Why can medical surgical masks prevent the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, but not ordinary masks?

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Why only medical surgical masks and medical protective masks can prevent new coronavirus pneumonia? From the new coronavirus pneumonia confirmed to be transmitted from person to person, to the suspension of bus, subway, ferry, long-distance passenger transport operations in Wuhan, and trainThe passage between the station and the airport leaving Wuhan has been closed. Both the progress of the epidemic and the measures to combat the epidemic have increasingly affected everyone's hearts.

So far, in addition to the highway entrance in Wuhan City being closed, many highway entrances in Hubei Province have also been closed. There is no doubt that it is different from the strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival in previous years, and everyone ’s celebrationThe Spring Festival in 2020 makes all of us feel more and more heavy. The development trend of new coronavirus pneumonia is not only related to people in Wuhan, but many provinces and cities have been diagnosed with imported new coronavirus pneumonia.patient.

With the coverage of the epidemic becoming larger and the number of infected people increasing, in addition to finding the source of the virus and researching effective treatments, how should more uninfected people prevent the new type of coronavirus pneumonia,It has become one of the topics that everyone cares about most now. I believe that as long as people who are concerned about the epidemic have already understood, for the prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia, in addition to not entering the Wuhan area with a large number of people infected with the virus, Washing hands frequently, not going to crowded places, and wearing a mask are considered the simplest and most effective measures.

In weekdays, we are more likely to wear masks in winter, mainly to prevent influenza infection and shield from PM2.5 pollutants. In fact, the type of mask to wear depends on the specific situation, andNot all masks have the same function, and not all masks can be used to prevent viral infections. For example, for this new type of coronavirus pneumonia, medical experts recommend that you use medical surgical masks or medical protective masks N95 /KN95, not a regular mask.

Although China is the first country in the world to use masks, most people in life do not know how to use masks. Moreover, even people who are habitually wearing masks in life mainly use them asA conventional sanitary product is designed to shield harmful gases in the air. From a scientific point of view, the structural characteristics of masks can indeed play a role in filtering air, especially for preventing infectious diseases of the respiratory tract..

From the perspective of the transmission of new coronavirus pneumonia, blocking droplets is particularly important. Whether it is a medical surgical mask or a medical protective mask, it can effectively isolate the droplets in the air, which is why the common mask is not applicable.Moreover, there are also different places for the protection of the virus. For daily protection, you can choose medical surgical masks, but if you want to go to a special place like a hospital, you need to wear N95 or KN95 masks, and the so-called disposable means this kind ofMasks need to be changed more quickly. At the same time, the wearing of the masks is also particular about how to prevent air leakage when blowing.

When we open a mask for wearing, we need to turn the darker side to the outside and the lighter side to the inside; place the side with the metal strip on top and pinch it against the nose.The last step is to pull down the folds of the mask to cover the face. Ordinary masks need to be replaced after wearing for about 3 hours, while the N95 mask can be used for up to a week. Moreover, from the physiological structure of the human body, longWearing a mask over time may also cause the nasal mucosa to be fragile. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons why we should stay at home as much as possible in the special period against the virus.

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