Scientists find that animals also have human genes, why is this?

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Earth life originated near the hot spring on the bottom of the sea. From simple cellular organisms to human beings today, it took the earth 3.8 billion years

All animals, plants, microorganisms, and even viruses are essentially the offspring of the basic life of 3.8 billion years ago. Although their appearances and shapes are very different today, genes do not lie. Chimps and humans 96%The genetic similarity, and the 99.9% genetic similarity between people and even the 50% genetic similarity between people and bananas are the best examples, but the gene similarity doesn't tell much.

We often see dozens of percent similarity of genes, which are basically "waste genes", that is to say, these genes are useless, just to make up numbers. What really determines the difference between organisms is just that one.Small part of genes.

This is also why the genetic similarity between chimpanzees and humans is as high as 96%, but the differences between the two species are so great, and why the genetic similarity between people is as high as 99.9%, but there are differences between men and women and their looks.the reason.

Modern biology believes that there is a mother of life called LUCK near the hot spring on the bottom of the ancient earth. Everything about life starts from it.

Behind the seemingly intricate flora and fauna and microorganisms, in fact, they are so simple that they can no longer be simple homologous relationships. After all, everyone is a eukaryote, and heredity is also DNA. These are the most basic and important "framework""It's exactly the same. The rest of the appearance, shape and habits are just the products of free play according to the environment outside the frame.

All life on Earth is just carbon-based life, and the difference in appearance is not so great. It is based on modern evolution theory and supplemented by a new discipline of molecular biology and genetic science. Earth biology has beenNo big secrets.

What can really give biologists a refreshing feeling is only possible extraterrestrial life, such as silicon-based life in a completely different form

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