How high is the level of god-level civilization in the universe?

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1964, Soviet astronomer Nikola Kaldashev divided the civilizations in the universe into 3 levels according to the magnitude of the energy power used by each civilization.

Type I civilization: also known as planetary civilization, this type of civilization can use all the energy of its planet, the representative technology is a small controllable nuclear fusion reactor.

Type II civilization: also known as interstellar civilization, this type of civilization can use all the energy of the star system in which it is located, and can easily reach the surrounding star systems. The representative technology is the "Dyson ball" device, which can completely cover a star.And convert its light and heat into energy for your own use.

Type Ⅲ civilization: also known as galaxy civilization, this type of civilization can use all the energy of the Milky Way-level celestial system, and can move freely in the galaxy, the representative technology is near-light speed spacecraft, and deep space utilization capabilities.

The current Kaldashev index of human civilization is 0.73. According to the idea of ​​a major breakthrough in controllable fusion technology in 2050, physicist Dalai Xiong believes that human civilization can become a level one or two centuries later.Civilization, the nearly unlimited power brought by the controlled nuclear fusion reactor, will let human civilization leave the earth, colonize and develop the solar system.

But Calais also believes that it takes thousands of years for human civilization to break through to a second-level civilization, and 100,000 or even a million years to become a third-level civilization.

then at this moment, if there is a third-level civilization in the universe

How high will their technological level be?

What do they look like?

Do they already know the existence of human civilization?

In truth, the above questions cannot be answered at present, because at this stage of human science, they are just children picking up shells by the sea. The farthest place humans have ever been, is only 380,000 kilometers away.The moon, looking up at the size of the universe, looking down at the size of particles, human science still has many questions to be solved, and the road ahead is still long.

Although human beings have a history of civilization for nearly 10,000 years, they have completely mastered their own destiny in just 300 years by relying on science and technology. Just as people 300 years ago could not imagine human society today, neither can we at the moment.Imagine the three-level civilization with a history of hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. How high has technology reached?

Sci-fi works are the pinnacle of human imagination at present. They believe that the wormhole technology of god-level civilization can reach any corner of the universe in an instant, and can transform energy into mass to achieve its own pure energy.

With the continuous progress of science, human beings are more and more aware of the vast universe and infinite space and time, but they are also the driving force for the continuous exploration and advancement of human civilization

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