Who won the Korean War in Wanli? Why do you say that North Korea, North Korea, and Japan are all losers?

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In 1588, after Japan's Taiko Toyotomi Hideyoshi basically unified Japan, he decided to send troops to acquire more land. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's plan was to use North Korea as a springboard to invade and eventually achieve the goal of occupying the Ming Dynasty. ToyotomiHideyoshi informed the North Korean Xuanzu Lee Soo of the plan, who was taken aback. He rejected and persuaded him from both moral and common sense perspectives, urging Toyotomi Hideyoshi to give up this crazy idea.

Early in 1592, internal discussions about whether Toyotomi Hideyoshi was bluffing were fierce. However, when opinions differed, the Japanese army landed from Busan while North Korea was unprepared. The total number of invading Japanese troops reached 15Tens of thousands of people, who have withstood the test of war during the Japanese Civil War and have rich experience in combat. The North Korean side has a long history and its armaments have been depleted, so the two warring parties are not a one-level battle at all. In just one month, the Japanese army was relaxed.Defeated North Korea's fragile defense forces and occupied Seoul, the capital.

North Korea was the most important vassal state of the Ming Dynasty, and the ultimate goal of the Japanese army entering the North Korea was to attempt to invade the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, the Ming Dynasty decided to assist North Korea after some discussion.

The Wanli Korean War was divided into two phases. The first phase took place from April 1592 to July 1593. Ming Dynasty general Li Rusong led the army to rebuild the Japanese army in Pyongyang and regained Pyongyang. However, after that, he was in Pyongyang near Seoul.In the Battle of the Hoodokan, they were defeated by the Japanese army. Since neither of the belligerents could reach a decisive victory, the two sides began to stop fighting and negotiate.

The second phase of the Wanli Korean War occurred between February 1597 and December 1598. The reason for the resumption of the fighting was due to major differences in the deals negotiated in the first phase. In early 1597, Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered the invasion of 140,000 troops.In North Korea, the Ming Dynasty sent 80,000 troops to fight in North Korea. This time the Japanese did not reach the level reached by the first invasion, but the intensity of the fighting was no worse than the first. The Ming and North Korean coalition forces and the Japanese army launched a long and protracted period in southern Korea.In the tug of war, neither side can defeat the other.

September 1598, the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi of Japan's Court, which became the turning point in the second phase of the Wanli Korean War. The successor of Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered the Japanese army to withdraw from the country, and the Ming and North Korean coalition forces decided not to orderly withdraw the JapaneseIn November 1598, the Battle of Luliang was officially launched, and the Japanese army was dealt a devastating blow in this battle. It is worth mentioning that in this battle, North Korean star Lee Sun-shin was used to rescue the Ming army general Chen Jun who was besieged by the Japanese army.Unfortunately died.

The result of the Wanli Korean War was, on the surface, the victory of the Ming Dynasty and North Korea, but in fact the warring parties were actually losers.

Japan worked hard and suffered heavy losses, but in the end it could only withdraw in a dingy manner, and the losses were heavy. Needless to say, the Toyotomi Hideyoshi Group also lost its dominance by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Although North Korea repelled the invaders, the control of the Lee dynasty in North Korea was severely weakened, and internal factional struggles intensified. Japan took away more than 100,000 North Korean craftsmen and entertainers, and the resulting losses cannot be measured by numbers.North Korea ’s agricultural, bazaar, and taxation systems have been disrupted. The number of homeless homeless people has exploded, posing a huge security risk to social order.

The Ming Dynasty seems to be the biggest winner among the three parties, but it cost about 20 million two silvers to go to North Korea twice. The wealth accumulation in the early Wanli Dynasty was exhausted in this battle, which led to the entire Ming Dynasty.The defensive power of the Ming Dynasty was greatly weakened. For example, the Ming Dynasty originally had nearly 100,000 defenders in the Liaodong region, but it fell to only 40,000 after the Wanli Korean War. At the same time, Jurchen leader Nurhachi the ancestor of the Qing Dynasty, the founder of the Qing Dynasty usedThe Ming Dynasty had no time to take into account the situation in eastern Liaoning. The rapid rise of the situation. In 1619, Nurhachi led the army to defeat the Ming Dynasty in the Battle of Sarre, and laid a solid foundation for the later Qing army to enter the customs. Therefore, some kind ofIn a sense, the war launched by Toyotomi Hideyoshi indirectly caused the downfall of the Daming Dynasty, but not in the way he planned.

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