Some people think that the sun is also not renewable energy, and it will burn out one day, what do you think?

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Some people suggested that it is not completely accurate to say that solar energy is renewable energy, because it burns a little less a day, and it will end in 5 billion years. Space-time communications disagrees with this understanding.

What is "complete"? There is only relative in this world, there is no absolute, so there is no "complete" thing.

I probably know this friend’s question, is the sun will burn forever and bring energy to humans? 100 years, 100 million years? 100 million years, 10 billion years? Of course not,Because the sun only has a lifespan of 10 billion years, and 5 billion years have passed. It is only 5 billion years from now. Of course, it is impossible to regenerate 10 billion years of energy for human use.

But this is indeed a problem with the horns, in modern fashion, it is called "bar essence".

We are talking about renewable energy only in the foreseeable period, the solar energy source will not be exhausted. How long can human beings continue civilization? No one knows, just know that it is a time of crisis.The environment and human problems have reached a threshold close to the critical point. If it cannot be solved well, a major crisis may occur at the end of this century.

This world only has relative "forever", there is no permanent thing.

The universe also has a lifespan, we now know the date of its birth, about 13.8 billion years ago at a certain moment, as for the time of its death, it is still publicly stated that the public has a reasonable mother, and there is no unified view., But there is a unified view in the scientific community that the universe will die. So, how can an absolute "complete accuracy" be obtained?

When does the universe "die" seem to have little to do with humans, humans must be just a passenger in the long life of the universe. Now humans have just known a little bit of things in heaven and earth, and a little scientific history is only a few hundred years. At best, AkiMead, Aristotle, Euclid, etc. are only more than two thousand years old. How long can they last? Who knows, maybe the sun will sneeze and burn or blow away the earth tomorrow?

So for human beings, especially for the foreseeable future of mankind, what reason is the sun not a renewable resource? Every morning the sun rises from the east and every night the sun sets from the west.For billions of years, life and humans have been bred, and there is currently no sign that it will not continue.

Solar energy is a huge renewable energy.

The sun radiates 3.78x10^26J of energy to the universe every second, and the earth has a cup of 2.2 billionth of the soup, which is 1.72x10^17J, which is equivalent to about 1300 watts per square meter.Reaching 48 billion kWh is the total power generated by 15 million Three Gorges dams, or the energy of more than 3000 Hiroshima atomic bomb explosions per second.

This kind of energy is happening every day and every moment, even on cloudy days, this energy is also radiating above the clouds. As long as the sun does not sneeze and blow the earth, this kind of illumination will continue, at least 1100 million years unchanged.

If 100 million years remain unchanged, is it a completely accurate renewable resource? I think no one will think otherwise than Leng Jing.

That's it, welcome to discuss, thanks for reading.

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