10 possibilities of human extinction, which one is the most likely?

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65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers hit the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico today at a speed of 40km / s

The impact of this impact is equivalent to 100 trillion tons of TNT. The global earthquake and tsunami volcanic eruption caused by this impact, together with global climate change, destroyed 80% of the biological species on the earth at that time, including 160 million who have ruled the earth for up toDinosaurs of the year, as the new earth overlord after the dinosaurs, human beings are always worried that they will repeat the dinosaurs.

Human civilization today seems to have ruled the earth, but the limitation of science and technology determines that human beings are not omnipotent. So is it possible for human beings to become extinct like dinosaurs?What could be extinct for what?

The answer is nothing more than natural disaster and human disaster

Although the automatic astronomical survey device of astronomy has been discovering new "asteroid threats" and monitoring them, the Earth will still be hit by asteroids every few years, such as the Chelyabinsk asteroid impact in 2013 and last yearJilin asteroid impact.

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the risk of large-mass asteroids hitting the earth will always exist, and human nuclear weapons cannot form shock waves in a vacuum environment, so the power will be greatly reduced, so if one day in the future, astronomers findIf an asteroid with a diameter of tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers is flying towards the earth, human civilization is likely to be destroyed in this impact, and the remaining small part of humans will eventually become extinct in the incomplete biosphere.

In addition to the massive asteroid impact, the science and technology mastered by human civilization itself may also back-bite itself and cause human extinction

Now nuclear weapons on Earth can reach any city in the world within one hour. Once a nuclear war breaks out, the total population of the planet will decrease by nearly one-fifth within a few hours. The nuclear winter that followsReduced crop production and various diseases will take away most of the human life, and human civilization will no longer exist.

With the continuous advancement of genetic science, super viruses in the future and even now have the ability to kill all humans in a short time, just need to give them a suitable transmission opportunity ...

Artificial intelligence will become smarter and more “human-like” in the foreseeable future. Will artificial intelligence have a true “free mind” at that time, and see itself and its compatriots intensive labor?Just for the sake of feeding human beings, do you think “human beings enjoy their success?”

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