxin. The amount of toxins varies according to the sex, season, and location of the fish. Usually, the ovaries and liver have the most toxic contents, and the toxicityLargest; followed by kidneys, blood, eyes, gills, and fish skin.

There is currently no effective antidote against tetrodotoxin

Each year there are cases of death from puffer fish eating

Human fluke is not only reflected in buying lottery tickets

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Others are toad toxins on toads, and catfish toxins on catfish, etc. Of course, snake venom is also a big test of human health skills.

also called "Toad"

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Communicable diseases with wild animals and humans also cause harm to humans. There are more than 100 infectious diseases with zoonotic diseases, including many well-known diseases such as rabies, anthrax, tuberculosis, brucellosis,Erysipelas-like, foot-and-mouth disease, plague, etc. Smallpox often seen in film and television drama works was initially transmitted from animals to humans from some perspectives it is camel.

Variola virus and smallpox patients

picture from left: CDC / Dr. Fred Murphy; Sylvia Whitfield

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Even common bats can cause a variety of infectious diseases. In addition to common bat rabies, Hendra fever, which caused deaths in Australia, and Liberal fever, which caused deaths in Singapore and Malaysia, etc.Very deadly.

A large Australian bat died on the roadside

Only the torso does not count the wings, which is about as wide as a human head

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The most worth mentioning is that the chrysanthemum bat among bats is the pathogen in SARS that broke out 17 years ago. Today, many biologists also suspect that Ebola fever has occurred in recent years.Also caused by bats.

Ebola is no less than a war

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Wild animals and humans suffer from parasitic diseases, which will undoubtedly cause harm to humans. There are more than 20 zoonotic parasitic diseases. Well-known ones include cysticercosis, anisakiasis, pneumochiasis,Eastern testicular fluke disease, schistosomiasis, etc.

The global number of people infected with schistosomiasis is still quite large

This is often highly related to the local economy and health level

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A variety of harmful parasites are found in the bodies of frogs and snakes, such as the Manchurian split head worm that often parasites in the skin, muscles and abdominal cavity of snakes and frogs, and the whipworm tongueworm that parasitizes on the mucous membrane of the snake bile., Frog infection is very common in man's sparganosis, up to 91%.

The possible pathogenic factors of snakes themselves can not be easily ignored: In 1998, some Hangzhou residents were infected with whipworm tongue disease by drinking snake blood.

How many people have met at an elder's house when I was a kid? I have seen ..

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In addition, the cross-contamination produced by wild animals as food ingredients is extremely harmful to the human body.

Because of the poor public health management infrastructure of the catering industry, the kitchen utensils including knives, cutting boards, containers, freezers, etc. of unscrupulous merchants are indistinguishable from each other and mixed, so crossover between wild animals and other foods often occursPollution has led to food poisoning caused by eating game. In the early 21st century, local residents of Pingyuan County, Guangdong Province became infected with hypotestinal flukes due to their preference for raw or semi-raw fish.

Speaking of which, in fact, the most endangered is the wildlife itself. At this stage, the extreme deterioration of the natural ecological environment has caused the endangered species of wildlife, coupled with the artificial killing of wildlife, it is even more difficult for them to live..

In order to protect endangered wildlife, and severely crack down on hunting, selling, purchasing, slaughtering, transportation, carrying, smuggling and other activities, 160 countries around the world signed the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 1973.It provides a basis for protecting wildlife. But the reality is that this step is really far away.

It's still the old saying: respect for nature and respect for life means respect for human beings themselves.

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