How many atomic bombs can the earth withstand?

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The destructive effect of nuclear weapons is the most powerful of all weapons currently, mainly released in the form of shock waves and nuclear radiation and photothermal radiation

Nuclear weapons can be divided into atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs according to different reaction methods. Among them, atomic bombs use chemical explosives to compress nuclear fission materials and trigger their chain reaction. The equivalent power is about tens of thousands of tons of TNT, while hydrogen bombs use chemical explosives to trigger atomic bomb explosions., And then use the high temperature and pressure at the moment of the atomic bomb explosion to trigger an uncontrolled nuclear fusion reaction, and finally achieve energy release.

It is worth mentioning that there is no upper limit to the power of hydrogen bombs. At present, the most powerful hydrogen bomb that humans have exploded is the "Great Ivan" of the former Soviet Union, with an equivalent weight of 55 million tons of TNT.

The advent of atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs has made human civilization the power to destroy itself for the first time, because these two weapons can reach any city in the world within tens of minutes with the help of intercontinental missiles, and then kill most of them.People, after a few round trips, all the fruits of human civilization will be completely destroyed, and those who survive will eventually die.

But the impact of nuclear weapons on the Earth itself is actually very small, the power of tens of thousands of tons of TNT, even the energy of a tornado is not as good

The earth collapsed from the heavy elements remaining in the solar nebula, its gravitational combined energy converted into TNT is about 520 trillion tons. As long as the total atomic bomb equivalent exceeds this number, the earth will be completely blown up, and notWill re-gather back under the force of gravity.

However, the equivalent weight of an atomic bomb is only tens of thousands of tons, 520 trillion tons need tens of billions of atomic bombs to reach, and all the uranium 235 and plutonium 239 on the earth are not enough to create so many atomic bombs, so the atomic bombs are destroyed.The earth is purely delusional and can only sweep the earth's surface at most.

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