Can humans observe the nova burst in the universe with the naked eye?

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A supernova explosion is one of the most violent phenomena in the universe. If this energy release process that occurs at the end of the star's life occurs near the solar system, humans on earth will see a "nova" suddenly appear in the sky.

In ancient China, the stars that suddenly appeared in the sky and disappeared after a period of time were called "guest stars". China was in the Northern Song Dynasty in 1054 AD. On July 4th of that year, an astronomical official reported to the emperor that he appeared in the sky.A guest star is located in the east, and its brightness has surpassed that of Venus today, so that students can even read the book with its pale white light at night. The guest star continued from the appearance to the disappearance.23 days.

1771 AD, French astronomer Messier compiled the Crab Nebula 6300 light years away as M1 in his celestial body. In 1892, American astronomers took the Crab Nebula for the first time.In the decades that followed, the astronomical community continuously photographed the Crab Nebula, during which it was discovered that the Crab Nebula has been expanding at a speed of 1100 km / s. Astronomers have concluded that the Crab Nebula was the size of a star more than 900 years ago.

In 1928, the American astronomer Hubble observed the Crab Nebula with the largest Hooker telescope at the time, and thought that the Crab Nebula was a debris nebula formed after a supernova eruption.

In 1942, Dutch astronomer Olt combined with previous research in astronomy and astronomical records in ancient China and Central Asia to determine that the Crab Nebula beyond 6300 light years did indeed come from the supernova in 1054 AD.The mystery of the Crab Nebula's birth has been completely solved.

In the 1960s, the booming development of radio astronomy allowed astronomers to discover "new things" in the Crab Nebula, a pulsar that rotates at high speed and emits strong electromagnetic pulses. The flicker cycle is 0.0331 seconds, which can be calledIt is a dazzling lighthouse in the universe.

To this day, with the help of the Hubble Telescope, each of us can see different bands, but the same beautiful high-definition image of the Crab Nebula, and according to the solar system evolution model, the earth and us on the earth, at 4.6 billionYears ago also belonged to a huge cluster of molecular clouds like the Crab Nebula, so everyone is actually a star in the sky.

So it can be said that the debris nebula formed by the supernova explosion is the stellar nursery, and the heavy elements contained in it determine whether it is the cradle of "planet and life"

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