Snowden once broke the news of the underground world. Similar news is constantly banned. How can I judge it scientifically?

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Science is rigorous and tolerant. Hypothesis is allowed, but sufficient evidence must be provided. If you speak by mouth, ambiguous theories, and unclear PS pictures, it is a hooligan.

Snowden said this sentence is a subjective description, not an objective existence, we do not consider the authenticity of the source of information for the time being. Moreover, it is impossible to verify whether it is what he said. We only need to base on the birth of the earthCome to understand the inner world of the earth, and determine whether this inner world is equipped with human living conditions, you can know the results.

Earth formation

Earth in the solar system, the reason for its birth is inseparable from the solar system. 4.6 billion years ago, the original position of the solar system was empty and quiet, occupied by a huge molecular cloud. Unfortunately, a bad star arrived not far from the next door.At the end of the evolution, a supernova explosion occurred.

The shock caused by the explosion reached this originally balanced nebula, which caused the nebula to form a super-density zone. So this nebula became a "raw material" which gathered and collapsed towards the super-density zone under the action of gravity. High speedThe moving nebula forms a protoplanetary disk vortex.

Most of the nebulae have gathered to the center and collapsed into a high-density sphere, and as the aggregated nebula continues to increase, the pressure and temperature continue to rise, causing the hydrogen in the sphere to undergo nuclear fusion and form the sun.

The sun swallows a large nebula, but there are still some gas and dust left around it, forming a dust disk, which continues to rotate around the center at high speed. Due to the electrostatic force, the dust particles gather with each other and slowly form larger rocks. RockThey collided and accretioned with each other, and slowly appeared asteroids of various shapes. Due to the increase in mass, the asteroids gradually produced their own gravitational forces, which changed the shape of the asteroids and gradually became spherical.

Due to the effect of gravity, there are still a lot of rocks in the solar system falling on this asteroid like rain, adding to it. The spherical asteroids also collided with each other, either smashed or hit.Then one was swallowed up by another. With the development of time, this protracted war finally came to an end, and the earth became one of the winners. Some fragments generated during the collision of some stars were affected by the gravitational force of the stars,Satellites are slowly forming.

Hot liquid iron

During the impact of rocks and asteroids, due to the release of huge kinetic energy during the impact, the temperature of the earth continued to rise, a large number of rocks were heated and melted, and the earth became a hot magma ball again and again, with a volume and massThe secondary expansion. The high temperature separates the material in the rock, the melted rock mass rises to the surface of the sphere, and slowly cools down to form the crust. The metal in the rock is mainly iron and nickel. Due to the high temperature, it becomes a liquid and slowly flows into the sphere.internal.

Liquid iron rotates and flows in the core of the earth, which makes the earth form a strong magnetic field and resist the powerful radiation in space. That is enough, because so far, it is already possible to judge whether the underground is suitable for human habitation.

Earth Structure

The main structure of the earth is divided into the crust, the mantle, and the core. The high temperature liquid iron flows into the earth to form the core. The core temperature is about 4100 ℃ ~ 6600 ℃, and the surface of the sun is only about 5,000 ℃. This temperatureHumans cannot survive.


Let's talk about the mantle in detail, because if there is any human in the ground, the possibility of the mantle is the greatest, because the mantle is the largest layer and the largest mass of the earth. The mantle is divided into the upper mantle and the lower mantle, of whichThere is also a molten solid layer on top of the upper mantle, called the stratosphere. The magma mainly comes from here. The temperature at the bottom of the crust and the upper part of the mantle is about 1100 ° C to 1300 ° C, so the upper mantle is also okay.

The lower mantle is even more impossible, because it is too close to the core and the temperature is higher. Both the upper and lower mantles are in a state of high pressure, high temperature, and high density. In this state, matter cannot remain stable for a long time.Solid form, easy to deform, and has "plasticity", so it is impossible for the mantle to survive.


In fact, as early as 1979, the former Soviet Union took a long time to carry out geocentric exploration experiments, but when it was dug to about 12,000 meters, the underground temperature had reached more than 300 degrees, and it became hotter as it went down. Our country ’sThe exploration machine is currently digging to about 8,000 meters, and the temperature reaches 200 degrees, and it cannot survive. At most, there are some microorganisms in the crater on the sea floor.

If there are human beings living underground, they will be a few kilometers away from us. It is easy to monitor with our current technology, not limited to a certain country, but we have not monitored it, so the crustThere are underground humans in it.

Summary: In fact, as long as we understand the internal structure of the earth by understanding the birth of the earth, we can easily determine that there is no human existence inside the earth. We cannot rely on the words of one person or some places to spread literature, plus a few holes.Photos to judge the authenticity of things, everything must be based on science.

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