How can I make myself eat without gaining weight?

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As the saying goes :

Three kilos are fat every festive season, take a closer look at three kilos!

Weight loss desperately for half a year, before the success of the new year!

Anyone who wears thin is versatile, and a person who wears fat wears nothing!

Today is New Year's Eve, I don't know how well everyone prepares for the Chinese New Year's Eve! I believe many people will be sentimental when they go home. The food at home is delicious, but they are also worried about "three pounds of fat every festive season." They are as long as ZhilijunWith Bajie's mouth, what should I do if I want the figure of the monkey brother? Here is a grand introduction to my friends how to eat more fat during the Chinese New Year, thank you!

Vegetarian mixes well and has less meat on the body

New Year's Eve, in general, big fish and meat are indispensable in the home, but it is easy to ignore vegetables especially dark green vegetables and coarse grains such as whole grains, mixed beans, potatoes. According to the principle of dietary balance, eat a portion of meat, At least two servings of vegetables are required. For meat, it is recommended to choose sea fish, shrimp, poultry and lean meat with low fat content, and less fatty fat. For vegetarian dishes, you can choose cold cabbage, stir-fried rapeseed,Boiled spinach and other staple food choices such as rice and red bean rice, whole wheat steamed bread, rice millet porridge, etc. If you do not want to eat too much, you may take the initiative to care about whether there are vegetables and coarse grains in the menu tonight, or you can make it yourself.Or cherish your parents' light pastries, they will usually satisfy you.

Snacks, Muddy Kai!

During the Chinese New Year, many people have a lot of snacks at home, such as nuts, dried fruits, candies, cakes, drinks, etc. It is recommended to choose less high-sugar and high-fat snacks such as potato chips, hot sticks, candy and more.Relatively healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits. Choose light beverages. Do not drink or drink sugary beverages, such as soy milk and tea instead of cola. Strong tea and coffee can stimulate gastric secretion and increase appetite, which should also be reduced.

Of course, even a healthy snack such as nuts can be fat if you eat more. Therefore, you need to control a reasonable amount of food based on the amount of three meals, or reduce the amount of other foods accordingly, such as eating a small amount of nuts every day and eating fruits accordingly.Reduce the amount of staple foods, such as limiting the amount of alcohol you drink. In addition, you can try to keep snacks out of sight and avoid snacks while watching TV.

Love must be restrained, Hu Shi can not eat

Control weight also needs to be done, regular diet, not overeating. Overeating can also cause gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases. In general, eat less dinner, avoid eating extra meals before bed or eating very wellSince then, I have rarely been active. But because it is a big New Year, if the previous meal is greasy, the next meal will be lighter. In some places, there is a saying that you are vegetarian on the morning of the New Year, partly because you eat greasy on New Year's night.From a health point of view, it has certain positive meanings. For example, I ate greasy food such as braised pork, fried chicken, and ground Sanxian at noon, and I ate some light meals such as multi-grain porridge, tofu broth, water eggs, pumpkin ravioli and so on.

So "hide" the enthusiasm of others

In some gatherings, I ca n’t bear the enthusiasm of others. How can I not get fat after eating bowl after bowl? In fact, eating out and mastering small tricks can also help lose weight. For example, eating slowly and chewing slowly such as eatingBones of meat, spurs of fish, large strips of vegetables, or a bowl of hot soup to drink slowly. If you ca n’t drink it, take out some oil. You can also take the initiative to pinch the elders and say something of praise ...This not only slows down eating, it also looks polite.

Lonely mouth, then move your body

If you find that you have nothing to do with your mouth lonely at home, you can find something to enrich your holiday life, so as to keep your mouth shut. For example, exploring and learning such as checking the information to understand a certain point of doubt, reading a topic book, challengesDo your own exercise such as squats, sit-ups, take the initiative to contact relatives and friends such as visits, talk on the phone, etc. In short, don't let yourself be too busy to stop the temptation of food.

In addition, weight control is inseparable from regular work and rest habits. This is because once the body's physiological clock is disordered, it will affect the secretion of hormones such as leptin in the body and obesity. For example, avoid overnight or too late due to evening party activities.Go to bed, eat supper at night or skip breakfast the next day, which increases the possibility of getting fat. It is also important to maintain a good attitude for the New Year. It is important to avoid the effect of great joy and sorrow on weight, such as eating big when you are in a good moodDrink and relieve yourself by eating when you feel anxious.

Don't sit down / lie down / ly down immediately after eating ...

During the Spring Festival, you must eat more and move more to keep you from gaining weight. For example, if you walk at least 10,000 steps a day, you can use WeChat or bracelets to count steps. If you do n’t want to go out, grab some housework. For example, eatAfter dinner, clean the table and brush the bowls; wash clothes consciously after taking a bath; those with nephews females can accompany them more to play; be active in buying things, take the initiative to take things, and rush to pick up things ...This will not only consume more calories, but also make you look diligent, whether it is real or not.

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