Is it a natural law that a virus kills some people as much as a forest fire destroys a forest?

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Is it a natural law for a certain virus to kill some people in the same way that a mountain fire burns down a forest? It is no exaggeration to say that the word virus is enough to make a lot of people fear, especially in the current outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia.Period. But in fact, there are different types of viruses that do not have a cell structure, and not all types of viruses pose a risk to humans that can threaten their lives.

However, no matter which kind of virus, and whether it is good or harmful for humans, this is just like the wildfire caused by natural factors in the forest, which is also one of the phenomena caused by the law of nature. Of course, this is the caseThe statement may cause many people to question, for example, the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia is probably caused by individual people eating game, and many large wildfires are also the result of human activities.

Yes, it seems that many of these phenomena, or events, are closely related to human activities, but everyone ignores the basic fact that humans are just a part of nature. ForestThe large-scale burning and the spread of special viruses not only represent the development of things themselves, but also have a great impact on human life and even survival.

As long as they are organisms that depend on the global environment, there is a close relationship between each other. No one can exist independently of other things, including human beings. In fact, it is difficult for the mountain fire itself to pass artificial means.To control, and the main reason for the occurrence of wildfires is often lightning, and the number of wildfires caused by human negligence is relatively small. Even Australia, where frequent wildfires, is mainly concentrated in dry and hot summer.

Moreover, no matter the occurrence of wildfires or the presence of viruses, it is not as rare as many people think. For example, winter is a season with frequent colds, and all viruses like low temperature environments, which is why winterThere are always long queues for fever clinics. When a person's body temperature abnormally develops a fever, they are often infected with a virus, but we usually do not directly describe what virus is infected, but we call it a disease name. ButDon't underestimate the simple structure of tiny viruses. Although they contain only one type of nucleic acid, both DNA and RNA need to be parasitic and replicated in living cells.

Simply speaking, all viruses do not have an enzyme system themselves. They can only become chemicals that do not have any life activities if they lose their living cells. Some important components of the virus itself need to pass through the host cells.Amino acids and nucleotides are synthesized, which provides the basic conditions for the generation of the next generation of the virus. In addition to infecting the host, the virus can even spread between other organisms, such as influenza viruses and hepatitis viruses.

Maybe many people do n’t know. There are plant viruses, bacterial viruses, and animal viruses in terms of classification. There are also single-stranded DNA viruses, single-stranded RNA viruses, double-stranded DNA viruses, and double-stranded RNA viruses.No. But from the perspective of the entire life process of the virus, they will mainly undergo the five main steps of adsorption, inhalation, synthesis, assembly and release. Although human beings can already detect and resist part of the virus' transmission through the available science and technology, But there are many problems in nature that modern medicine cannot overcome, including many special virus types.

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