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On January 22nd local time, the World Health Organization held an emergency committee meeting at its headquarters in Geneva to assess the potential impact of Wuhan's new coronavirus infection on global public health. At 9 pm, the World Health Organization held a press conference toThe results of the discussions were made public.

Not yet an international public health emergency

Since the World Health Organization announced that it will hold an emergency committee meeting today, many people have speculated whether to characterize this new coronavirus infection as a "public health emergency of international concern". The worldWHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus revealed at the beginning of the press conference that the new coronavirus infection is still evolving and the situation is very complicated. Despite extensive discussions, the committee's views on this differIt cannot yet be defined as a global public health crisis. Tomorrow, the committee will continue discussions.

"Global international public health emergencies are a serious issue," Dr. Ghebreyesus said, "Only after we have sufficient evidence can we make an announcement. Our team members are conducting a cooperative investigation with local experts in China.Get more information about this outbreak. "

About Wuhan "Blocked City"

Shortly before the World Health Organization ’s press conference, Wuhan announced that “from 10 am on January 23, 2020, the city ’s urban bus, subway, ferry, and long-distance passenger transportation will be suspended; for no special reason, citizens should not leave Wuhan and the airportThe railway station is temporarily closed from the Han corridor. "At one moment," Wuhan Fengcheng "swiped the screen on social media, and reporters from the BBC and other media also asked the World Health Organization's views on this measure.

Dr. Ghebreyesus pointed out that this is a very tough move. From the perspective of controlling the spread of the disease, such measures are not uncommon. "This approach can not only reduce the spread of the disease in China, but alsoThe impact of global spread is minimized. "

It was also pointed out at the press conference that currently WHO staff are visiting China and will also assess the impact of the initiative on local residents. If necessary, WHO will give additional suggestions.

No major mutation has occurred

In the Q & A session of the press conference, the “human-to-human transmission route” of the new coronavirus in Wuhan is a concern for many reporters. Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization's emergency program, pointed out that after communicating with Chinese experts, Confirm that the disease exists from person to person, and most of them come from close contacts, such as between family members, or between patients and medical staff. Experts are working on human-to-human transmission.Identify the source of the transmission, trace the transmission chain, and find the early cases. As to whether there are other transmission routes, we cannot yet conclude.

On the intensity of disease transmission, experts said that more data in Wuhan and other surrounding areas are needed to understand the transmission mode between people such as in a hospital or a living community. Only in the analysisAfter we have the data, we can know the infection path of the virus.

Some reporters also asked at the press conference if the virus will mutate and cause uncontrollable infectivity. Regarding this issue, Dr. Ryan thinks that although some changes have occurred in the virus's genome, it has not changed much. NowThere is also no hard evidence for secondary transmission.

Dr. Didier Houssin, expert of the World Health Organization and chair of this emergency committee, added: "Although we have not seen too many mutations at this time, mutations in the virus may occur at any time. So we still need to be cautious."

many infected people have other health problems

At a press conference, a reporter asked about the status of infected people. Dr. Ryan replied that from the data of 291 confirmed patients, the disease mainly affected middle-aged and elderly people, and many infected peopleThere are other health issues.

"From the data in China, this virus mainly infects people of a certain age. 72% of infected people are over 40 years old, and 64% of infected people are men. In addition, 40% of infected people have a basicUnderlying health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. "In addition, Dr. Ryan also pointed out that most patients who die from infection currently have severe underlying conditions.

"This is just a case that we can see, and there are many data that we don't know." Dr. Ryan added.

Symptoms and treatments

Experts mentioned at the press conference that this is a new type of pathogen that can cause a series of symptoms, some are mild and some are serious. We need to confirm the risk factors related to the severity of the symptoms as soon as possible.The ability to test the virus in the patient allows each infected person to be diagnosed as soon as possible, be isolated as soon as possible, and be treated as soon as possible.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove from the Pasteur Institute in France pointed out that after the SARS outbreak, China has established an active surveillance system for pneumonia. Once there are confirmed cases, we can go back for several days to find thoseMedical staff or family members of the infected person who have close contact with the infected person. This helps to control the disease. And the lessons we have learned from SARS and MERS outbreaks in the past, and the advanced technology developed accordingly, are in this new coronavirus outbreakCan also be applied.

Dr. Ryan from the perspective of treatment, once again reiterated that there is no proven therapy at the moment. Although interferon may provide some help, it also brings certain toxicity. At present, we can onlyProvide complementary treatment support.

But he also pointed out that even therapies provided for compassionate purposes can provide us with valuable information. These data are very important for future clinical trial design.

Other issues

At the press conference, some scattered questions were also answered. When asked about the animal source of the virus, the experts answered that samples are currently being analyzed in the seafood market to find the source.

Does the disease have a name similar to SARS and MERS? This is also a topic of concern for some reporters. According to convention, the virus name will be named after the original source. But considering that the current investigation is still ongoing,At present we do not have an official name for the new coronavirus, but we call it 2019-nCov, which is the abbreviation of the new coronavirus found in 2019.

As for whether it is possible to travel to China now, the World Health Organization does not currently have a clear recommendation. Experts participating in the press conference also said that they can always pay attention to the official website of the World Health Organization for the latest situation.


Overall, this press conference did not reveal much new information. Dr. Ghebreyesus also pointed out that after the emergency committee meeting tomorrow, more content will be shared.

"Transparency of information is very important." Dr. Ghebreyesus said at the end of the press conference. Judging from this new coronavirus outbreak, Chinese scientists quickly completed the virus sequencing and shared it as soon as possible, which was given to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, etc. have provided great help. The World Health Organization thanks China for its contribution and encourages China to continue sharing more information to help reduce the spread of the virus worldwide.

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The pictures in this article are live screenshots.

Note: This article is intended to introduce the progress of medical health research, not a recommended treatment plan. For guidance on treatment plans, please go to a regular hospital.

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