Why can the solar gravitation affect tens of billions of kilometers away?

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After the Big Bang, physicists discovered four basic forces in the universe. Gravity is the weakest of the four basic forces, but its range of action is infinity from the 17th to the 18th centuries.Newton was the first person to summarize the phenomenon of gravity. He proposed the law of universal gravitation that a heavier celestial body has stronger gravitational force, so it will "attract" a small-mass celestial body to approach it. This is why Apple will fall to the ground.It's not the reason to fly to the sky, but because the planets in the solar system are orbiting very fast, the "centrifugal force" and the gravitational force of the sun just reach equilibrium, so the earth does not fall into the sun.

After the law of gravitation appeared, the astronomical community used it to determine the existence of Neptune and predicted the solar and lunar eclipses well, but as time passed to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, physicists began to discover the laws of gravitation.limitation.

Mercury, as the planet closest to the sun, the perturbation data at its perihelion and the data calculated by the law of gravity are not consistent. In response to this problem, the theoretical physicist Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity, which can be viewedThis is an upgraded version of the law of gravity.

General relativity believes that space and time in the universe is a place full of elasticity. Celestial bodies with different masses cause different degrees of distortion in space and time. If space and time are compared to a two-dimensional film, the planet is an iron ball on a film, which varies according to its mass., The depression caused by the iron ball is also different.

A celestial body with a small mass will also dent in the space-time film, and this dent will not disappear. It can be applied to infinity, but the intensity will quickly decay.

A tank filled with water, even if a stone falls into it, will cause the water surface to rise slightly. A celestial body with a small space-time mass will also distort space-time.

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