The rumors of a new coronavirus are emerging. What are the rumors you must know?

2020-01-23 | Science China Network |

New coronavirus-infected pneumonia has attracted attention, and there are still many rumors that have also won "attention." Drinking isatis root and smoked vinegar can prevent the new coronavirus? Smoking can prevent the virus infection? Saline mouthwash antivirus ... don't believeRumor, don't rumor! Re-expand!

1. Rumor: Drinking isatis root and smoked vinegar can prevent new coronavirus

Scientific Interpretation: Banlangen is suitable for the treatment of heat diseases such as wind and cold, and has no killing effect on coronavirus; acetic acid acetic acid has a killing effect, but the concentration of acetic acid in edible vinegar is very low.Vinegar does not have a disinfecting effect.

2. Rumor: smoking can prevent viral infection

Scientific Interpretation: This rumor comes from the SARS period, and there is no scientific basis. Statistics of SARS deaths have not found that "smokers" have a lower mortality rate. The so-called "liquid protector" theory is nonsense. ActualThe situation is that not only does smoking not prevent viral infections, but smokers become more ill after being infected with the virus.

3. Rumor: salt water mouthwash antivirus

Scientific Interpretation: Zhong Nanshan's team dispels rumors: saline mouthwash is good for cleaning the mouth and throat, and it is helpful for pharyngitis. However, the area invaded by the new coronavirus is in the respiratory tract, and there is no way to rinse the mouth. Second, there is no researchThe results suggest that saline has a killing effect on the new coronavirus.

4. Fireworks can curb the epidemic of respiratory diseases

Scientific Interpretation: The main components of fireworks or firecrackers, saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal, have no ability to curb the spread of disease, regardless of the chemical composition or the products after combustion. In addition, the metal oxide particles and nitrogen oxides generated by combustion, Sulfur oxides, carbon oxides and other gases can also cause strong irritation to the human respiratory tract, which can induce respiratory diseases in severe cases and even increase the risk of infection.

5. Rumor: The mysterious disease outbreak in Wuhan has been confirmed as a new SARS virus

Scientific Interpretation: The pathogen causing the disease is identified as a new type of coronavirus with similar structure to SARS virus, but it is not SARS virus or MERS virus.

6. Rumor: Wear a multi-layer mask to prevent the virus

Scientific Interpretation: Academician Zhong Nanshan said that it is not necessary to wear N95 masks, and ordinary surgical masks can also block the spread of droplets.

7. Rumor: Antibiotics can prevent new coronavirus infection

Scientific Interpretation: Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. The pathogen of pneumonia is coronavirus. Taking antibiotics not only has no preventive and therapeutic effects, but may cause adverse drug reactions or even destroy the normal intestinal flora.

8. Rumor: Eating "Duffy" and "Virus" can prevent new coronavirus

Scientific Interpretation: The culprit of this pneumonia is a new type of coronavirus, which has been named “2019-nCoV”, oseltamivir brand name “Duffy”, ribavirin brand name “Viralin" And other antiviral drugs are effective against common influenza, but have not yet found effects on the new coronaviruses currently found.

9. Rumor: SARS virus has not disappeared and has been parasitic in bats

Scientific Interpretation: No SARS cases have been found in China for more than a decade. At present, no human SARS coronavirus has been detected in bats.

10. Rumors: Masks are worn correctly: When the cold is colored, the cold is turned outward

Scientific Interpretation: There is only one correct way to wear a mask, that is, wearing it correctly, that is, the colored side usually green, blue or pink faces outward, and the white or light side faces inward.Changing the face mask and continuing to use it will inhale harmful bacteria that have been blocked by the mask.

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