Scientists receive new extraterrestrial signals, and do they understand that the Fourth Universe really exists?

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Truthfully, even if there are really aliens spreading information into the universe, can we successfully decode it after we receive it? The answer is: there is no possibility. In daily life, whether it is a mobile phone call or sending and receiving informationThe information sent is either composed of "0", "1", or is a pulse signal, etc., and then passes through processes such as encoding, conversion, modulation, and so on. When it reaches the receiving party, it is converted into the original information.The process steps are arranged in advance, and the principles are known.

However, if you suddenly receive a strange signal from the universe, will it be very embarrassing, because when facing this signal, we ca n’t start at all, where do we start from, what rules do we start with, and how do we analyze it?Is this signal according to our previous experience? It seems not right, because after all, it is a signal from another scientific and technological civilization. What kind of habits do they have, what rules do they have, and how do they establish communication?We do n’t know, so it ’s really sci-fi to want to really decipher an alien signal.

In returning to the topic, "Scientists capture new alien signals", what are the old signals? Turning a page of history, it is not difficult to find that there are Wow signals in 1977 and little green menNo. 1 and various fast radio storm signals were novel at that time, because at that time, humans were very enthusiastic about exploring space, and later we all knew that those signals were only natural signals from some astronomical events in the universe.

What is the new signal? It is said that it is a signal received by the Australian radio telescope. This signal is very complicated. It seems to have been carefully modulated by a certain civilization. After the radio telescope received the signal, the researchers racked their brains.Finally cracked the signal, I saw the signal said above :

It seems that this is a sign of help, they are facing a terrible threat, and my mind can't help but come up with such a picture: two huge galaxy fleets launched a confrontation near a planet, countless terrible weapon raysA huge ship was destroyed, at this time a small ship was released from a heavily damaged main ship and quickly fled the battlefield. This may be the tinder left by the failed party, ready to complete important things .....

Much like the bridge in a science fiction movie, there is a feeling of pulling science fiction into reality. This kind of news sounds very interesting, but if you analyze it carefully, you will find it full of loopholes.

First of all, since it is a help signal, the signal must be scattered and spread in all directions, then the signal loss is quite large. According to sources, the source of this help signal is 50,000 light years from the earth. This distance can be said from the Milky WayIt came from the other end, and it was actually received and analyzed by the radio telescope on the ground, and it was really surprising. This is what I said at the beginning, for an alien civilization we know completelySignal, how can we crack it?


Second, the news happened to appear in the newspaper on April Fool's Day. Therefore, based on previous experience, we can conclude that this so-called alien signal is to fool people on April Fool's Day.

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