How to make parents wear masks?

As of 24:00 on January 23, the National Health and Health Commission has received a total of 830 confirmed cases of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection in 29 provinces autonomous regions, municipalities, including 177 severe cases and 25 deaths, including 24 in HubeiCases, 1 case in Hebei Province. 34 cases have been cured and discharged. 20 provinces autonomous regions and municipalities have reported 1072 suspected cases.

For family and friends, the protection starts from ourselves. However, when we report the situation to parents about the epidemic, they are down ↓↓

"Pseudo health" is convinced that the true epidemic is ignored

Parents on weekdays

Passionate about "pseudo health" in family groups

"Spicy can cause cancer" ...

These "pseudo health"

They are convinced that we don't want to ignore it

while facing the real epidemic

we tried to swipe the screen, they ignored it

The two words "It's all right" broke the hearts of children

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We in life actually have ↓↓

One world, one parent

Some people perform a "one-man show" in the family group. They can't get a reply from their parents, and they will be laughed at as "timid" ↓↓

Once you say too much, you will be told by your mother 亲 ↓↓

They not only ignored the content, but also listened to rumors such as "it doesn't matter," and refused to wear a mask ↓↓

After the pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, 3 million Chinese parents refused to wear masks, the self-media article was hot in the circle of friends, and the reading volume was 100,000 plus ↓↓

In fact, seemingly unrelated epidemics are closely related to them, actually ↓↓

At 11 am on January 22, the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission invited the disease control experts to interview and introduce the preparation and situation of the epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou.Most of them are older than 60.

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As of now, in the "Wuhan Health and Health Committee's Pneumonia Situation Report on New Coronavirus Infection" issued by the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee, the age of patients who died of infection with the new coronavirus pneumonia was 40-80 years oldbetween.

It is useful to wear a mask

On January 20, Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission, said in an interview with CCTV News, "It is useful to wear a mask to prevent new types of coronavirus."

Then, how should I wear a mask to really play a protective role?

Wear a mask correctly


Medical surgical masks can block 70% of bacteria if they go to public places without contact with patients

It is enough to wear a surgical mask

Medical protective mask N95 mask can block 95% of bacteria

If you will contact the patient, you should choose this

Wash your hands regularly


Use soap when washing hands

or hand sanitizer containing alcohol

The correct hand washing steps are as follows


cover when sneezing


You can use disposable paper towels or handkerchiefs to cover your nose and nose. After using up, throw the paper towels into a covered trash can and wash your hands in time. If you do n’t have paper towels and handkerchiefs, cover your nose and mouth with the sleeves of your clothes. Please raise your arms when wearing short sleeves

hitting in the armpit

Avoid contact with wild animals


Do not prey, sell or buy game

especially rodents such as bats, marmots

Avoid going to crowded places


Wear a mask when going to public places

Coronavirus is not resistant to high temperature


The virus can be inactivated in 30 minutes at 56 ° C. In addition, ether, 75% ethanol and chlorine-containing disinfectants can effectively inactivate the virus. The epidemic may be temporarily uncontrollable, but what we can control is how we treat the epidemic.Let parents' indifference to the virus become an invisible killer. Quickly turn this article to the family group! Tell the elders to wear masks!

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