How was the Big Bang discovered?

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As the only race with complex thinking ability on earth, humans have begun to explore the universe very early

The "circle place" in ancient China and the "geocentric theory" in ancient Europe belonged to the early cosmic models. These theoretical models explained the relative motion of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the earth well in specific historical periods.Galileo pointed the first astronomical telescope to the sky, and the previous model of the universe collapsed immediately.

Galileo saw potty meteorite impact craters on the moon and saw several satellites of Jupiter. These satellites are to Jupiter just like the moon is to earth. Galileo concluded that the earth is not special.In the face of the fact, it collapsed.

The astronomy after Galileo completely abandoned the previous mode of inspecting the sky with the naked eye, and began to grind lenses of various specifications and combine them into astronomical telescopes, so humans gradually realized their position and their feet.Position of the earth in the solar system.

In the 1920s, the most powerful astronomical telescope on the earth was located at the Mount Wilson Observatory in the United States, called the Hook Telescope, and its main user was "the father of galaxy astronomy", Edwin Hubble.

The reason why Hubble is called "the father of galaxy astronomy" is because he took the lead in using the Hook telescope to determine the "Great Andromeda Nebula" 2.54 million light years away.The giant celestial system of hundreds of billions of stars has broken the previous model of the "island universe".

While determining that there are a large number of galaxies in the universe, Hubble also concluded that the universe is expanding based on galaxy spectral data

The "Big Bang" theory was initially a hypothesis. The "cosmic expansion" discovered by Hubble strongly supported this hypothesis, because since the universe is expanding at a certain speed, it can be reversely obtained, and in the distant pastAt some point, the universe must be in a "minimal" state.

1964, Penzias and Wilson of Bell Labs in the United States found that there was always a background noise when debugging the antenna, and the Big Bang theory believed that the universe was full of high-temperature plasma and strong radiation when it was formed.As it expands, the overall temperature of the universe begins to drop.

The "background noise" discovered by Penzias and Wilson is the "waste temperature" after the Big Bang, also known as the "cosmic microwave background radiation". The specific value is 3k, which is not far from 0k at absolute zero. It is foreseeableThe future will continue to decline.

Cosmic Expansion and Microwave Background Radiation, and the Abundance of Hydrogen, also known as the three major evidences of the Big Bang Theory, they make the seemingly ridiculous Big Bang the most accurate theory to explain the origin and evolution of the universe

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