If the research on controlled nuclear fusion is successful, what is the use of magic modification in a short time?

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After the first industrial revolution, the human world relied on the power of steam to build trains and steamers, as well as a series of large factories driven by steam

Because the steam engine can not be miniaturized, the characteristic of the steam era is "stupid big black". After decades, Faraday's electric motor let humans see a sufficiently compact energy generating device, so the electric motor and generator becomeAs the representative of the Second Industrial Revolution, the power consumption of the human world has continued to rise ever since.

Behind the power consumption are thermal power plants, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, and wind power plants

But these various power plants are basically no different. They are all "boiling water". To make it clearer is to boil the water and use high-pressure steam to push the generator rotor to rotate and cut the magnetic induction lines to generate electricity.

The thermal power plant uses coal to burn water, the power of water power in hydropower plants drives generators, the wind power plants use wind power, and nuclear power plants use nuclear fission energy to burn water.

At present, the controllable fusion technology of the human world is still in the process of research. Once successful, it will become the best "heat source" for boiling water, because the nuclear energy conversion rate of nuclear fusion reaction has reached 4%, while nuclear fission is only 0.135%,So after the successful control of nuclear fusion technology, the first task is to replace the controllable nuclear fission device.

Unlike nuclear fission, which is difficult to purify and requires strong radioactive materials such as uranium and plutonium, the tritium deuterium and tritium required for nuclear fusion can be extracted in seawater and contains almost no radioactivity, so controlled nuclear fusion is the most ideal.Of clean energy, scientists have initially estimated that nuclear fusion elements in the Earth's oceans are enough for humans to "splurge" for millions of years.

Controllable fusion technology that solves the energy problem will also solve the problem of pollution by the way. At that time, the almost unlimited power will make human society completely become a power society and the status of oil will plummet.

Further, the controllable fusion reactor will be installed on the spacecraft after miniaturization

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